Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Potential New Knight: Marc Fabricius fr. F 6-7 200

After several months of non-blogging, we are back to talk Gannon Hoops. Work has kept me away from the site, but the lack of solid information on recruits has also hampered my efforts. The PSAC Letters of Intent page used to supply me with reliable prospective Golden Knights, but because that web page is now password-protected, all I have to go on now are rumors. And if I took time to track down every GU rumor, I'd miss summer altogether.

So I'm going with the "at least two sources" method. If I hear twice about a player potentially coming to Gannon and then find what seems to be reliable information through Google, I'm going to go for it. These guys aren't guaranteed to wear the maroon and gold, but I think there's a high likelihood they'll be on the roster or redshirted next season. I have at least 5 potential Knights to preview and will seek out information on all of them in the coming weeks.

One more thing before I get to the new guys: I've been told -- by more than one source of course -- that every underclassman who was in John Reilly's rotation at the end of last season will return for the 2014-15 campaign. That means the team will be built around standouts Adam Blazek, Girbran Smith, Matthew Dogan, Raphell Thomas-Edwards, and A'Darius Porter. That's a pretty-decent-I-must-say nucleus to start with.

The first potential Golden Knight is forward Marc Fabricius, a native of Denmark. Fabricius played most recently for the Alexander Basketball Academy in Maryland. I'm sure you've never heard of this version of the ABA, but they could play a big role in Gannon basketball the next few years. In addition to Fabricius committing, the Academy reports that 6-foot-1 Dane point guard Adam Holm-Weber has signed with the Knights as well. (More on Holm-Weber coming in a future post.) Fabricius and Holm-Weber both suited up for Alexander's "Global Squad" which appears to be a collection of international players who compete against elite AAU programs here in the U.S.

Here's all the relevant information I could round up on Fabricius:
* Even though Gannon hasn't announced Fabricius' signing, Alexander is not shy about shouting the news from the rooftops.
* Pretty much the only words I can read in this article titled "Fabricius tager til Pennsylvania" are "Gannon Knights," but I think they are announcing Fabricius' signing with GU.
* He's described as "extremely versatile, athletic, and has a high basketball IQ" and is regarded as a "fantastic defender."
* Averaged 6.9 points and a team-high 6.2 rebounds per game. Also led the Gold Dragons in field goal percentage (56%) and blocked shots (1.6 avg).
*  Averaged 1.6 assists and 1.0 steals per game.
* Recorded 14 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks, 4 steals and 2 assists vs. the PA Renegades. Made 5-of-10 shots from the field, including 3-of-5 three-pointers.
* Registered a double-double vs. the New Jersey Cyclones with 11 points and 11 rebounds.
* Alexander finished its season with a 12-6 record.
* Was recruited by Division I, II and junior college programs including University of Maine, Long Island University, American International, Lincoln, Elon, and UIC (University of Illinois-Chicago).
* Attended Falkonergardens High School ins Denmark. You know how at Cathedral Prep five or six kids run around the court and spell "Prep" during big basketball games? I'm guessing the boys at Falkonergardens would take up all of halftime spelling their school's name.
* Led his school with 16.3 ppg in 2012-13.
* He was MVP of the Danish League Finals in 2012 and was a member of the Danish National Team in 2012 and 2013.
* This web page shows his stats from his Vaerlose club team and the Danish National team from 2012. He didn't play much for the club then and wasn't a big scorer for the national team, but he did post 10 points against Poland.
* If you go to his Alexander Academy bio page and click on the "Video/Media" tab, you an access three highlight films and four full games. I have not watched the full games (saving for a rainy day), but the first highlight tape which features only Fabricius is revealing.
* He says he likes to be "the general on defense" which might have motivated Coach Reilly to offer him a scholarship on the spot.
* If he steals and dunks like this in a close game at the Hammermill, the place with go bonkers.
* And if makes this move frequently against PSAC foes, we could start using the "Jammermill" nickname once again.
* This passing sequence is tremendous. And if you look in the background, it appears this game is being played at Philadelphia University, formerly known as Philadelphia Textile. The school has clearly upgraded from crummy old Althouse Hall.
* It looks like he can finish with either hand inside. I had to play parts of his video a couple times to see if he was left or right handed. He's a righty but can turn over his right shoulder and shoot inside with his left hand on occasion.
* The tape also makes me think him being listed at 6-foot-7 is legit. He's got long arms and plays close to or above the rim when attacking the basket.
* He has his own Eurobasket web page which lists him as a Gannon recruit. It also says he's 2016 NBA Draft Eligible, which would be an awesome problem for GU to have in a couple years.
* I'll go out on a limb and say he's the first player in Gannon history to hail from Ledoje-Smorum, Hovedstaden in Denmark.