Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crazy As It Ever Was

I'm not going to say much about Gannon's ginormous 74-71 win at Slippery Rock Wednesday night. I could only follow the game's live stats intermittently because I was in Maui at a work-related conference. (Read all about it here if you have any interest in business and retail technology.) The only thing I could bring back for you was a photo of the sunset I enjoyed after the Knights rallied past the Rock.

I didn't think I'd be typing this in January 2015, but Gannon was led by Matthew Dogan (13 points) and Dan Kaigler (10), both those numbers career highs. But if a low-scoring player was going to break out, it would be at Slippery Rock.

I have to board my plane right now, but if I recall correctly, SRU is where then-freshman Tanner Furno and later role player Roger Livramento had the games of their lives. Strange how crazy repeats itself that way.


  1. Anyone else having trouble getting the video to work?

    1. Kept freezing and/or cutting out on me.
      Would be nice if WJET wouldn't delay their broadcasts. I rather listen to our biased guys then theirs.
      Its a bum when 5sec after you see it Lacorchic tells me about it

  2. Great comeback and a fantastic win! Looks like there were some lineup changes ... Dogan, Toupane, and Kaigler got lots of quality minutes in the second half.

    I wanted to watch the video feed, but SRU, according to their Twitter site, was having trouble with the live stream and we got to watch barely any of it. GU shot well and minimized the turnovers.

    Sets up a battle for first place in the PSAC on Saturday against Mercyhurst. I bet that fewer than 145 total points will be scored.

  3. Was a great game. What I saw of it. Got frustrated and had to listen only.
    I know McU students will show up, hope ours will at least for this game.
    Its pinky day so get there early

  4. Tremendous team win! A key sequence was Matt Dogan's tip out of a missed free throw.....resulting in a made three pointer.

    Unseen in the box score, that play was as big as an in the game.


    I'm constantly bewildered as to how and why Slippery Rock coach Kevin Reynolds constantly gets away with running out onto the court multiple times during a game. Once, he was so far out towards the half court stripe, I thought the ref was going to whistle him for an "over and back" violation.

  5. That was a must win now we only have seven more to go.

  6. The 2011 Tanner Furno breakout performance also featured a never-seen-again 20+ point effort from Larry Swann, who played less than a season for the Knights, if memory serves me right.

    1. Correct. On Jan. 20, 2010, Tanner Furno led Gannon to an 81-63 win at SRU, scoring 27 points in 25 minutes off the bench, while posting a 12-of-15 shooting chart from the field. That same game Swann went off and posted a monster stat line: 24 points, 8-for-10 FG, 4-for-4 3FG, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals in 40 minutes of action.

      In his other 16 games that season, Swann averaged 3.7 ppg, shot 15-for-77 (that's a robust 19%) including just 7-for-36 on threes (that's 19% again). He closed the season with a DNP-CD (Did Not Play - Coach's Decision) before allegedly quitting the team at the end of the regular season.

  7. On Dec. 4, 2013, Gannon won at SRU 68-61 behind Adam Blazek's 26-point performance. He was helped mightily by Roger Livramento, who entered that game with this unintimidating stat line for the season: 4 games, 11 minutes, 4 points. Livramento's torched Slippery Rock with 17 points in 17 minutes that evening, cashing in on all 6 of his field goal attempts and 5-of-6 free throws, sparking a 47-18 Gannon run.


    1. Roger on Roger!

      (His game at IUP two years ago...stat line escapes me, MIGHT be the best stat line ever by a Gannon big man, Glen Summors and Kyle Goldcamp included.......I think he missed one field goal, and, was perfect from the foul line.... If someone in our "stats" department can cook up that box score sometime, it would make an interesting discussion. Twenty-five or so points comes to memory.

      For a healthy crowd last night, it wasn't as loud as it usually is. Funny memory from the 30 win season is that the Rock won big at home versus Gannon that year........and, a bunch of rowdy football players kept grabbing Tyler Stosh's pants as he attempted to inbound the basketball. Rock Coach Reynolds seemed to kinda egg them on, if I remember!

    2. I might add: it was not very funny at the time. In fact, it was as classless an act that I've seen by a crowd in years.

  8. Just got this email from a longtime Gannon supporter:

    So how about we are 8-0 this season against the top four teams on both sides of the PSAC. Yet we have seven losses. Will the NCAA committee be more perplexed with any other team in the region?

    1. The NCAA is looking at Gannon and thinking "PLEASE, PLEASE win your conference or don't make it at all so we don't have to actually factor everything in to determine your place" haha :)

      They're hoping Gannon goes either 7-0 or 0-7 to finish it out haha

    2. "Strength of Schedule"

      ......or, something like that!!

  9. If gannon finishes the season with only two more losses(one regular season loss and a loss in the psac) they should definitely get a bid. If they don't id feel robbed. With how tough of a schedule and the number of quality wins I don't see how they could leave us out

  10. Also here are performance indicators as of today.
    RANK Team Region Conference Record Win% P.I. O.W% O.O.W% Ranked Record Ranked%
    23 West Liberty Atlantic MEC 16-2 88.89% 15.28 43.15% 52.83% 0-0 0.0%
    27 Indiana (Pa.) Atlantic PSAC 17-3 85.00% 15.15 46.37% 51.29% 0-0 0.0%
    36 Glenville State Atlantic MEC 15-4 78.95% 14.79 48.49% 52.47% 0-0 0.0%
    51 Mercyhurst Atlantic PSAC 15-5 75.00% 14.30 48.79% 51.24% 0-0 0.0%
    52 Charleston Atlantic MEC 12-5 70.59% 14.29 52.55% 51.74% 0-0 0.0%
    60 Fairmont State Atlantic MEC 13-6 68.42% 14.11 55.20% 51.44% 0-0 0.0%
    66 East Stroudsburg Atlantic PSAC 13-5 72.22% 13.94 48.32% 49.68% 0-0 0.0%
    69 Gannon Atlantic PSAC 13-7 65.00% 13.90 55.93% 49.66% 0-0 0.0%
    71 Slippery Rock Atlantic PSAC 12-7 63.16% 13.79 55.26% 49.46% 0-0 0.0%
    82 Bowie State Atlantic CIAA 16-6 72.73% 13.41 49.85% 50.54% 0-0 0.0%
    85 Winston-Salem State Atlantic CIAA 10-6 62.50% 13.38 55.77% 50.08% 0-0 0.0%