Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Knight: C.J. Oldham jr. 6-8 205

Last month I received this email from a longtime Gannon fan: "I think the other Div 1 transfer is from Akron C J Oldham 6'5".  I believe he will have 2 years left and as a sophomore was voted captain of the team. Have to wait to see if it is official." Then, shortly after that, Gannon announced that Brandon Emmitt, a native of Akron, had signed with the Knights, so I figured the Oldham transfer was a rumor that would never come to fruition. But when the Gannon roster was revealed earlier this week, Oldham was on it. Looking at his Akron bio, it seems like he's a good kid -- mechanical engineering major who was voted the Zips' team captain last year despite only being a sophomore and not scoring a single point as a redshirt freshman.

One of the advantages of gaining DI transfers is that their sports information department is likely to be close to on par with Dan Teliski, Gannon's excellent SID. That means the player's online bio provides quite a bit of info. Here's some of what Akron had to say about Oldham:

* Last season played 9 games, scoring a total of 11 points in 30 minutes of play for 22-12 Akron.
* Made 5-of-9 field goals, including 1-of-2 three pointers. His trey came during a 21-point loss at West Virginia. (Editor's Note: Part of me hopes he pointed in Bobby Huggins' face as he ran back on defense.)
* Recorded two points and two assists* against Arkansas-Pine Bluff, followed by a two-point, two-rebound performance against Florida A&M. (*Another Editor's Note: The Akron website says "dimes" instead of assists, but nobody who knows basketball actually uses the word "dimes.")
* The Zips, seeded #1 in the MAC tournament, would have played in the NCAAs had they not lost a heartbreaker to Ohio in the conference finals, 64-63. (Ohio went on to beat Michigan and South Florida before falling to North Carolina in the Sweet 16.)
* Oldham played 8 games his freshman year but did not score.
* Redshirted the 2009-10 season.
* Played scholastically at Solon (Oh.) High School where he received accolades including all-Northeast Ohio, Greater Cleveland All-Star and Greater Cleveland All-Academic Team.
Averaged 12 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists as a senior.
* Spent his freshman and sophomore years of high school in Germany where his father Calvin Oldham was a professional basketball coach. His dad currently coaches in South Korea.
* Speaks German and lived in Germany for 13 years.

Here's some other info I dug up on Oldham:
* Was named to the NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches) Honors Court this past season because of his 3.250 grade point average as a mechanical engineering major.
* According to this message board, Oldham was a walk-on at Akron. I'm not sure of his scholarship status with Gannon.
* This message board thread about Oldham transferring from Gannon doesn't provide much value beyond entertainment. I did laugh out loud at this comment from Zips Junkie: "Losing a team captain has to be a devastating loss for the program. I just hope it doesn't have a ripple effect on the women's swim team."
* Another fan noted on a different thread, "Walk-on CJ Oldham appears to be transferring out. It's been noted that CJ could be a starter on some D-I teams that lack UA's depth. Don't know where CJ is headed. Could be the source of Zach's rumor about a basketball player transferring to Lake Erie College. CJ could be a real force in a D-II program like Lake Erie's, should he end up there."
* Oldham hasn't played much in college, but he has his own DraftExpress NBA Draft Prospect web page.
* According to this article, Oldham's Solon Comets finished his senior year with a 7-14 record and were eliminated in the first round of the Division I playoffs.
* Scored 17 points in this Solon loss to Twinsburg.
* This article featuring the obvious headline "Comets frustrated by losses" mentions that Oldham scored 12 points in a loss to Strongsville. The article does not mention that Strongsville is the alma mater of former Golden Knight Bobby Bossman.
* This website rated Oldham as a two-star power forward back in 2009.


  1. what about New Knight: Cory Bailey ?? :)

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  3. BMOC: I deleted your post on the grounds that it was mean to a college athlete. I won't tolerate kids being insulted here. I hope you understand. Thanks.

  4. Can't say much on this kid but looks like he could have potential at DII. Hopefully he is 6'8". Any word out there how preseason training is going for this new group? I think there is a lack of dialog on this blog right now because the recruiting has been better than most expected. Practice starts in a couple weeks!

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    2. Talking to someone who has seen the players "work out" a few times and he said that, in his opinion, Oldham is closer to 6'8 than he is to 6'5.

  5. Mean?
    I said it is hard to tell how much he can impact the program based on limited stats and lack of HS success - but that I was hopeful

    and I am - I always believe that the sun will come out tomorrow.. and that GU can return to the glory days of yester year... I apologize to anyone who may have been offended

    Go Knights - GOOD LUCK

    see ya in the bleechers baby!

  6. Here's something we can all agree on. Paste this link for full details including a photo gallery. And seeing the made up word "TreeVitalize" reminds me of our word "Jammermill," which really fires me up for the season.

    Gannon Men's Basketball Program Gives Back to Erie Community through GIVE Day's TreeVitalize Project

    ERIE, Pa. – The Gannon men's basketball team recently took time out of the academic schedule to continue its long-standing tradition of community service by participating in Gannon's 15th annual GIVE (Gannon's Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere) Day on September 15.

    The program's coaches and student-athletes took part in the “TreeVitalize” project that involved nearly 200 Gannon students planting approximately 130 trees within the University's Erie-GAINS neighborhood. The area is comprised of approximately 200 city blocks bordered by Presque Isle Bay to the north, Parade Street to the east, 11th Street to the south and the Bayfront Parkway to the west.

    Gannon University partnered with Environment Erie, the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park (LEAF), the City of Erie and others for the TreeVitalize project. The endeavor received valuable funding from TreeVitalize, a partnership to restore tree cover in communities across Pennsylvania. The goal of TreeVitalize, launched by the state's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as a public-private partnership, is to plant one million trees in Pennsylvania over five years.

    The Gannon men's basketball program has participated in GIVE Day activities every year. It's part of the team's tradition of community service that included among numerous projects within the last year feeding the homeless during the Thanksgiving holiday, volunteering during Rolling Ridge Elementary School's Hoops of Hope and the annual Day of Caring.

  7. Don't worry, ffroo. If I know Coach Reilly, they've been practicing, errrr,..I mean, having Open Gyms since school started back in late August.

  8. let's rephrase to before school started haha :)

  9. There are my nay-sayers! Trying to bring back the old, they workout too much, injuries oh my! Awesome. Well I certainly hope they have been working out with open gym and pre-season training. Every other college team is!

    1. if you're referring to my comment saying let's rephrase to before school started... i wasn't implying they practice too much, etc. I was just saying that most schools (colleges + high schools) have "open gym" way before school starts.

      not nay saying.. just saying facts

  10. Awesome? Really? What the heck (keeping it clean, Jim) does that mean in the middle of your comment?

    Relax, ffroo. You said practice starts in a couple weeks, others (including me) remarked that they most likely have already been participating in what amounts to practice. That's all. Nothing more. No references or inferences were made to anything else except that practice, for all intents and purposes, has already started.

    You're the one who took it farther. You're the one that made the inference about "they workout too much, injuries oh my!" You, apparently, already have that on your mind for whatever reason. That makes YOU much more of a nay-sayer that either of us who replied. No one else said a word about any of that.

  11. My New Year's Resolution (it is a new basketball year) is to steer the conversations on this site so we talk more about Gannon Hoops and less about sniping at each other. I'm not off to a good start.

  12. My apologies, sorry was just waiting for the negative remarks to happen since it was so consistent last year about the injuries, workouts etc. I will give you the benefit of the doubt for this season. I have to say it is kind of difficult to call me a nay-sayer when I don't say any negative remarks about the team...which is what I was referring too. No problem Jim.