Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Knight Knotes

While counting down the minutes to Gannon's home opener Friday ...

* Gannon hasn't made an official announcement, but according to the Erie Times West Middlesex junior Matthew Dogan (pictured here) has committed to play for the Golden Knights next year. The Times says, "Dogan is a 6-foot 6-inch guard who can play inside and out but his strength is handling the ball and creating offense." According to the Pittsburgh Basketball Report, he's one of the top 10 guards in the Pittsburgh area. If anyone's seen him play, please comment below.

* Lots have folks have been talking in the previous post here on Gannon Hoops about player transfers. In response, I received this email from a GU fan who wishes to remain anonymous: "I find it strange that you have so many comments concerning transfers, but today Gannon announces a high school signing and there have been no comments whatsoever. Also, how long does John need to be part of the program before people know how to spell his name?" It's R-E-I-L-L-Y. I'm predicting a future comment will say "Jon Reilly" and make us all scream.

* Here's some other good Gannon news you might want to talk about. Several Knights participated in National Young Readers Week by volunteering to read at local schools. This press release from Gannon has all the details. Next year they can print this blog and read it to the kiddies. Wouldn't that be fun!

* Roberts Wesleyan will enter the Gary Miller Classic with a 1-1 mark after handling the hapless Houghton Highlanders tonight, 60-44. The Knights will need to stop Devin Grimes who will arrive at the Hammermill averaging 19.5 points and 11.5 rebounds a game for Roberts. (Editor's Note: I reserve the right to call Houghton "hapless" based on their 69-64 home loss to Penn State-Greater Allegheny on Nov. 16.)

* Jim LeCorchick gave me the heads up that former IUP All-American Gerald Brooks has resurfaced at Slippery Rock after three years away from the game. Click on this page from the Indiana Gazette for details. (Parental discretion is advised.)

* LeCorchick also pointed me towards the current IUP team photo. Click on that link and see if any player stands out to you -- literally. Wearing #33 but listed as #11 is Blake Vedder, a 7-foot-3, 235-pound transfer from Division I Rhode Island. He's one of five DI transfers on the Crimson Hawk roster, and I'm sure he has the most difficulty when they travel. Here's some video of Vedder if you can't wait until Dec. 8 when Gannon and IUP square off.

* Happy Thanksgiving! Before the leftovers are gone, we'll have two home games under our belt. If we can still fit into our belt.


  1. Couple thoughts...I totally agree with your anonymous. I also find it ironic that the subject of transfers is so detrimental to the program for some Gannon fans on this blog but yet IUP has at least 5. I also wonder if Gannon had a facility like IUP and signed the same transfers if there would be ANY negative discussion about Coach JOHN REILLY :) and his recruitment of transfers. Something tells me no.
    Looking forward to the IUP game. In my opinion a 7'3', 235lb player who transfers down to DII is probably not very good.
    As for Brooks..I would be happy with less wins and well behaved recruits over players/wins with that type of mentality on my team.
    Looking forward to a weekend of Gannon Basketball.

  2. Jim-

    Lest you throw off too many Knight fans, the IUP-GU game @ GU is Saturday, December 8 @ 3:)) PM(per the website), not the 18th.

    Just FYI.

    1. Observor: Thanks for the correction -- the change has been made.

  3. ffroo; Yes IUP has 5 transfers out of 14 players. Gannon has 11 transfers out of 14 players.

  4. Jim I saw Matt Rogan play against Lincoln Park
    in the Western final last year--very talented
    player. I also saw IUP scrimmage Pitt this year
    the Vedder kid is very good. He gave Pitt's Steve Watson all he could handle.

  5. Bob I understand that we had more than normal transfers this year, do you think it had anything to do with Coach Reilly only receiving a 1 year contract?? If I were put in that situation I wouldn't even waste my time with a high school kid. My point is that IUP isn't hunting down alot of high school kids either.

    dc70-will be interested to see the Vedder kid play if you say he is very good. His stats for 2 games show 3 rebounds in 19 min one game and 9 in 21 min, of the 9 only 2 were offensive. Although he did have some points, which I would expect but not impressed with the rebounds. He is avg. 6.0 after 2 games, compared to Gannon both Blanton and R. Wilson are avg. 2.0 or more with MUCH less size. The Vedder kid didn't start either game. Personally after listening to both Gannon games it seems that we have a very athletic, fast team, extremely tough for an athlete that size keep up. That being sad Vedder does have 7 blocks already.

    The IUP game will be a good one for sure.

  6. I didn't mean to make Vedder sound like he is all world. What I meant was that he is not the typical 7' DivII player. He runs the floor fairly well for his size and plays good defense. If he was a great offensive player he wouldn't be playing at the Div.II level.

    Also I think Coach Reilly should be congratulated for his latest signing. How many All State players has Gannon signed lately? Plus, he will be a Freshman! Let's give some props when they are deserved.

    Finally, IUP's transfer from Gonzaga is a good all around player and shot better than any of Pitt's more ballyhooed players in the game I saw. Overall, I'd have to rate IUP as a very solid squad. I would love to be able to see the IUP/Gannon match up.

  7. I just received this email from a longtime Gannon fan:

    So, let's see if I got this.........
    Smith, Jamison, Shannonhouse, MacDougall, Bowen, and Lindsey, Stosh, Knight, Goldcamp.

    Both groups filled with transfers, just like the recent GU teams. Difference: those teams were nationally relevant, and we didn't give a rat's patoot about how many transfers were on the team. And we cheered our own patoot's off for them.

    So, GU fans incensed with the number of transfers on this year's team, which is it: transfers are okay when GU wins a lot or transfers sully the waters when the wins aren't as many.

    Kinda reminds one of the laments about being in the GLIAC vs. MECC. Moral: just win, baby.

  8. While I'm kind of neutral on the xfr thing.
    Sure, I like the way Cleve Wright does it.
    Bottom line, every game I've attended I went to
    see Gannon win.

  9. Let’s face it transfers are a way of life....we like to see them come...but in most cases, hate to see them go....and you are correct...JUST WIN BABY !!!
    We all love to see the team go deep into the NCAA's....We all love to see the Mill packed and as LOUD as at all possible.(bring back the meter!!) The problem is we want it every year and when it doesn't happen, disappointment and frustration permeates the air.
    To be quite honest I don't care who the coach is or who the players are. Just give me the enjoyment of following a very good team that wins and creates excitement. We are all there for the entertainment.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for this blog and for all the other Gannon fanatics on it!

    Go Knights!

    1. Thanks -- glad Gannon Hoops made your list! See everyone at the Hammermill tonight.

  11. Looking forward to an exciting season. Good Luck Knights!