Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Logical Argument: Cheyney Should Be A #1 Seed

Why Cheyney (PA) University, a 2-24 Division II men's basketball team, should be considered for a #1 seed in the 2015 men’s Division I basketball tournament.

1. Cheyney (2-24) beat Mansfield (PA)
2. Mansfield beat Le Moyne
3. Le Moyne beat Gannon
4. Gannon beat Indiana (PA)
5. Indiana (PA) beat University of the Sciences (PA)
6. University of the Sciences (PA) beat Drexel
7. Drexel beat Cornell
8. Cornell beat Mass-Lowell
9. Mass-Lowell beat New Jersey Tech
10. New Jersey Tech beat Michigan
11. Michigan beat Syracuse
12. Syracuse beat Lousiville
13. Lousville beat Pitt
14. Pitt beat Notre Dame
15. Notre Dame beat Duke
16. Duke beat Virginia … who is 25-1 and ranked #2

1 comment:

  1. Hey, there's a REASON Kentucky doesn't have Cheyney on its schedule. Calipari's no fool!