Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gannon 66, Seton Hill 53

I was unable to attend today's Gannon victory over Seton Hill, but looking at the box score, I would have loved to have been there to see:
* A 28-3 run. I don't think I've seen that since Gannon used to play Columbia Union and Penn State-McKeesport.
* Allowing a measly 15 points in the first half, and doing so after spotting the Griffins a 5-0 lead the first minute of the game. So -- do the math -- the Knights allowed only 10 points the final 19 minutes of the half.
* Points in the paint: 36-6 in favor of Gannon. Not many teams will be able to beat up Gannon in the paint.
* A total of 37 points produced by the starting backcourt, 20 by Adam Blazek and 17 from Girbran Smith. They also shot a high percentage, connecting on 12 of 22 field goals. That production will win you a slew of games.

If the Knights defend, pound teams in the paint, and get points from their guards consistently ...

I won't finish that sentence. Gannon will finish it for me Wednesday vs. Slippery Rock.


  1. So first question right off the bat... Why was Gary Manchel the halftime interview? Did Coach Brunelli refuse to do anymore interviews after losing his first game at Gannon? Haha

    To be honest it was the most awkward interview/conversation ever.

    1. Brunelli only does the halftime interview for road games. Jimmy Le'Chick picks the interview for the men's home games, and it's occasionally Blogger Jim Roddy.

    2. Well, isn't that ironic given a McU caller complaint to Amicucci re: Roddy's comments about Mercyhurst on Friday. What was so awkward about it?

    3. What was the complaint? I didn't hear it.

    4. Coach Brunelli didn't interview at CalU game. So coach from a school I've never heard of did.

      What did Jim R say and what was Hurst complaint?

      It was awkward because Jim L asked questions like "what have you guys done to be in the position you're in?" "What changes have you made throughout the season?" "What was your game plan against gannon?" Etc. Normal questions but since interviewing a rival coach essentially a scouting report and Manchels answers were very bland as he's obviously not going to say game plans and changes etc. His answers were things like "we've spread our D out, our attack is more polished, were aggressive" etc. Doesn't take a coach to explain those aspects haha just was weird.

  2. Ok. Biggest four game stretch of the season. I think gu has a shot at the ncaa with 17-9 or 18-8 record.

  3. Nice easy win today. You don't see too many 28-3 runs, but that's what the Knights laid on Seton Hill today to turn a 5-0 deficit to a 28-8 lead. The Knights made it a shade more exciting than it should have been, but it never was really in doubt.

    Always love Hall of Fame day ... great to see the hall-of-famers, especially when "Stats" Klapthor got his due, the best scorekeeper in Division II, and maybe all of college basketball. And that's not an understatement.

  4. GU officials must be ordering their smokes from Colorado and get satiated at the Baloney factory.
    Att listed at 1402 for each game. If the mill seats 2800, did it really look only half full?
    I thought they pulled the 50-50 number out of a jar.
    Absolutely ridiculous.
    GU just outclassed and outworked SHU. GU played like they had Papa Sieto's 3 alarm hot
    chile pepper powder in their shoes as they really burned the boards. They couldn't stand still
    and were all over the floor playing great Dee-Fense.
    Great Job Guys.

    1. For the women's game I thought it looked to be a little over half full and men's to be a bit under half full.

  5. Great wins by both teams.

    What an incredible boost from Brianna Brennan; 5 straight points to go from down 3 to up 2, then Batts and Neighbors went 3-ball-istic.

    Amazing what a 28-3 run will do for a team's chance of winning! Solid performance by the men.

    Finally, congratulations to the GU Athletic Hall of Fame inductees. Tremendous crowd, great acceptance speeches and EIGHT different sports represented. Only down side: new autograph..."Stats, HOF".

  6. Didn't realize the upcoming schedule... Murderer's Row!

    Wed - Rock
    Sat - @ Hurst
    Wed - Boro
    Sat - @ IUP

    Realistically, I think we're looking at 2-2. Best case is obviously 4-0 and if you threw Clarion in the mix there, i'd say worst case was 1-3, but worst case is legit 0-4. If they lose a battle to Rock, and then go and get bet up by Hurst, they could be so dead that no matter what they do Boro is gonna win... and then off to IUP. YIKES

  7. off topic

    ESU & IUP should move up in the ranks a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if ESU gets to 2nd.. but probably will get 4th. WLU and #2 Florida Southern (Stephen Battle/Bubby Johnson) both lost. #3 Metro State (17-1) should be #1 and #4 Tarleton State (18-0) should be #2, and then Drury and then ESU with more than likely Cal State Bernardino rounding out the Top 5.

  8. The next 4 games are the season basically. SRU, Hurst, Boro and IUP. About as tough of a stretch as you can get. GU can win all 4 of those if they play to their potential.

  9. Game at a time!!!


    Off topic (part 2): Who came up with the Premier Basketball League team name "Erie Hurricane" (????)

    1. Who came up with the Premier Basketball League? Haha but yeah in general why Hurricane and why singular?

  10. Maybe the Erie team is called the Hurricane because of how badly they've been blown away in every game they've played.