Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elite 8: Ashland 74, Gannon 63

Advancing this far into the postseason has its obvious ups, but the downs hurt like a high-speed car accident. Gannon's season came to a close tonight in the Division II Elite 8 at the hands of #2 Ashland, 74-63. Once the pain goes away, I hope we can all cherish a 31-5 season fueled by nearly all underclassmen. Tremendous season Lady Knights! All of Erie is already looking forward to next year!

I'll let the commenters carry the day on the Gannon women in the postseason because you've watched them closer than I have this season. If you still want to follow the DII women's tournament, click here for live stats and links to the NCAA's official Division II women's Elite 8 headquarters.


  1. Good Luck Lady Knights!!! Beat Ashland.

  2. Go Knights! Win the GLIAC rematch! Send Ashland back to the Kates Gymnasium.

    When I look at this matchup, it's probably a bad one for us. It's not good playing a team at this level that lost in the championship in heartbreaking fashion (AU lost to Shaw in OT in 2012).

  3. Our advantage over them -- depth. We have 11 players who average double-figures in minutes. Ashland has only seven (and an eighth with 9.5).

    This year's team has been able to wear the opposition down and make a big run midway through the second half.

    Our big disadvantage -- turnovers. Despite our 31-4 mark, we average 19 turnovers per game, but force 20.3. Ashland averages 12.4 and forces 14.6. We have to take care of the ball to have a shot tonight.

  4. IMO, GU is going to have to play better than they've been playing and hope Ashland has a down game. It's possible that Ashland may be looking past GU.

    Most impressive to me was Ashland keeping the momentum of their season going while their superstar was injured and out of the lineup, losing only that one game.

    They have a lot of seniors and juniors, we don't. Most of their current group has been to the Elite 8 before and were successful, losing in OT in the Championship game, our current group hasn't (except for McCoy).

    I'm not sure Golden's stat about depth will be enough to make a difference (perhaps if this was the Championship game-3rd game in 4 days-it would be a bigger factor). Turnovers (particularly unforced errors) have been a big problem all season long for GU.

    GU has had a remarkable season, one year in advance of when this type of year was expected, but, IMO, their record is a bit deceiving because of the relative weakness of the PSAC this year.

    Add it all up and Golden is right that things don't look good for GU tonight. I'm pulling for a great effort and a big upset, but I don't have high expectations. Let's hope the GU Women prove me wrong.

  5. Underdogs Dowling and Augustana (SD) advanced this afternoon. #3 seed Dowling eliminated #1 seed Colorado Mesa, 60-44, while #6 Augustana continued its Cinderella run with an 81-68 thumping of national #1 Clayton State.

  6. Looks like Mesa wasn't able to close out the game.

    Go Knights!!

  7. Western Washington Vikings blew a 17-point lead in the second half, but prevailed by four in overtime. They await the winner of GU / Ashland

    So the 7:00 game tomorrow features the Vikings vs. the Golden Lions. Hopefully tomorrow's second game will pit the Vikings vs. the Golden KNIGHTS!!!

  8. Good start ... 13-6 at first media time out. Already matched the first half scoring against Cal! :-)

  9. Not looking to good now ... total second-half turnaround.

  10. That one hurts ... Our defense was shredded in the second half -- I think that Ashland scored 49. Seemed like the three-point barrage by Taylor Woods rattled us and we never recovered.

    Did GU go to the FT line in the second half?

    Papich and Nettie combined for 4 or 6 points, I think. (Not sure ... the live stats were not much) Won't win too many games with those numbers. We got a little three-point happy in the second half -- maybe it was panic or frustration.

    Not sure who provides the ncaa.com announcers. Can we get two pros when we host next year? Craig Smylie on play-by-play and Jacki Windon on color are my picks. If you haven't seen Windon's work on Sports Time Ohio, she's becoming a very good announcer on MAC women's BB games. I guarantee she won't shreik when a team scores.

    Oh well ... nice season by the team. A 31-5 record isn't anything to be ashamed of. This team is a year ahead of schedule ... lots can happen, but things are are looking up for next year!

    1. Boze and Roddy are still the best duo for commentators! "Moyer for threeeeeee..... COUNT ITTTT!"

  11. First 16 minutes did not go the way I expected it to. But, you could see Ashland starting to get the momentum near the end of the first half. When GU came out a little flat in the second half, Ashland jumped on them and it was over quickly.

    Hate to criticize in a 31-5 season that ends in the national quarterfinals, but tonight, I thought Cleve subbed too much in the first half when GU had the momentum, effectively slowing their roll. Substitution patterns resembled a hockey game at one point. The number of lazy, unforced turnovers they committed and the offensive rebounds that GU allowed were going to catch up with them sooner or later. Their weakside help was non-existent, particularly in the second half. A lot of GU's weaknesses on defense were exposed in the second half, with 49 points allowed. Gave up a lot of open 3's and easy layups. Looked slow at times.

    I was impressed with Glass, but other than Batts's early game shooting, no one else really did much positive at all, and a couple of them were pretty awful.

    Disappointing game, but the second half went the way I was afraid it might go. Hopefully, it will be a learning experience that will result in a better team next year.

  12. Thank You Lady Knights for a very good year. Things are looking very positive for another run next year!!

  13. Jim: Is there a poblem with the blog? I put in an observation about the men's final eight and it posted but when I went on yesterday it was gone.

  14. Hi Bob: I haven't noticed that problem.

    If anyone else comes across this, please let me know. Thanks!

  15. Tough loss, but congratulations to Coach Wright and the Lady Knights for an outstanding season.
    And Observor, when you say "hate to criticize" then blast a group of young women who played in the NATIONAL QUARTERFINALS, referring to some as "just plain awful", it is obvious that you must actually delight in your criticism. This is a forum, and everyone is certainly entitled to their observations, but this one was a bit much.You almost sound disappointed that Gannon played well for most of the first half. Really? Just my observation

  16. Not to jump on anyone since this is a free board, but, I found the criticism of last night's performance to be a bit much.

    The Lady Knights are now on the NATIONAL map as an ELITE program.

    Whew.....it's tough to read criticism towards a team that has reached such a high level of performance.

    C'mon, man....


    Regarding an earlier post on Jerry Slocum's Youngstown teams, I'd like to add a comment: He has made the men's basketball program RELEVANT again....building a team in a very tough conference, recruiting kids to play at a historically difficult place that prized recruits would previously pass on attending.

    Nice job to him, as well as to assistant coach Mike Wernicki.


    As for the Gannon men: I believe now, as ever, some nice additions are being put in place to insure success next year.

  17. Well, Boze, you, too are entitled to your opinion, although your personal involvement while covering the GU Women on the radio might take you a little too close to the situation to be throughly objective.

    You ARE wrong that I was disappointed that they played well at the start. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they played early on. I was bitterly disappointed by the 2nd half performance. If I wasn't, I would've been grinning ear-to-ear while chugging a beer instead of venting on this blog. C'mon, Boze, misinterpreting someone's meaning and attacking their motivation in that manner isn't like you.

    The fact is, after the first 10-12 minutes, no GU player, except for Glass, played anywhere near as well as we've seen them play most of the season, for whatever reason. By the way, intentionally, the only names I used were players I mentioned in a positive manner. I didn't name any of the players who played poorly. I observed that they, as a group, didn't play up to their capabilities. And some of them WERE awful. There's no delight in making that observation (and why is it "obvious" that I was delighted to state my opinion on that? You're not a psychiatrist) but it's a fact supported by the box score and the game film.

    This is another thing that burns me about this blog. No matter what, its perfectly alright for anyone to critcize players (by name in much more detailed critcisms than I provided that are potentially just as hurtful) and certainly the coaching staff of the Men's team, in very personal and specific terms. However, its taboo to criticize the coaching or any of the players on the Women's team. Why? This is a blog about Gannon Hoops, right? There are 2 Gannon basketball teams, but one can be criticized in a public forum and one can't?

    I understand the natural (chauvanistic?)tendency to be protective of females (particularly when you've been professionally involved with them personally), but this is nothing more than a collection of opinions on a game, not an indictment of their ability or character.

    I suppose it was my fault for not congratulating the Women's team in addition to providing my opinion of their play. I think pretty much everybody associated with Gannon Basketball in any capacity is proud of them and their accomplishments this year, but that shouldn't mean we can't discuss what we thought of their performance Tuesday when we talk amongst ourselves, should it?

    As I said, hopefully, there will be a lesson learned from Tuesday's game that will make them better next year. Making the Elite 8 is indeed a remarkable accomplishment, but it would've been nice to see a more representative performance. The effort was there, but I have been saying for awhile that something I can't put my finger on has been missing with this team, and it looked that way again Tuesday.

  18. Well written retort, Observor. I believe you thoroughly explained your previous comment. A few things:
    1. It's my Gannon fandom that maybe has me too close to the situation; the fact that I have done some of their games only means that I have possibly seen more of their games than some others;
    2. I'm only "protective" when I hear folks refer to "the girls team"; blogs invite criticism, and I agree (using different words)that the team played poorly in the second half (semantics, I guess, poorly vs. awful);
    3. If there had been the congratulatory inclusion, I might not have misinterpretted your post; sorry for that.
    4. My announcing of games does not make me myopic; my service is to those listening, to Gannon basketball on the Gannon station. When the "home" team performs well, I think the "home" fans want a little bit of excitement added. I believe any announcer doing multiple games for the same team feels the same way.

    Look, there are many ways to look at any situation. What I interpretted as piling on was actually legitimate criticism. You are correct, I'm not a psychiatrist; just a passionate Gannon fan who thinks that the Lady Knights had a tremendous season that ended with a berth in the Division II quarterfinals.

  19. The Observor: Based on your observations of the men's and women's basketball team you are missing your calling. I do not know what you do but I would think if you were coaching either one of the Gannon teams we would have at least one national championship.

  20. Boze- no crticism of your announcing nor was there any inent to do so in my earlier missive. You've always been a favorite of mine. I agree that being a "homer" (meant as praise) for the home crowd is what the listener wants. That's why, as a Pirate fan back in the 60's and 70's (Can't summon up the enthusiasm these days-they're too hard to watch), I enjoyed Bob Price so much.

    My concern with this team is that we are all assuming that, since they are almost all underclasswomen, they will automatically be back next year for their best and biggest shot at the ring. Unfortunately, basketball doesn't always work that way. What if a key player gets hurt and can't play next year? What if it happens right before the playoffs? What if one of the freshmen has academic issues? What if there's an incident similar to the Shanna Thompson situation where a key player falls into disfavor and quits or isn't a factor? What if the Cal coach goes out and finds an inside player or two that can compete with Blake? What if there's a superteam forming in the PSAC East that comes into its own next year? What if Glenville perfects their ability to play that hard-to-guard style (anyone see the West Liberty men this year?) and somehow has a better record and ends up hosting the Regional?

    This year's success counts for nothing next year, and assuming that GU will be right back over at the EI Arena in 2014 is getting way ahead of ourselves. Ask this past season's very good Cathedral Prep team about automatically doing better when a team of exceptional underclassmen become seniors. There's no guarantee.

    Since my last post, I think I figured out why I was so bothered by the way the game went. This was a chance to win a National Championship. It was disappointing that the fine start in the first half turned into a sloppy quagmire right before halftime and a comparative disaster in the second half. That was a huge, hard-earned opportunity wasted. No matter how bright the future looks, there are a lot of bad things that could happen before next season, and, as much as we don't want it to, life happens sometimes. Who knows, this may have been GU's only chance.

  21. Quick fact on the four teams remaining they ALL start three seniors one junior and one sophomore. Looks to me like we need a little more experience.

  22. Apparently, I've badly misread the room. Looks like maybe I should just give it up. I'm apparently ruffling too many feathers. But, before I go...

    Bob- Not entirely certain what you're trying to say. I know it's sarcasm, but I can't connect what my comments have to do with coaching ability. Are you trying to infer I think I know more than Coach Wright or Coach Reilly?

    Look, I've seen a lot of basketball games, but no more than many others that post here. I enjoy watching games, analyzing them, and observing what happens in them and why. But, I haven't opined or analyzed any more than anyone else on this blog. In fact, your analyses/criticisms of Reilly the past 3 years are at least as confidently-contrived and stated as anything I've posted. And more critical.

    Honestly, didn't you think that Cleve's bench clearing 4-5 minutes into the game slowed GU's momentum when they were in the process of burying AU last night? If not, I overestimated your grasp of basketball strategy. I would've thought you'd be more objective. Oh, that's right-say anything you want about the Men's program, even that the coach should be fired, but don't dare critcize anything to do with the Women's program. My bad.

    Sorry, but I don't get your inference at all.

    Care to elaborate or do you want to just enjoy your own little joke?

  23. I'd like to take the opportunity to recognize Boze on a great job at Hershey.

  24. Great season ladies! Next year is going to be even better. I enjoyed watching these women play more than the men. Congratulations on the Elite 8! Go Gannon.

  25. If Cleve follows up this Elite 8 season with records of 13-15, 15-11, and 14-12, all finishing in the bottom half of the PSAC West, I bet that there will be plenty of people calling for his firing.

  26. Speaking of firing, it is interesting how the once premier job of coaching at UCLA is now perceived as an ejection seat.

    I'm glad coach Smart (VCU) came to his senses about the position.

    Some of our posters here must be having a riot on the UCLA blog(s).

  27. You may be right, Golden, about calls for Cleve's job should his team underachieve the next 3 years, If that is the opinion of a blogger, they have the right to say so. I've never disputed that it is a legitimate argument that some have made that Reilly's teams' performance in the 3 years after his Elite 8 run could easily have led to his removal at the time. 22-7 this past year complicates things, though.

    However, with the Women's program, 10 years ago, that didn't happen. Although his team floundered some at the start of his tenure, Cleve was given all the time he needed (with very little pressure) to do things the way he thought was right, resulting in a program that has achieved a certain moderate measure of national acclaim after what, 11 seasons?

    However, I don't think that should preclude anyone on this blog from questioning one of his strategies in a game. It's not like criticism automatically infers that the Coach is not doing a good job, just that the blogger didn't agree with that particular move. I am amazed that there has been so little discussion on this blog about the way the game was played, strategized, and officiated. That certainly would NOT have been the case if the Men's team lost in such a manner in the same situation.

  28. From the dummy in Row 2 Seat 1 in San Antone.
    Exactly, I haven't missed a home game in 5yrs and been to @ 80% of the away games. That fact does not qualify me to critisize any coach or player bec I'm just a wild and crazy fan who tries to cheer our teams on to do their best.
    I did see a few things. I was no less excited but leery. I thought (@ 10min mark), this could be easy. Shows you how much I know. Our defense plays low. AU passes were 90+% high (faster then bounce). 2nd half, we left them open and they went bombs away. Could you imagine leaving Batts open really for 5 or 6 att? Our young team bent under the pressure (of the game) somewhat. I don't recall us with 4 "air balls' in a half.
    I also thought AU was taller then listed maybe it was me but there seemed to be 4 six-oners out ther for AU. Our youth I think may have gotten a little rattled when they got behind.
    So now we put this in the learning book, get a little help and get to it again.

  29. To go along with the above, Row 4, seat somewhere in the middle, Ashland made some adjustments during the half and KILLED Gannon from behind the arc.

    Plain and Simple Gannon played a very good 1st half and got ran over by Ashland for about 10 minutes to start the 2nd half. By the game GU was able to ride the ship, it is too little too late. For a team that about none of us had thought would make the Elite Eight, this is a vaulable learning experience that the team can use for next year. 31-5 is a great season, especially for the youth that the team has.

    Also when it comes to the substitution pattern, from what I remember seeing it wasn't really any different than what Cleve had done during the season. Cleve regularly uses his bench. Wasn't any different Tuesday Night.

  30. Yes, Cleve regularly uses his bench. Agree completely. If we can find a play-by-play that includes subs, we could clarify the situation. But Tuesday, it seemed to me while I was watching that he started subbing earlier (like 3-4 minutes in), went deeper (Hendricks hardly played in the playoffs, and she was in there during the first 7 minutes), and subbed more players (had only one starter in the game about 6-7 minutes in) at once than he usually does. Seemed to me that Papich, Blake, and Sundberg played significantly less than they played in the Regionals.

    Also, he seemed to be leaving players in the game for shorter periods of time than normal, running them in and out almost like a hockey game. I think that made it more difficult for the players to get into the flow of the game.

    It might be splitting hairs, but when you're on a roll AND the opponent ISN'T substituting, you have to be careful not to stop your momentum. Also, if you sub too much you end up with their 5 starters against only 1 or 2 of yours. That's a big advantage to the opponent and allows them to more easily right the ship when they're struggling.

  31. TheObserver:

    I remember many games when Cleve would do the 1st substitution 2 minutes into the game. Generally the 1st substitution would be Mollie coming in for Doriyon. Jen and Nettie didn't play much because they got into foul trouble early. Jen got two fouls before 5 minutes had passed in the game and Nettie was shortly after. Both also got into deeper foul trouble in the 2nd half, so that would explain their playing time.

  32. Observor, I've found what you feel the Gannon Lady Knights have been missing all season.....DIVISION I TRANSFERS! Sorry, couldn't resist, and know that my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek. Have a joyous Easter.

  33. ewensel-I'm not going to go back and try to figure out when Cleve normally makes his first substitutions (most of the play-by-plays don't list them anymore anyway), and I'm not arguing that you're right or wrong on the subject.

    What I am saying is that, in that situation, with your team on a roll, hitting on all cylinders, the opponent back on their heels, struggling at both ends, and not subbing, I may have left the starters in a bit longer than usual and kept the momentum going, even if it meant getting somewhat out of the regular subbing pattern. You can't always play things by the book-you have to have the courage to change from what you normally do in a particular set of circumstances.

    Best example of that is legendary baseball manager Earl Weaver. Earl believed in going by the book, righty-vs-lefty, playing the percentages, waiting for the 3 run homer. Over the course of 162 games, that philosophy worked for him, as his Oriole team won a whole bunch of Division Championships. But in a short series, best of 5 or 7, he only won the World Series once (when Brooks Robinson won it almost single-handedly).

    Doing it by the book is great over time, but sometimes the situation dictates that you do something different. IMO, this was one of those times.

  34. I don't think we had the same defensive intensity
    as we had against Cal in the reg'ls. The subs may have broken that concentration. Also seemed that the Ashland bomber was open on all her shots.

    1. Don't think it was the subs ... we sub a lot every game. It contributes to Cleve's ultimate goal of wearing the other team down.

      Having Papich and Blake in foul trouble hurts the defensive intensity because they are not able to be as aggressive.

  35. Observor -- Fair comments ... And early subbing may have contrubited to the early "roll." Papich's two quick fouls and Blake's foul trouble probably didn't help.

    Noticed after the game that Batts' long three from the trademark was her last ATTEMPT of the game. Either she didn't get the ball enough, or Ashland shut her down. Hard to win a game when both Kelsey McCoy and Candice Hendricks have more three point attempts than Batts or Neighbors.

    And Ashland is going for the championship tonight vs. surprising Dowling. As always, should be interesting. Not sure who to root for ... if AU wins, then at least we lost to the eventual champ. But if AU wins, they also tie our 2009-10 team for the most wins in a season with 37.

    Personally, I'll give anyone Dowling and 12 1/2 points tonight. Ashland is going to rout them.

    1. Batts got SHUT DOWN in the 2nd half. Ashland defensively played much tighter defense in the 2nd half.

      Personally I would take Dowling and the points :) Call me crazy, I pick Dowling by 4. Remember with Ashland they did lose a double digit lead in the title game last year

    2. Well I was SLIGHTLY wrong on that game. Ashland was the best team during the entire season and deserved to win it all. Congrats to Ashland.

  36. Ashland steamrolled Dowling tonight to claim the women's DII championship. I believe that makes it three years in the last four that Gannon was eliminated in the NCAAs by the eventual national champ (2010 Emporia State, 2012 Shaw, 2013 Ashland).

    1. Correct. Lost to Emporia in OT. Had a game-tying three on the rim in the closing seconds against Shaw. And had an eight-point lead in the second half against Ashland (before losing it and them some in what seemed like a blink of an eye).

      By the way, West Liberty in the Final Four tomorrow at noon after routing Winona State 110-84.

      The winner has to wait over a week to play the championship as the D2 and D3 championships will be held in a doubleheader in Atlanta the day before the D-I championship game. Both are on CBS.

  37. West Liberty's season comes to an end, losing to Metro State 83-76.

  38. Twenty-five years after celebrating LeMoyne's first NCAA bid after a 54-50 OT win at the Hammermill Center (a.k.a. the Len Rauch Game), John Beilein goes for his first Final Four tomorrow against Florida. I know a lot of GU fans who are rooting for him, myself included.

  39. http://www.syracuse.com/kirst/index.ssf/2013/03/from_the_sweet_16_of_the_ncaas.html

    More Beilein fun -- Nice article about his loyalty to the equipment manager. I also never realized that longtime LeMoyne AD Tom Niland was Beilein's uncle. Not sure if I am reading the family tree correctly, but John Beilein has to be a relative of PS-Behrend coach Dave Niland somehow, right? Cousins? Somehone help me out.

    These articles also pointed out that if Michigan is fortunate enough to beat Florida tomorrow, that Beilein would be coaching against Syracuse in the Final Four. We'll be sure to hear one or two LeMoyne references if that happens!

  40. Just ck'd the box on the Ashl/Dwlg game. Get this, only 590 attended the NC'ship game.
    Bet the NCAA can't wait to get to Erie.
    Even if its W Willyham & S Billyham I expect the EIA will draw at least 2,000. We may not have the Riverwalk but at least you'll probably be able to ski & Splash Lagoon it.
    Ha ha

  41. I think attendance has been poor this entire NCAA season.

    If I remember correctly, the final Lady Knight game drew 572....and pictures of game action looked like an empty gym.

    Some CYO games of yesteryear looked like they drew more people. Sign of the times, I guess.

  42. The GU ladies ave 764 at home this past season.
    They led the PSAC for women and if slotted into men's PSAC att would be 3rd behind IUP (1587)and GU men (1080).

  43. I think, over the course of a season, a pep band would tremendously add to the atmosphere for both men's and ladies games.

    Seriously, for the "elite" program(s) that we have, is that really asking too much??

    This request is over 7 months in advance of the next games at the Audi (oops, Hammermill Center).

    An easy "no brainer".

    1. an easy no brainer that was tried about 5 years ago to a heap of complaints.

  44. Just received this email: "John Beilein and Dave Niland are first cousins. I believe that Beilein's mother was a Niland. David Niland's father Joe was once the head coach at Gannon."

    I'll be rooting like crazy for Beilein to make the finals. Maybe Len Rauch, Julius Edwards, Peter Jerebko, Scott Hicks, and Tom Herhusky will get mentioned during the CBS broadcast of the title game.

  45. Seriously, I am curious, #453. In your opinion, how will a pep band specifically "tremendously add to the atmosphere for both men's and ladies games"?

    Would all of us old farts sitting there start dancing around during time outs? Doubtful.

    Would the students start "getting into" the games more and start crazily cheering for GU's teams and harassing the opponent? Oops, that's right, I almost forgot. Hardly any students go to the games.

    Would opposing coaches be unable to speak over the din of the band during timeouts? Unlikely.

    Would opposing players be distracted at the foul line by the drummer hitting the bass drum in the middle of the shooter's free throw motion? Probably not.

    Let's face it-the audience composition at GU games (mostly 50+ year olds who are well past the age where they get overly excited-except for yelling at the refs, that is- and loudly rooting hard for the teams)is hardly one that is going to be enervated by a pep band blaring remakes of popular music and/or classic rock songs. It's more like a golf tournament crowd (clapping and cheering only when something good happens) now, and that won't change until the student attendance goes up substantially.

    (Side note-GU officials had a difficult time GIVING away tickets to students for the Women's Regional Final last month. Doubtful that student attitudes toward basketball games will change anytime soon.)

    However, I AM willing to change my opinion if someone can tell me why the band, if in place during games at the Audi, would help.


  46. Good question.

    I am simply of the opinion that a pep band would add to the atmosphere.

    It's not the biggest of deals, but, it may, along with more student participation, help get the place rockin'...or, get it close to the way things used to be.

    By the way, back in the day, there were pep bands playing.

    To your point perhaps, if the place has 850-1100 fannies in the stands with an Elite 8 Ladies team, and, a 22 win men's team, then maybe things are beyond help.

    I thinks its almost (gulp, I hope I'm not jinxing things) a safe bet that both men's and ladies teams will post 20+ win seasons next year.

    Combine a campaign to get students interested, PLUS a pep band, and I think it would create a better atmosphere down at the games.

    1. So much can happen that it is not a safe bet that EITHER team will post 20+ wins next year.

  47. 1) They wouldn't play that lousey rap or other garbage over the pa system.
    2) Since no one sings in the pep band just a light snappy tune is better then a song by someone we never heard of.
    3) I recall the pep band of a few yrs ago and enjoyed it and yes I'm an old fart in my upper 60's.
    4) If it didn't add to the atmosphere a lot of other d2 schools wouldn't have one.
    I would love to see them back.
    I'm sure there are others out there with more reasons.

  48. I agree on the quality of "that lousey rap or other garbage", but, unfortunately for us old farts, that is the kind of music that the players enjoy, so that is what we get to hear before games.

    Just because you and I never heard of those that sing the currently-popular songs doesn't mean that folks a generation younger than us don't know who these singers are and don't enjoy their music.

    Just because "a lot of other d2 schools" have pep bands doesn't necessarily mean that having one will help the Hammermill atmosphere, particularly if the quality isn't all that good, as I recall happening during the last days of the last pep band.

    That, by the way, is one of the problems in fielding a pep band. Quality. It's not as easy as you might think to find enough quality musicians who are able to spend roughly 5 hours on the unpredictable schedule (Wednesday nights, Saturday afternoons, Saturday evenings, with a Friday night and a Sunday night thrown in for good measure) that is GU basketball. There simply aren't all that many quality musicians who are available and willing to put in all that time for very little, if any, pay.

    I'm not saying it's a bad idea to have a pep band. I just don't think it's as easy to put one together and present a quality product as you might think (Remember, there's no music department at GU like there is at so any other universities).

    And, despite Fanman's list, I still don't see how it will add much to the atmosphere. It'll take more than that to get students to show up and participate. The lack of student participation is the problem here. If that were to improve (and it hasn't, despite the continuing efforts of the athletic department), then you could consider adding the band. Without students showing up and getting loud and crazy first, it doesn't matter.

  49. Hmmmm....what efforts??

    I repeatedly ask students I see on campus if they are aware of the "big game tonite" (last instance, the final Edinboro home game).

    The student shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what I was talking about.

    We still have great attendance, relatively speaking, but, this is an occurrance that is taking place everywhere.

    (I'd still like to see every Saturday home game played in the evenings, though....)

  50. I had a neighbor who graduated from GU about 3 years ago and he used to tell me that the school was constantly sending out info urging students to attend basketball games. This past year, I know they had also encouraged students by reminding them that admittance is free (to them), and sponsored contests for those that did attend (something that has been going on for years). I know that they were giving away free tickets to students for the finals of this year's Women's Regional (typically, student admission is NOT free for NCAA tourney games).

    Communications for students these days are not limited to putting up posters in the cafeteria, lounge and in the hallways of the classroom buildings. A lot more is being done by e-mail, so the general public isn't aware of the efforts that are being made.

    However, for the most part, the students don't connect with the sports teams @ GU like they used to. Noticed a similar attitude when I was at the GU game @ IUP. A small bunch of students attended, but had little impact on the game. Most of them pretty much sat and watched. Cheered the good plays.

    The weekend afternoon games have something to do with it, for sure. But, to a certain extent, a lot of it seems to be a general apathy toward athletics in general and the athletes in particular. Many non-jocks feel that the jocks carry themselves as if they think they are better than the non-jocks. I HAVE personally seen some GU football players that act that way.

  51. In 1988, John Beilein coached his first NCAA tournament game, a 91-88 loss to Cal (PA) at the Hammermill Center.

    25 years later, his next NCAA tournament game will be in the Georgia Dome, against Rick Pitino for the National Championship!!!

  52. Big 10 strikes out again ... 0-5 in big dance finals.

    I see they are remodeling the rec center ... when does the hammermill get a face lift?

  53. Heard before the 2014/15 season