Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Gannon Season, New Gannon Hoops Features

You might have noticed a new-look Gannon Hoops website, and I certainly hope you like it. The only negative feedback I received was from "Gary M." who wanted the color scheme changed to blue and green instead. No can do, sir. We bleed maroon and gold.

Not only has the look changed, but we've added some new features that I hope will enhance your Golden Knight experience this season. The features are all located on the right hand side of the page, and I'll run them down for you here:
  • Search This Blog: If there's a past post or blast-from-the-past name you want to look for, just enter your data in the open field, hit the "Search" button, and the results will show up at the top of the page. 
  • Popular Posts: This lists the most popular recent posts in case you're curious what your fellow Golden Knight fans are reading. I would have listed the all-time most popular posts here, but I don't expect in the near future we'll surpass the 2,641 views of the "Cleve Will Leave" post from April 29, 2013.
  • Total Pageviews: Thanks to your support, as of today the Gannon Hoops site has received nearly 400,000 page views. When I first started this blog, I thought the only readers might be Rick "Stats" Klapthor, Steve Piotrowicz's dad, and my family, but the Gannon community has certainly shown great interest in their Knights. Thank you again!
  • Related Links: This is my favorite new addition. You'll now be one click away from the official Gannon men's basketball website, the Gannon men's basketball Twitter feed, the PSAC men's basketball web page, a popular Atlantic Region basketball message board, the Division II men's basketball web page, and the NCAA Division II Regional Rankings. That should give you the entire information landscape of Gannon basketball. If you have any other sites to suggest adding here, please let me know. (And, no Gary M., we won't link to the Mercyhurst men's basketball page from here, so don't even bother asking.)
I haven't paid as much attention to the Gannon basketball Twitter feed as I should have, but I'm glad I found this video on there recently. It's appropriately titled "2014-2015 Gannon Basketball Hype" and professionally executes on showing pretty much every dunk and big basket from last season. You'll want to watch it again and again -- I already have. I'd like to give a high five to whoever is behind A Level 5 Movement, producer of the video.

Updated 10/10/14: Good to see the Gannon women's basketball team getting involved in our community. Last night they spent time with the girls basketball team at Blessed Sacrament School on Erie's west side. I like winning but like way more good people. The Lady Knights get check marks in both columns.


  1. So Jim...anything new? Love the look and the effort.

  2. Thanks Steve. Here's something new -- Gannon listed its official roster online today, and there are three additional players:

    #12 Jon Dogbo: G, 6-4, 200, Jr.
    Hometown: Paris, France
    High School: Redemption Christian (N.Y.) Academy

    #14 Will Gadson: G, 6-1, 160, fr.
    Hometown: McKeesport, Pa.
    High School: McKeesport

    #42 Gabriel Adersteg: G, 6-7, 200, fr.
    Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
    High School: JENSEN

    Looks like I have some research to conduct!

  3. Update on the new players. I've been told Dogbo is a late scholarship addition while Gadson and Adersteg are walkons.

    I quickly looked up Gadson because he's from McKeesport (where my in-laws hail from) and found this article about him being part of a Leadership Program at the school. I'm glad to hear that -- hope he learns even more about leadership as a Golden Knight.

    And I found that Dogbo was third team all region at his Juco, Miles Community College:

  4. I've long said that Division II national polls are for entertainment purposes only. It's nice to be entertained by this and have some folks consider the Knights relevant on the national scene:

    Gannon Men's Basketball Team Listed Among Others to Watch in Division II Bulletin Preseason Poll

  5. Picking a pre-season top 25 in Division II is like picking a candidate for judge in a statewide election.

    All that matters is who's cutting down the nets in March. I like our chances. We have Blazek. They don't.

  6. Pre-seasons are like Nat'l recognition polls. Really how does a voter in Minn or N Mex know who the Knights brought on board or who Xfr'd in or out.
    At this time of year its mostly name recognition, but its nice to know the Golden Ones do make some noise out there..