Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Did We Get Here?

Gannon's 72-59 win Wednesday over Pitt-Johnstown was businesslike and, quite frankly, unremarkable. A year from now, I think we'll look back on this game and say, "Um, I don't really remember that one. I can't recall a single play from it." That's not a criticism; the two teams played essentially up to their ability and the better team was never truly threatened.

What I think is remarkable is that there's a high likelihood by the end of this week John Reilly could walk over to women's coach Jim Brunelli's office and say, "We're in first. Too bad you're in second." Cue the Talking Heads ... how did we get here? If Slippery Rock loses at IUP Saturday evening, the Knights will be in a three- or four-way tie for first in the PSAC West with the head-to-head tiebreaker over SRU and the Crimson Hawks.

The optimist in me says I can't believe the Knights control their own destiny at the halfway mark of league play. Three weeks ago GU was 2-2 in the conference with two road games and a home contest vs. nationally ranked Indiana looming. Since then they're 5-0, impressing the Gannon faithful more and more every outing.

The realist in me says maybe one of Gannon's 8 second half PSAC games is a gimmee. (Guess who.) Every other game will be a stress increaser. Slippery Rock has been the most consistent in the West so far. At IUP will be a monumental obstacle. Seton Hill (home) and Mercyhurst (away) have already beaten the Knights. Road games at Cal and Pitt-Johnstown will require special efforts to get the job done, and Edinboro always gives me angst, even at the Hammermill.

I'm not feeling like this 5-game win streak is a fluke, but I don't expect that streak to double either. I'm just happy the Knights, after a rocky start, are in the hunt and have an opportunity to be among the best in the PSAC. I guess what I'm saying is -- cue Jim Carrey -- we've got a chance.


  1. Edinboro nearly knocked off IUP. Lost by 3 (but Boro hit 3 at buzzer so wasn't really a one possession loss). That would've been a nice 3rd loss eh?

  2. Offense looked good tonight. Again, GU controlled the turnovers and the points took care of themselves.

    Oldham had a stellar performance. Blazek started slowly, but got stronger as the game went on. Both played all 40 minutes.

    Feels good to be 6-2 halfway through the west. Lots of tough games left!


  3. Smith adds the SOMETHING that was MISSING for the offense during the first 6 or 8 games. Now that he is getting more comfortable, indeed, the turnovers seem to be dropping, and, as "89" stated above, the points are taking care of themselves.

    Throw in the defense and rebounding, and lo and behold, we have a team that appears to be clicking at the right time, just in time, for the important games just ahead.

    I thought UPJ's talent was pretty good. On any given night, they are capable of beating any PSAC team I've seen.

    It's nice to see what appears to be a (slight) uptick in attendance. Hmmmm......maybe we can get (dare I mention it?) a pep band to finish the year at the Audi. Every game left on the home schedule is basically a playoff game, so, why not?? The Lady Knights would benefit as well.

    1. Here are the numbers given by Gannon
      98/99 2,063
      99/00 1,840
      00/01 1,823
      01/02 2,124
      02/03 1,845
      03/04 1,837
      04/05 1,574
      05/06 1,184
      06/07 1,220
      07/08 1,575
      08/09 1,754
      09/10 1,035
      10/11 1,091
      11/12 1,282
      12/13 1,055
      13/14 888 hopefully this will up ticK

    2. I might add these are season ave all home games.

    3. this also shows that the overall decline did start before Coach Reilly was hired. Yes, obviously was a bit more in the past 9 years, but in general the decline started before he was the coach.

  4. Nice to see Oldham getting aggressive and taking the ball to to hoop/taking a few hook shots. Glad that he's finally put in the role that fits him best.

  5. Just win baby. Another win for the team, offense was better tonight, some more aggression, which will be needed later in the season. SRU vs. IUP on Saturday, so huge game in the PSAC West

  6. Go Gannon Go. That's the way we like it defense and offense.