Friday, November 9, 2012

New Year, Old Habits

The last couple seasons, it seems like every Gannon game comes down to the final possession. For one stretch, 10 of 13 games were decided on the final possession or in overtime. (The fans at the Hammermill aren't actually all octogenarians; they just look that way from the stress.) Why should this year be any different? The Knights held off Glenville State, 70-67, in tonight's season opener, avoiding OT when a Pioneer three-pointer that banked in was ruled too late. We're just one game in and I already need to take nitroglycerin. Better refill my prescription, or I'll be out by the Gary Miller Classic.

The stat sheet bore some similarities to past games as well:
* Gannon outrebounded Glenville, 40-23, a staple of John Reilly teams
* I hope it was opening night jitters, but the Knights committed 25 turnovers. Nine of them came in the first 10 minutes of the game when Gannon fell behind 24-11.
* After a slow start, Darrell Blanton turned the Ohio Valley gymnasium into the Jammermill, soaring for 21 points on 9-of-13 shooting while also securing 7 rebounds.
* Adam Blazek led Gannon's first half comeback. He finished the contest with 11 points and a game-high 9 rebounds before fouling out.

As far as new players, the starting lineup included Jabs Newby (4 points, 5 assists), Robert Wilson (10 points, 7 rebounds), and Rogerio Livramento (6 points). Algeron Torrence led bench players with 9 points on 5-of-6 shooting from the line. No minutes for returning big men Tanner Furno (injured) or Dmitry Martynenko.

I'm not sure what the slogan will be on this year's team poster, but I'd like to suggest this: Gannon Basketball -- Never Boring!


  1. 10 minutes in and its Glenville by 13, 24-11. Knights already have 9 turnovers and are just 4-11 from the field. Let's hope things heat up.

  2. Quite a blitz by GU for the rest of the half. We are now tied at 37, GU committing only 3 turnovers during the spree.

  3. I'm not getting the live stats ... is anybody?

    1. The Ohio Valley University website, which was carrying the live stats, crashed. Guess they're never had more than one person on their site at a time.

    2. Makes sense. Only 102 people in the stands watching the game.

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  5. My first reaction is ... the season started already? I haven't even finished raking my leaves! Basketball is a winter sport, not a fall sport. Is this the earliest game in GU history?

  6. TJ Wilson posted on his Twitter feed that he has a "torn tendon/cartilage whatever in my wrist, ima go hard these two games this weekend just incase."

  7. Hope they get the radio feed fixed for today's game.
    Yesterday it was horrible.

    Big Hu..Rah! to the ladies knocking off U C San Diego
    last night. They had good live video from California.