Friday, November 29, 2013

Operation Desperation?

I'll save most of my comments for after Saturday's Gary Miller Classic consolation game vs. a good Alderson-Broaddus team. After Friday's 65-62 home loss to LeMoyne I'm vexed about exactly how to feel. I'm certainly not thrilled, but I'm not despondent yet.

In the final 8 minutes of the game, the Knights played with a sense of desperation, cranked up their aggressiveness, and started making plays against the Dolphins' 2-3 matchup zone. The angel/Knight on my shoulder says signs of life on offense is a positive. The devil/Laker on my other shoulder is imploring me to scream, "Gaaaa! Why didn't Gannon play that way for the first 32 minutes?"

Talking with Jim LeCorchick on the JET Radio 1400 broadcast, we both saw early on that Gannon was content moving the ball side-to-side without even considering penetrating the zone's gaps. The end result were forced or rushed three-pointers, Gannon making only 5-of-28 attempts.

As John Reilly said in the post-game show, he's glad the Knights only have to wait a day to get back at it and right their wrongs. But if a quick and talented Alderson-Broaddus team sends GU to a third consecutive loss, Gannon fans will be at a different level of desperation before the December schedule even starts.


  1. No comments? Can't say that I'm surprised. It's pretty much all been said. Nice comeback at the end, but same style of play with the same result. Sigh.

    See you at the consolation game.

  2. My dad used to say, "If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all", which might be the new rule on this blog. Losing at home to a team that lost to Seton Hill by what, 19 points, there isn't much to say.

  3. To be honest the Knights played boring at times. Look at the FG %
    LM 53% GU 35%, 5 of 28 3ptrs.
    Just seemed to me pass, pass, pass, pass and when you get down to 4 sec throw up a wild shot.
    Of course, I never played the game so I can't criticize but only give my op
    as a fan. I must be wrong bec I don't know a think about the game.

  4. Also concerned about the defense. Pretty near every LeMoyne hoop was a layup, and not just by the big guy. The Gannon defense was penetrated more than a bicep in a free flu shot clinic.