Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bring On The Lakers

Once again, due to a work commitment, I was unable to attend Gannon's thrilling 59-56 win over Slippery Rock. I was attending a conference in Puerto Rico, and I can guarantee I was the only person in the entire nation Wednesday night following the live stats of the GU/SRU game.

The Knights have set themselves up where a strong finish will result in a first round bye -- but it all starts Saturday at Mercyhurst. If the Knights fall to the Lakers again, Gannon is pretty much assured to finish outside the top two in the West. Speaking of Mercyhurst, is Gary Manchel a lock to be PSAC West Coach of the Year? The Lakers were preseason #6 in the conference but are currently tied for first with a sparkling 8-2 league mark. It should be a doozy Saturday afternoon at the Mercyhurst Athletic Center (aka The MAC and the Campus Center).

I know the Knights have a chance Saturday, but I'm not super confident they'll win. The Lakers didn't overwhelm me when the teams first met, but somehow they keep winning games. The way things have gone in the league this year, I don't think anybody can be over confident for any game. For example, last night #3 and undefeated East Stroudsburg lost at Lock Haven, 82-80. You've got to be on top of your game every night in this conference or else you'll be on the receiving end of video highlights like this. What an incredible atmosphere at LHU's Thomas Fieldhouse. I hope the MAC is packed Saturday.


  1. Hopefully there will be a game tonight. The weather is pretty nasty outside.

    I wonder whether Slippery Rock has a special suitcase just for the stools they use for time outs.

  2. All classes were canceled at Slippery Rock today, but don't know if that includes athletic teams.

  3. Tweet from @RockAthletics says that although school is closed games are still on as of 9:15 today.

  4. Just saw a tweet from Gannon Athletics that tonight's games are ON! Let's go Knights!!!

  5. I paid 7$ to watch the game thru America one sports. Worst decision I've made. Terrible quality and the video won't even load. Hopefully no one else has made the mistake I did.

    1. When this happened to me I emailed them my complaint and they refunded the charge.

  6. Hmmm... Outrebounded 35-28, Mr. Automatic at the FT line missed a FT in crucial moment, team only made 1 3FG and Blazek wasn't even close to leading scorer... And we won!!!

    If you would've told me all those facts, I would've assumed a pretty bad loss! Good team effort tonight though!!

  7. Great night at the Audi!

    Gritty performance in the men's contest, outstanding defense with crucial stops at crucial times. Good to see Talley making a contribution. The only numbers that never lie are on the scoreboard. BIG game Saturday at the MAC.

    Women's game saw ELEVEN players with double digit minutes. GU was outstanding underneath (coulda been a much wider margin, but some missed 2 footers.....) with 23 offensive rebounds! GU is playing excellent team defense, and the offense is finding more open shooters using rubs off screens and quick shots. Let's PACK THE MAC!!!!

  8. Great win. We swept The Rock!!

    Always felt that GU was in control, despite the fact that the game was close. Key play was the SRU player losing the ball going up for a breakaway dunk ... Gannon came right back and scored.

    Hmmm ... Team A outrebounds Team B, 35-27. Team A has 17 turnovers; Team B has 11. Team B comes away with the win. Earlier in the season, Team A was the Knights. Tonight felt like a role reversal ... Gannon has started to control the turnovers and is now starting to win games. Slippery Rock was the TMT squad tonight.

    Controlling turnovers > outrebounding your opponent.

    Tonight's win makes Saturday's game at Mercyhurst even bigger!!

  9. It's a SWEEP! An absolutely huge win tonight and makes the game at the Hurst Saturday massive. go GU!

  10. When every player contributes somthing to the game, I see nothing put wins. Go Gannon Go

  11. the thing i liked most about this game is it is evidence that the Wins against SRU first time and IUP weren't "flukes" or that Gannon didn't just take them by surprise. Gannon didn't get a huge lead like they did the first time around vs. Rock, but they pulled out a hard-fought well-deserved win.

    And bblover said it best, when you have contributions from everyone, no matter how big or small, it a higher win result. If Talley didn't play, that's 4 points and Gannon loses by 1. (not saying they wouldn't have scored the points elsewhere, but just for example). If Dogan didn't record his one point, that makes it a 2 point game and if Rock were to hit the last second 3, Gannon loses rather than go into OT.

    All the small stats that most people would look at and go "wow, CJ only had 3 points?? Smith only had 2??" Yes.. but take away those points and Gannon loses.

  12. JIM: I like Nestor at LH for coach of the year ... first winning year for LH in 21 years.

    1. does only one coach get it? There's not a PSAC East and West COTY and POTY? just one overall?

      If that is the case, I do have to concur with glyph... my vote would go to Coach Nestor for the honor. Yes, Lakers were selected low in pre-season, but as we've seen numerous times before the pre-season ranks mean very little. But for Lock Haven, moving to a new division and playing different teams (twice nonetheless) and being in same division with #3 nationally ranked team as well as WC and Bloom, who were both nationally ranked earlier in the season. First winning season in forever And they are in contention for a playoff spot. Okay, am I talking about Lock Haven or the Pittsburgh Pirates? haha :)

      However, if LH doesn't make playoffs and Hurst does, Manchel will get it.

  13. Nice to see students at the LH v E Stroud game going nuts and rushing the floor. It would be nice if we could get student excitment at the audi.

    1. very nice! And after I've seen several analysts debating if storming the court is "classless".. I will say in this case absolutely not! You have every right to celebrate a huge W and show your team your support and enthusiasm for them.

    2. Storming the court is a way of saying, "WOW!! I can't believe that we won!!" An accurate assessment of the ESU-Lock Haven contest.

      I don't think that it's classless, but it can be lame and cliché for some programs and games.

  14. another title for this piece... "Stuck between a 'Rock and a Hurst/IUP first place"

  15. Some ranks for GU
    Category Stat Rank (out of 18)
    Scoring Offense: 65.8ppg; 14th (however in actual points scored they are 12th)
    Scoring D: 59.9; 2nd
    Score Diff: +5.9; 5th (1st ESU +19.0; 2nd IUP +12.3)
    FT%: 77.5%; 1st (wonder how long it's been that we've been this high in FT%)
    Rebounding Offense: 36.1; 11th
    Rebounding Defense: 25.8; 1st
    Offensive Rebounds: 12.6; 5th
    Defensive Rebounds: 23.6; 15th (was a little surprised by this)
    Rebound Margin: +10.4; 2nd (ESU 1st with 11.1)
    Assists Per Game: 13.05; 5th
    Steals Per Game: 6.19; 14th (surprised me a bit too; ESU 1st with over 11 steals a game)
    Attendance: 895; 2nd (IUP 1st; I have a feeling this is a bit fabricated)

    Gannon's Top Players:
    PPG: Blazek 15.6 (13th)
    Reb PG: Porter 6.5 (18th)
    3FG%: Blazek 39.4% (5th)
    FT%: Blazek 88.5% (1st; 1.5% above 2nd place)
    3FG PG: Blazek 2.4pg (T4th; leader has 2.9)
    APG: 3.1 (13th; leader avg is 5.8)
    A-TO ratio: Blazek +1.7 (10th)
    Blocks PG: Talley 0.6 (33rd; only GU player in Top 50)
    Steals PG: Blazek 2.2 (T1st; has most actual steals though)

    This one is def not a surprise
    Min Per Game: Blazek 37.5 (1st)
    Next GU Player: Oldham 32.6 (17th)

  16. I just received this comment via email. It's dripping with sarcasm:

    Just watched the Lock Haven video. Thing I noticed most … what was the East Stroudsburg coach thinking? Down two, he just let his player bring the ball down and create on his own. He should be fired. What an idiot!

  17. To build on the East Stroudsburg loss --

    At 2:45 on Thursday, the East Stroudsburg Athletics twitter feed (@ESUWarriors) tweeted: MBB: 291 @NCAADII schools began the season. Only 1 is unefeated. Warriors (20-0) travel to Lock Haven tonight.

    They so jinxed themselves.

    1. meant undefeated ... my spelling error, not ESU's.

    2. the quiet mouth says the most

  18. Like last year "up there", I expect an extremely low scoring, rough and tumble game. Let's go get 'em!!

    Hopefully, we can bring enough fans up to at least make it a neutral court game!

    I just hope "touch fouls" don't decide this important contest.

    1. with the way attendance has been, even in MC/GU games, 20 fans and Gannon will have home court :)

    2. My only prediction is a game like every other one up there -- a physical, ugly, low-scoring slog.

      The game will not be for the faint of heart.