Friday, March 15, 2013

Women's NCAA First Round: #1 Gannon 66, #8 Fairmont State 40

The Lady Knights dominated tonight on their way to a 66-40 thumping of WVIAC tournament champ Fairmont State in the first round of the NCAA tournament. With #2 Edinboro and #3 Shaw upset earlier this afternoon, Gannon could actually get to the Elite 8 by beating only #5, #6, and #8 seeds. I'm sure Coach Wright isn't looking past Saturday, but you have to like Gannon's chances even more this weekend at this point.

I'll let the commenters carry the day on the Gannon women in the postseason because you've watched them closer than I have this season. Click here for Gannon's Atlantic Regional Web Headquarters, powered by the Gannon Sports Information Department. And remember: We Believe In Cleve!


  1. Good Luck Lady Knights! And many thanks to both Men's and Women's Seniors.

  2. Go Lady Knights. We're lucky to have a great coach and recruiter in Cleve Wright. Guess you could say that Cleve was the Wright choice!

  3. First two games were very interesting. Surprised that Cal was able to control the game, despite the fact that Blazetic was hobbled (and she played well in lots of pain).

    Glenville State is insane. 21 out of 51 threes. It's like watching Loyola Marymount ... constant pressure and speed. And subbing in waves like hockey.

    Glenville is worth getting here early on Saturday.

    But now time to focus on the home team. Hope that the afternoon upsets have us focused. Go Knights!!!

  4. Great win by the Lady Knights! Nice to see a large, noisy crowd there supporting the women. The crowd seemed to inspire them, and they played with a ton of confidence. It was an excellent all-around game by them, and they were in control all the way. You could tell how badly they wanted it. Hopefully they can keep it up on Saturday against IUP. Gannon is going to have to hit more 3s than they did on Friday, though, and get more out of a couple of their starters. They can win if they play their game. Saturday will be thrilling. Sure is good to see Edinboro, Bloomsburg and Shaw gone. The road is wide open for the Lady Knights.


  5. Way to go, Ladies!!!!.....Keep goin'!!!

  6. Nice win on Friday against an overmatched Glenville State team. But tonight will be a tough task against an experienced, senior-laden IUP team. IUP played very, very well down the stretch against a good Bloomsburg squad.

    I know that we have two wins against IUP this year, but the Hawks are a much improved team at this point. This was the IUP team that I expected to win the PSAC at the start of the season.

    Gannon is going to have to play very well to pull out a win. It's going to be a heavyweight fight. The winner should be favored in the regional final.

    And as I said before, get there early on Saturday to see Bunky Harkleroad's Glenville State team ... should be another track meet against a Cal team that likes to play up-tempo itself. I have no idea how Cal beat GSU by 47 earlier this year.

  7. Lady Knights prove once again they are a far superior program to the Gannon mens program. Cleve runs a much better program than Reilly ever will. Far superior game management, recruiting and coaching when you compare him to Reilly. I can't believe how far the mens program has slipped since Reilly arrived on the scene and how Cleve has managed to improve over Jodi Kest's program since he's been here.

    Now I'm waiting for all of you other bloggers to come to Reilly's defense and explain why you can't compare Cleve's program to Reilly's!

  8. Hey '64. Not going to dispute any of your points. Not trying to defend Reilly because there's no doubt that his offensive adjustments, game management, strategies, substitutions, etc are far inferior to Cleve's due to Reilly's "D 'em up and see what happens" style.

    However, I can tell you the exact difference between the way that the 2 programs have developed. When Reilly's team struggled in his 2nd season primarily because he brought in a lot of freshmen, the howls for his removal came early and often, some even claiming he was fired at the end of his 3rd season no matter what his team accomplished. Well, he changed recruiting philosophy, bringing in jucos to give the fans the instant gratification that so many of them demanded.

    The Women's team, however, was looked on as more of a distraction, a warm-up act for the Mens team, when Cleve arrived. His early teams struggled, losing a lot of badly played games. However, without the pressure of expectations, Cleve was rightly given the time to bring in freshmen, let them develop, and establish a deep-rooted program that we see in place now. Reilly never got that chance.

    That's the difference.

    I hereby nominate '64 as head of the search committee if Reilly is fired. He or she can then explain to all the marginal coaching candidates that apply (since no accomplished, competent, or sane coach would ever apply under the circumstances) why Gannon fired a guy that went 22-7 and was named Coach of the Year.

  9. Speaking of 22-7. Heard last night Reilly gat a 3yr extension. No confirmation but just passing hert burn
    for some and roll-aids for others. :)

  10. Observor, some will be too busy to answer your comments: They will be busy with posts on the Duke blogs, trashing coaches for the shocking Maryland loss last evening.