Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Out, Out Dark Thoughts!

As a means of catharsis for me after Gannon's disappointing 72-61 home loss to Indiana (Pa.) tonight and as a way of paying tribute to Kobe Bryant announcing his retirement through a poem, I thought I'd try a few verses of my own. Due to my priorities being God-Family-Gannon Hoops, I could not attend tonight's game because of my daughter's gymnastics practice at Tumble 84. So I watched what I could stomach of the game on my computer:

The video is glitchy, the game looks really poor.
Seems every time IUP has the ball, they get an easy score.

An open shot, a layup, an uncontested three,
Is this actually a rematch, of the top of the P-S-A-C?

Last year I wrote "Who's Your Daddy?" (Ugbede) to taunt the other team,
Now he has 17 at halftime, and will mock me when I dream.

Show the scoreboard! Turn the camera! I never miss a play.
But if I must avert my eyes, this would be the day.

Is that another layup? Was that an Indiana dunk?
Do you think the tumbling coach would mind, if I started to get drunk?

Kuteyi was named all-tourney, now gets 10 minutes, just one shot?
IUP made 60%. Why are we never that hot?

Calm, calm is what I need to be. I'm pulling out my hair.
Don't tell me we play Lombardi again, and the game will be down there!


  1. Uncontested is the word that sums up this game. Norfleet, uncontested, drove the lane for one jam and drove the baseline for another. Hanner got behind the Gannon defense for an uncontested two hand flush. Meanwhile Daddy Ugbede turned the paint into an HOV lane with non-stop uncontested lay ups. The score is misleading. Gannon was never in this one. IUP had an easy time of it, and that's with Lombardi (the player) failing to score and Cottrell not even playing.

    On offense Gannon moved the ball around the perimeter with precision. Chest passes, bounce passes. Ooh wee. It was only when they slowly and methodically passed inside or reluctantly hoisted a jumper that things turned out not so good.

    Then there was Reilly's strange substitution pattern. Not that it was actually a pattern. Kuteyi, who had a breakout weekend in the Gary Miller Classic, was relegated to spectator status for most of the game. The word inexplicable comes to mind. Dogan, a 38 minute a game regular, hit a few shots and spent half of the night next to Kuteyi in the front row. More inexplicable.

    Lock Haven (6-2) and Bloomsburg (4-3) this weekend on the road hardly sounds like what the Knights need to get on track. A 2-6 (1-5 PSAC) start to the season isn't hard to imagine.

  2. hhmmm.... poor defense to go with the usual weak offense..... this could be a very long season.

  3. Agreeing with all - my summary is.. "strange".

    We outrebounded them 29-27, had less TO's at 10-12, more assts than TOs at 12-10 (IUP had 17-12), shot a decent 43% from field and 80% from FT line (Jim - IUP shot 56%.. we shot 52% vs. Ashland.. so we do get hot once in a while!)

    Dogan scored 12 points... in only 24 mins? The kid played nearly the entire games in the GM Classic and I'm not sure he broke 12 points combined.

    Eisendorf has started every game this season... except for this one.. in which Tony Boykins did. I think Boykins has been great this season and really come along since last season, however, he is not the player/size/force etc that Eisendorf is. Eisendorf only played 13 mins.

    Kutyei played 10 mins total... it appears Gardener (20 mins) was his main sub and he lit it up with... 4 points. Clarke (20 mins) would probably account for the other 10 mins of Kutyei's absence and he also contributed 4 points.

    Maybe these are the players that the coaching staff feels are the better ones on defense...?! Jones & Dogan that is a definite. Regardless of their offense output (or any lack thereof), they are both consistent and solid defenders and help regulate the flow of the offense with their ability to bring the ball up (esp. Dogan against full court press). Kutyei appeared to me, during the GM Classic, to have been a pretty solid defender. Boykins is solid on defense as well, however, as stated he doesn't have the body Eisendorf does so against bigger players Boykins does the best he can.

    Also, I am befuddled by the Theiro/Dogbo situation. How many players transfer for their senior year to not touch the court?


    1. Strange indeed. Why the secrecy about Theiro and Dogbo? Gee whiz. You know more about teams you watch on TV than the team in your hometown. Doesn't Reilly think, or care, that fans are interested?

  4. The most troubling aspect of last night was that I have never seen a GU team give up that many open shots and easy layups. The defense was shredded in the first half. Someone do the research and find out the last time GU gave up 43 or more points in the first half. And all this without Devon Cotrell, who was injured and unable to play.

    Strange that Dogan and Kutyei played so sparingly. Could be that Reilly felt that they were defensive liabilities.

    So after six or so games, what are the best and worst cases for this season? Reilly teams typically start out slowly and then pick it up in January and February. This team isn't as talented as past teams and already has two home league losses and no road wins.

    The best case is a 15-7 record (would mean 14-4 the rest of the way), most likely landing a third place spot in the PSAC west, maybe second with some luck. The west seems to be a little down this year, but I don't see this team winning or coming in second. Getting third or fourth will mean a conference tourney first round home game and a road quarterfinal game. And upset win would get the Knights to the PSAC semis at the East champ.

    The worst case is that the team never finds itself and staggers to a 7-15 conference slate, missing the playoffs. Hope that doesn't happen, but can't yet rule it out.


  5. Remember, two years ago at this time, none of us really knew who Gibran Smith was, or, what he is capable of doing on the court. I personally view Ian Gardener in the same light. I'm in agreement that history shows that our teams get better each season as more games are played.

    We'll all have to see how this unfolds. I'll make this observation: I think, for whatever it is worth, that 3 of our 4 early losses will prove to be to teams that win 20 games. The West MAY be a bit down this year, but, it appears to be at this early stage still very, very solid, with a balance shift to Clarion, UPJ, and, Edinboro.

    Gone are the days of 3 or 4 early season cupcake games. Our schedule is in full bore, and, this very young team is now almost in "must win" playoff mode already.

    1. Very good points about Smith (and some of the others that emerged). I also agree with Golden89 that we could possibly get a 3rd or 4th seed with the West being down a bit this year, however, even if there are no playoffs for this team I really feel it won't be a "horrible" season all in all. Remember that one season that, I believe, Gannon had one of the worst records, if not the worst, in men's basketball history? I definitely feel it won't be like that. I can see us right around .500 at the end; give or take a game or so. Albeit a disappointment, considering we're potentially looking at 9 losses before Jan 1 (obviously worst case scenario)... .500 wouldn't be a bad finish.