Friday, October 10, 2014

New Knight: Jon Dogbo jr. G 6-4 200

Every Gannon recruit has some level of an interesting back story, and Jon Dogbo's might be the best. I don't know every detail about him, but the basics are quite fascinating:
1. He was born in France.
2. He played scholastically at Redemption Christian Academy in Troy, N.Y., which is no ordinary high school. It appears the team plays a national schedule -- games next year are scheduled for New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Utah, Nevada, Connecticut, Kansas, New Hampshire, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, and The Bahamas -- and its alums include NBAers Lamar Odom and Mike James, plus several Division I stars.
3. He played junior college ball at Miles Community College in Miles City, MT. I don't want to say MCC is nothing like France, but they do have an intercollegiate rodeo team, both men's and women's. And their annual youth basketball tournament is called the Cowtown Classic. No place in France is called "cowtown."
4. According to this web site, Dogbo originally committed to Division I Delaware State.

Time will tell how good a player he'll be on the Division II level, but we know for sure he'll have stories to tell. Here's more info I unearthed on Dogbo:

* Was third team NJCAA Division I all-Region IX as a sophomore at Miles last season.
* Was among the Pioneer team leaders in points (15.7 ppg), rebounds (6.9 rpg), and minutes (28 mpg).
* Connected on 43% of his field goals, including 36% on three-pointers. Made 70% of his free throws.
* Miles skidded down the stretch and posted a 14-17 record for the 2013-14 season.
* Led MCC with 30 points in an overtime win vs. Northwest College (WY).
* Helped Miles to a 10-point home win over Western Wyoming, tallying 20 points and 5 rebounds. This web page also includes a good head-and-shoulders photo of Dogbo.
* Hit for 20 points in a 98-91 loss at Sheridan College (WY).
* Recorded 16 points and 8 rebounds in a home loss to Little Big Horn College (MT).
* Led the club with 19 points (including a trio of three-pointers) and 9 rebounds in a 74-60 loss vs. Western Wyoming College.
* In a 68-55 home loss to NJCAA #19 Gillette (WY) College, he led the way with 14 points and 11 rebounds. Side notes: Gillette's nickname is the Pronghorns and they of course have an intercollegiate rodeo team.
* Tired of those 1- or 2-line game summaries? Then sit back and watch some video of Dogbo in action at MCC. I know jucos aren't traditionally the bastion of defensive intensity, so a player's offensive game can look better here than it will vs. PSAC foes, but there's no denying that Dogbo can get to the rim and rattle the bankboard. Check out the consecutive dunks to start this highlight tape; the jam at the 45-second mark is most impressive.
* From what I watched, I really like his overall game. There are many instances of him (1) finishing on the break, (2) beating his man off the dribble in the half court game, (3) sticking pull-up and step-back jumpers, and (4) drilling three-pointers. Are there any other ways to score? Seems like he can fill it up from all angles.
* The way he blows by defenders and finishes in an off-balance, herky-jerky fashion reminds me of former Gannon star Darryl Freeman, who led the Knights to the Elite 8 in 1990 (and should be in the Gannon Athletics Hall of Fame if you ask me). The angles Freeman took to the basket were unpredictable and difficult to defend.
* Dogbo also has a Eurostep in his game, which kind of figures because he's from France. I don't think we've seen much of that at the Hammermill Center.
* Seems like when he has an open three, he'll take it. And when he sees an open lane, he attacks it. He's an aggressive offensive player for sure.
* I think the highlight of this video from his sophomore year is his three-point barrage on his way to a 30-point game. I counted 5 threes in the first half.
* OK -- his strong three-point play at the 5:01 mark of the video is pretty good, too. The entire Miles bench stood up, and I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw him finish while getting clobbered.
* I don't know if he did this on his own or had some help, but to insert the NBA "Top 10" graphics between your dunks and label the video "Top 10 Junior College Dunks" is genius. And I agree with whoever assembled this video that dunk #1 is the best of the bunch.
* I could not find any data on Dogbo at Redemption Christian, but he posted this video of himself in action from the 2011-12 season. There are some pretty interesting gymnasiums on that tape.The court at the 3:00 mark looks like it's the New York Knicks practice floor ... but later in the tape (about 3:45), Dogbo is playing on the adjacent court which has the Celtics logo in the middle and what appears to be faux parquet.

ALSO: The Golden Knights official team photo and roster are now live on the website. It's evidence that John Reilly has made a concerted effort to recruit a bunch of forwards in the 6-foot-6 range. The back line of players are all essentially the same height.


  1. so by looking at the photo I think it's safe to say that Gadson is redshirting (as he is listed as #14 and there is no 14 shown; and his pic looks like the kid in the warmups on the left side of the team), however, that still leaves 16 kids. Isn't there a roster max of 15? Any word on other redshirts?

  2. As far as I know, there is no roster maximum. But I would predict 3 or 4 players would be redshirted this season for two reasons. First, there's not a lot of open playing time with 4 senior starters returning. Second, redshirts can practice, so Coach Reilly can build a nice nucleus for the next two seasons if a couple juniors and freshmen sit out this year.

    1. Yes, I agree with your reasoning for having a few redshirts. As a coach you have to focus on this season, but also somewhat look to the future as well.

      I don't know why, but for some reason I thought there was a maximum of 15 allowed on the "active" roster. Who knows where my brain picked that from!! Thanks, Jim!

    2. I found this on Not an air-tight source for information, but it makes sense:
      NCAA Division 1 men's basketball teams are limited to 13 scholarship players each academic year(NCAA Bylaw My research has yet to lead me to an NCAA limit on TOTAL D1 MBB roster sizes, but the 2013-14 Kansas Jayhawks roster had 18 players on it (13 scholarship and 5 walk-on players).

    3. Maybe that's more of what I was thinking about... Max scholarships. Thanks for the digging Jim!

  3. If these recruits are as good as advertised we're in for a helluva ride this year. Buckle up!

  4. This has nothing to do with basketball, but it's PSAC-related and morbidly interesting. I saw in the paper today that the Gannon women's soccer team defeated Pitt-Johnstown on Saturday, 4-0, dropping UPJ to 0-14 overall, 0-12 in the PSAC this season. Curious about an 0-for team, I looked at the UPJ website and learned a few more things:

    ** UPJ is 0-28 since joining the PSAC last year
    ** They have scored only 9 goals in those games, an average of just 0.32 goals per game
    ** They have allowed 108 goals in those PSAC games, an average of 3.9 goals allowed per game
    ** In 2012, the year before they joined the PSAC, the team was 11-7 and scored 35 goals

  5. The Maroon-Gold Scrimmages will be held this Thursday starting at 7:30 at the Hammermill Center. The women's portion of the evening starts at 7:35 while the men will start at 8:10. For more information, see the complete press release from Gannon:

  6. This was just announced -- new times for the Maroon-Gold Scrimmages:

    PLEASE NOTE CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS DUE TO HAMMERMILL CENTER AVAILABILITY. The event will now begin at 7 p.m. and will be shortened to one hour. The men's scrimmage and student-athlete introductions begin the night. The women's scrimmage and student-athlete introductions will follow afterwards. Question and Answer sessions will proceed each scrimmage. The night ends with a 50/50 raffle drawing and an opportunity to meet the coaches and student-athletes in the front lobby.

  7. Just announced, Gannon ranked #1 in PSAC West in preseason poll. And Blazek, Thomas-Edwards and Porter selected to preseason All-PSAC Team.

    Like the song says, the air is humming and something good is coming.

  8. Here is the full story on what gogannongo just referred to:

  9. anyone else go to the scrimmage last night? Ladies part was disappointing that we didn't get to see them actually play, but I totally understand Coach Brunelli's reasoning and agree with it. They only had 8 girls able to participate in the drills they did because of injuries and one being in class. So hard to really get a look at them when they're just doing drills.

    guys part was fun. I've always liked getting to watch them scrimmage with the coaches "cutting in" here and there to advise and give points. I think it's interesting to see them do it and hear what they say... gives you some insight as to what the coaching staff is looking for and cool to see it transpire in a game. Raph was suited up, but never played. Girbran was in warm ups and Coach Reilly said "he should be ready to go in a few days", Brandon Domenick also in warm ups and coach said "he'll hopefully be ready to go in a few weeks or so".

    These are my opinions..
    Biggest Surprise - A'Darius Porter... kid has lost some weight and has A LOT more muscle... was running up and down the court with ease and was still as aggressive, if not more, inside. Potential for big year.
    Player to Watch: Adam Holm-Weber... for only being a freshman, kid is a smooth PG. It was very fun to see him go against Blazek and was exciting to see him and Blazek play together.
    Player TBD: Rich Austin... had two nice dunks (one on an easy breakaway and one was a lob from Holm-Weber). Big presence inside and great rebounder. Jumper leaves much to be desired, however. Took a few jumpers anywhere from near key to near 3 pt line and all but one were hard bricks. He did have a really impressive block on Porter's dunk attempt though.

    Isaiah Eisendorf - didn't really do too much. made a shot or two, but didn't attempt many. Didn't really get many touches.
    Daniel Kaigler - same as Eisendorf
    Cory Bailey - if we didn't know who he was... you honestly may have thought he was a starter. He went head-to-head with Blazek and Holm-Weber on several occasions and was just short of even with them each team. He had a bunch of buckets too coupled with some nice assists.
    Jon Dogbo - made one basket, but had some bad shots. A few bricks, an airball from the FT line. Not much to go off of
    William Gadson - didn't get many touches
    Matt Dogan - missed all but 3 shots (made two 3's and a short jumper); honestly just looks like the confidence needs to be built up. Definitely looked more comfortable than he did last year... could be a sleeper!
    Marcus Jones - not much to go by
    Jean Yves Toupane - made one bucket out of several attempts. Had some sloppy plays too. Because of his size he kind of got pushed around inside, and his ball control wasn't there to leave him as a guard. He was on bench a lot.
    Tony Boykins - made a few shots, but was solidly quiet. One of those guys that won't record a lot of stats, but will make a difference in game by making the extra pass, getting his hand in the way of a pass, etc. Was real solid on defense.
    Gabriel Adersteg - was outpowered by Porter, Austin and Eisendorf on numerous occasions, but has some nice moves and used them to score a few nice layups. didn't shoot any jumpers. Defensively was solid, making some nice plays to help get the ball turned over.

  10. Great report Corey. Thanks for sharing. I wasn't able to attend due to a family commitment.