Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Joy To The World, The Knights Have Won!

Gannon's sweep of their two-game PSAC road swing, capped by Wednesday's 66-58 win at Shippensburg has really put me in the Christmas spirit. Click here for an audio link (you'll adore the accompanying photos, too), crank up the volume on your computer, and sing along.

It will be a Merry Christmas,
It will be a Merry Christmas,
It will be a Merry Christmas,
Gannon is 9 and 2!

Good defense we bring and pull out a win,
We will take the PSAC West and the NCAAs!

Now three cheers for Darrell Blanton
Now three cheers for Robert Wilson
Now three cheers for Adam Blazek
oh that's right he's hurt.

We like Emmitt -- his three-pointers
C.J. slashing team turnovers
Macias defensive rover
and a guy named Jabs.

We best make the PSAC playoffs
Or Knight fans will be all ticked off
We hate hearing Coach Manchel scoff
so beat Mercyhurst.

Happy Holidays to all Gannon Hoops fans. Thanks for making 2012 so entertaining, and here's looking forward to an even better 2013!


  1. Nice win for the Lady Knights over a solid Shippensburg squad. Six players in double figures and Papich wasn't one of them -- two points while fighting foul trouble. Cleve's got depth!

    1. The Women are stacked. Brittany Batts and Molly Sebald are becoming key players as Soph. Just highlights Cleve's ability to bring in a ton of talent

  2. I am getting a feeling it is going to be a VERY fun season for both the GU Men and GU Women's Teams. GU Women keep on winning and are the only undefeated team left in the entire PSAC (When it comes to PSAC Record anyway). GU Men, if they can keep teams under 55-60 points a game, it is going to be very tough to beat them. Imagine when Adam is healthy again what the men can be capable of

  3. Another solid effort both offensive and defensively.

    As I said, give me 65 points on offense with this team and we're going to win a lot of games.

    Also nice to see a good point total despite Macias not having one of his best efforts. Hopefully this win gets us out of the PSAC west cellar. :-)

  4. Congratulations to both Golden Knight squads. Solid road wins.

  5. Can someone tell me what is the status of the Lady Knights' Lanise Saunders?

  6. so I have a question I'd like to see answers from others on the blog for a friendly discussion (NOT DEBATE.. not trying to create any arguments here... I want people's opinions as everyone's differs and everyone is entitled to their own!!!!!)

    Blazek returns to starting... If you were coach, who's on bench? (and I don't want anyone bashing Coach Reilly for anything.. this is saying you ARE the coach)
    My take -
    Ideally I'd have Jabs move to the bench and Blazek as the 1, leaving Oscar at 2, Wilson 3, Blanton 4, and CJ 5. Jabs would provide solid backup to Blazek and also key minutes to give Blazek, Oscar and even Wilson breaks. Also, they could run it like they did when they had Lindsey/Knight. They often played together.
    The second option would obviously be to put CJ back on bench and have 1 Jabs, 2 Blazek, 3 Oscar, 4 Wilson, 5 Blanton. I don't particularly like this because of size differences at the 3 and 4 spots, but it's worked before.
    Third option and would hate to see it, Oscar back on bench. I really don't think that's even an option though.

    Thoughts from other couch coaches? haha :)

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!! Spend as much time with your loved ones as you can, keep those in your thoughts who are not able to do so and avoid the petty bickering over the small things... too much more to worry about than some of the small things!

    One thing would be Gannon Basketball, much more important!! :)


  7. My take: Jabs to the bench, Adam to the point....PLENTY of playing time for all, and, if we keep teams in the mid 50's to low 60's point-wise, a season of 19-21 wins, and....playoff city.

    Still plenty of skeptics regarding this team and coaching staff.....plenty.

    Prior to the team departing for the recent successful road trip, a MAJOR skeptic took me aside, and said "you are dreaming about this team, it will be a long season".

    I replied: "It may very well be a long season, if they keep this up, we may very well make the playoffs, extending the season a few extra weeks!!!"

    I know, probably a bit pre-mature.....but, fantastic start to the season.

    Hmmmmm.......Sans Blazek injury, would/could this team possibly be undefeated??????

    Nice "problem" to lament, in light of the previous coupla years!!!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!!......Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good KNIGHT!!!!

  8. You don't put Jabs on the bench, he's a natural 1 and Blazek is more of a scoring threat and a good ball handler, you need two of those on the floor.

  9. Personally, I would start:

    1 Jabs
    2 Blazek
    3 Wilson
    4 Blanton
    5 Furno

    (i'm guessing Furno is not in game shape yet?)

  10. IMO, I don't see GU winning either the ESU or IUP games, with or without Blazek. ESU's defense was so intense and physical and GU was struggling so much on offense at the time that I doubt the Knights could've pulled that one out. As for IUP, I get the impression that Lombardi was playing with GU a little bit, allowing a number of his bench players a lot more PT than they normally get, particularly when GU made a run in the first half. Still think that would've been an IUP win. So, IMO, GU would NOT be undefeated.

    I don't see Blazek going back to the point for any lengthy period of time unless there is an injury/illness to Newby. One of the issues with players last year was that Adam didn't do that good a job of ball distribution and he was so spent from protecting the ball against pressure AND defending the opponent's PG AND manufacturing shots for himself that he often tired near the end of games. Newby's presence takes some of the heat off Adam, allows him to play his normal position, and puts more flow into the office. I expect to see Newby's assist totals to go up as the team gets more comfortable with the offense.

    As for the lineup, it could be tweaked depending on the opponents' size, but you need to have Newby, Blazek, R Wilson, and Blanton in there as starters, with Macias, Furno, Torrance manning the swing spot depending on the situation, Still can't figure out what happened with Livramento.

  11. Observor-We finally agree!! Happy Holidays! I don't not prefer Blazek at the point either, your observations are the same as mine. I would add that I think Blazek is a great 2 guard but not a point. He doesn't keep his head up and therefore he offense is weakened by not seeing the entire floor. He also tends to force the shot and have some poor shot decisions at times.(That will change with experience) I think R. Wilson's ability to get that ball back out to the arc as we have seen so far will work great for Blazek shooting the 3pt.

    I do think that we could have beaten IUP and ESU had the team used the faster pace they are playing now. They had no transition points for several games. Frustrating to watch for sure and a bit boring for this group of athletes. This group of 5 currently starting are focused on team play and sharing the ball, I hope it stays that way.

    I think the starting five should be dependent on the team we are playing. If they have a hot shooting guard I would take Oscar and Jabs. Blanton and R. Wilson for rebounding is a given, the rest would be up to the demographics of the rest of the opponents size and style of play.

    Everyone's thoughts here are good. It is a good place to be having too many quality starting players!

    1. that is do not the first sentence.

  12. News Flash: the sky is not falling, the Mayans were wrong and this is a pretty darn good team. For Christmas to all of the posters on here, I'm giving a bright, shiny seat on the bandwagon. Here's also wishing all of you and yours a very merry and blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

  13. Happy Holidays to all Gannon fans. Looking forward to an exciting and successful New Year.

  14. I was driving tonight and passed the house of a Gannon-fan friend of mine. Noticed how nicely his house was decorated and thought to myself, "I'll have to tell him whas a nice job he did on his lights when I see him at the Porreco Cup next week." Then I thought ... "wait a minute ... "

    Happy Holidays to all GU fans! Hope you find something fun to do on December 29-30.

  15. Catching up on my email ... had one from Sports Information Director to the Stars Dan Teliski saying the 2013-14 PSAC schedule has been set. The schedule isn't for public consumption but Dan said both Gannon/Mercyhurst games will be on Saturdays and one Gannon/Edinboro game will be on a Saturday.

    Also, Dan clarified the new 16-team PSAC setup:

    1. Gannon
    2. Mercyhurst
    3. Edinboro
    4. Clarion
    5. IUP
    6. Cal
    7. Slippery Rock
    8. Seton Hill
    9. UPJ

    1. Lock Haven
    2. Bloom
    3. Cheyney
    4. Millersville
    5. Ship
    6. West Chester
    7. Mansfield
    8. Stroud
    9. Kutztown

    1. just FYI - that's 18 teams, not 16 teams. Kind of stinks having Lock Haven moved to East... 2 easy wins a year gone!

    2. Tell that to East Stroudsbug.. you know, the team that beat Gannon?

  16. My biggest beef with the schedule is that there will be only six crossover games, meaning that there will be three teams that you don't play in the year.

    The luck of the schedule could determine your standing in your division and will go a long way in determining who hosts the PSAC tournament.

    I am also curious how the schedule will work for crossover game trips. They are currently two games in one weekend. But with only six games, there will need to be a crossover weekend where only one game is played, or a team will have four home and two road crossovers, or vice versa. Interesting how the PSAC will make sure there are three home and three road crossovers.