Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good To Great

I think it was Bill Parcells who said, "You are what your record says you are." Well Gannon is now a stellar 14-3 after pummeling California (Pa.) this afternoon, 82-59, so that must mean our Knights are pretty darn good. What enhances that record is how GU is winning games as of late. These aren't squeakers:
* vs. Cal, 82-59
* at Edinboro, 86-63
* at Cheyney, 85-70
* vs. Mansfield, 88-64
* vs. Bloomsburg, 81-55

If you didn't know anything about a team, saw on the stat sheet they've won 14 of 17 games with the last several in convincing fashion, you'd think they were a juggernaut. That seems to be what John Reilly has constructed this year. Still not convinced? Here are some more stats Gannon SID Dan Teliski dug up on the Knights:
* Gannon has shot 50% or better during the second half in six consecutive games, including a second-half chart over 60% during four of those six contests. Gannon shot 64.7% during the second half vs. Cal, hitting 11-of-17 shots.
* Overall, the PSAC's top shooting team has shot over 50% for the entire game during 5 of its last 6 contests. The Knights entered the week as the 13th-best shooting team in NCAA Division II.
* The Golden Knights have out-rebounded 10 consecutive opponents, including seven of those by double digits. Gannon crushed Cal on the glass, 43-25. 

I said last post don't get too high because the PSAC can bring you back down to earth next game. But marvel for a minute (or two) this stretch which we haven't seen in a few years. And then say a prayer that it continues Wednesday vs. Mercyhurst.


  1. Well they sure as heck didn't make it 6 today. The 2nd half felt like it took forever, but GU never was threaten in the entire 2nd half.

  2. The second half featured one of the great moments in the history of time outs that would make even the late Bob Dukiet cringe.

    With 7:58 to go, Gannon called time out.
    Then GU had to call a second time out before inbounding the ball.
    The ensuing inbound was tipped out of bounds, resulting in a media time out.

    I think that we're getting spoiled a little by this team as yet another easy win felt a little tedious. The long women's game didn't help ... neither did the Cal-U coach fouling twice in the last 15 seconds after the game was well out of reach.

    As I said, this is an incredibly efficient offensive team when it takes care of the ball. And yet DESPITE 19 turnovers, the Knights still scored in the 80's.

    Even better, the cornerstone of this team (and all of Coach Reilly's GU squads) has been the defense. It's easy to score points when you know you don't have to score on every possession because the defense will always be solid.

    But it's all meaningless now ... we could be 14-3 or 3-14 at this point -- nobody cares. The only game that matters this year is Mercyhurst. It's our Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, and World Cup all rolled into one.

    (Just kidding -- the previous paragraph was written from a Mercyhurst administration perspective)

    And if you notice a new building by the Hammermill Center, it may be from all the bricks that Cal shot from three-point range today. The women's and men's teams were a combined 6-of-44 from downtown. After two quick threes early, the Cal women missed their last 21 shots from behind the arc.

  3. Gannon is a group of talented players beating below average teams in spite of the coaching.

  4. I am going to respectfully disagree. I would phrase your recent statement this way:

    Gannon is a well-assembled group of talented players that has recently been blowing out competition that has been mostly below average with an efficient offense, a rock-solid defense, and a coaching staff that is putting the right players in the right places to be successful.

  5. Jeremy: It seems you have the same opinion about the Gannon team/program even though the situation has changed. It's almost like a Browns fan who thought Bill Belichick was a terrible coach in Cleveland still saying today, "That guy's a moron. He's just lucky to have Tom Brady."

    Need I remind you on Dec. 8 you said, "I hope that I'm wrong but Blazek's injury pretty much sends this season down the tubes." Your Jan. 19 statement of "in spite of the coaching" is dead wrong as well.

  6. Maybe Jeremy goes to Mercywurst?
    Just musing :)

  7. Nope, just able to give an honest evaluation of the Knights. The teams they are beating have losing records and the ones to which they lose are above.500. The situation hasn't changed, Jim; the coaches still mismanage the bench, micromanage too much and stick to stubborn playcalling. They are winning big because they finally are making shots and most of those scoring spurts, such as when Torrence went off at Edinboro, came on fast breaks and uptempo plays. Coaches have the least impact on fast breaks; the kids are then finally able to go out there and play basketball instead of being micromanaged in a half court game. I really do like the players on the floor but if history is any indication, they won't be able to reach their full potential under this staff.

  8. This story is from early 2012, but check out Belichick's record to that point with vs. without Brady. Seems pretty average without Brady:


  9. I am still worried by the fact that they are beating weak teams. If they beat mercyhurst Wednesday I will be proven wrong

  10. I don't care if they're beating the Sisters of Mercy....I'm just enjoying the ride....Jeremy, don't be a hater, get back on your meds...JUST KIDDING :-) (your entitled to you opinion)

  11. I think this is a type of team that is most effective when they are allowed to play a more wide open game. I would not be worried that we are the best Dll defensive team with a 15/12 record in the country. I would rather see 22/23 wins and be the 20th best defense in the country. This team seems to play better on both ends of the court when they are allowed to pick up the pace plus more fun to watch. We also have a lot of weapons if I knew Robert Wilson would not score against California and we would win big I would have lost a lot of money on a bet. I just hope they keep using all the players like they did in the California game.