Sunday, August 5, 2012

Potential New Knight: Jabs Newby jr. G 6-2

Guard Jabs Newby hasn't been listed on the PSAC Letters of Intent web page as a Gannon basketball signee, but I'm assuming he's going to join the Knights this year after two seasons at Division I Eastern Kentucky. If he isn't, he'd better change his Twitter account description which currently reads "Transferred to Gannon University. #GUnation."

I'm excited about Newby suiting up for the Knights. First, my ears perk up any time a DI transfer is added to the roster. Then there's this jaw-dropping seven-minute highlight video of Newby in action at EKU. Video highlights can be misleading (e.g. they don't show the kid committing 12 turnovers), but these highlights of Newby show he has a flair for the game plus he can get to the rim -- and above it. I don't want to prematurely anoint him the next Javar Cheatham, but Newby does show flashes of brilliance that could make him a top point guard in the region.

Here's the rest of the story on Newby:

* Every site I researched listed at 6-foot-2, but they varied his weight from 180-190 pounds.
* As a sophomore at EKU, he played in 30 games, starting none, while averaging 11.9 minutes of playing time. Averaged only 1.7 ppg, shooting just 30.6% from the field (19-of-62), 27.3% on three-pointers (3-for-11), and 50% on free throws (10-of-20). Recorded 43 assists and just 17 turnovers. Collected 42 rebounds (1.3 avg), 11 steals, and 5 blocked shots. The Colonels finished the year 16-16 overall, 7-9 in the Ohio Valley Conference.
* Posted similar stats his freshman year: 22 games, 1 start, 11.8 minutes per game, 2.1 points, 1.3 rebounds, 31 assists, 24 turnovers, 34% on FG, 8% on 3FG (1-for-12), and 10-for-15 on free throws. EKU was 15-16, 9-9 in the OVC.
* The highlight from Newby's freshman year was becoming the first EKU player in half a decade to record double-figure assists in a game with 10 at Southern Conference member Georgia Southern. He also scored 8 points that game.
* His biggest game as a sophomore was 7 points and 4 assists vs. NAIA Brescia, John Reilly's former school. Had an active season finale vs. Southeast Missouri. In just 11 minutes registered 3 points, 5 assists, and 4 fouls.
* Here's Newby's bio from the EKU website prior to last season. I'll highlight the important details below.
* Moved to West Virginia from his native Toronto to play his final two years of high school basketball at Mountain State Academy.
* Averaged 10 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 steals a game as a senior for the 22-4 Falcons.
* As a junior (2008-09), Mountain State finished 29-7 and was ranked among the top 30 high schools in the U.S. by ESPN.
* According to, Newby was ranked as the 82nd-best point guard in the 2010 Class by Here is's evaluation of him: "Newby has very good length, quickness, and athleticism. He has the naturally ability that allows him to make incredible plays, especially in the open-court. He easily gets to the rim and looks to finish at the cup. Newby also has a very good pro-hop move that he uses on his way to the paint. Newby has to get stronger in order to become a better finisher in traffic. He also has to improve his ability to connect consistently from the perimeter especially in order to play off the ball, which he seems most suited for at this point. However, Newby's size makes more suited for the point guard spot, but he needs to improve his decision-making abilities as well as enhance his passing skills and court vision. He also has to alleviate his tendency to over-dribble at times."
* This web page shows that Newby played with and against some top talent in high school at the Central Bank Basketball Classic in Lexington, KY. The tourney had lots of Division I talent including current NBA players Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson.
* Interesting profile here of Newby during his high school days. In the article Newby reveals he was recruited by Nebraska, Baylor, Virginia Tech, Iowa State, Marshall, St. Joe’s, St. Bonaventure, Miami-Ohio, Fresno State, Duquense, Colorado and Western Carolina.
* I've never seen a more artistic video of a Gannon recruit than this one titled "Jabs Newby - Late Nights In The Gym." You'll want to stick around for the dunks beginning at the 1:40 mark.
* This video allegedly shows Newby dunking on some kid in a pick-up game. You'll want to fast forward through the sloppy play to the 58-second mark for Newby's facial.
* This video from his junior year at Mountain State includes tons of dunks, of course, but also several three-pointers by Newby.
* If you like basketball practice, you'll enjoy this video of Newby and a teammate running drills.
* Not sure how helpful this 6-second video is, but it's allegedly of Newby dunking during an open gym.
* According to this website, Newby will turn 21 on Aug. 15.


  1. On paper Newby looks good, but if the disgusting song that he uses on his "Late Nights in the Gym" video is any indication of his character, I have my concerns.

    1. being an athlete and coach and knowing what a lot of players listen to for "warm up" or to get them "hyped" for the game (and sometimes just for inspiration as Jabs Newby used for his)... that song is very, VERY tame.

    2. It's disgusting, and offensive. If they played a song like that, with those words in it, at a Gannon game, there would be a fan revolt. As I said, if that's what he listens to, and if he uses words like that, I question his character.

    3. You've never listened to Gannon's warmup music then... many of their warmup songs are similar, if not worse, than this song. I believe it was either the year that Cory and Stosh came to Gannon or the next year when Lindsey and KG came.. but they played the song "Rep Yo City" by Lil' Jon. You can find the lyrics here

  2. While I didn't really like the song (not my style), I certainly didn't find it offensive.

    And I think you're way off base to judge a person's character over the music they choose for a YouTube video.

    You're being like the elders in the movie Footloose Gannonlifer...

    btw, I would advise that you Google the lyrics for the song, before you cast this young man in such a harsh light. It is about two young black men and their struggle to find success.

    Maybe that's not your culture, but to judge his character on the basis of one song, makes me wonder...

  3. Although I certainly no fan of such music and would never listen to it myself, that is the type of music that younger people are listenting to these days. I will tell you that I personally know 5-10 what I consider very high character young men (based on their accomplishments, responsibilities they have accepted, how they conduct themselves) that like and listen to songs like this.

    Sorry, Lifer, have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. This is the way of the world among young people now. Not my cup of tea, but certainly not an indicator of poor character. It may be undesirable to us, but to them, it's just music.

  4. I agree with TheFauves: "I think you're way off base to judge a person's character over the music they choose for a YouTube video."

    These are kids 18-22 years old, so we shouldn't rush to criticize them. I wonder how Newby feels about coming to Erie and the first comment is someone publicly criticizing him for his music. Not exactly the best Welcome Wagon for Gannon or Erie. When I was in college, my favorite group was the Fat Boys and their most popular song was Jailhouse Rap which is about breaking-and-entering and gluttony. I turned out OK I think (no criminal record and I weigh 152 pounds).

    That's my opinion. Here's a fact I just learned today: Gannon Hoops originally reported Bowie State would play in this year's Porreco Cup. Bowie has been replaced by fellow CIAA foe Virginia State. The other teams in the Cup are West Va. Wesleyan and Notre Dame (Oh.)

    For the complete Gannon schedule, check out this link:

  5. It's not the music per se that I find offense to, it's the use the "N" word in it, and all I am saying is that I wonder about the character of anybody who would use that word freely, which he is doing by using music that says it in his video. I surely hope that he doesn't use that word around the Hammermill Center. And I'm sorry to be questioning him, but he threw it out there for anybody and everybody to hear (in his choice of music), so it appears that he's not concerned about making a "good first impression."

    1. That is definitely a culture gap... Whatever word you want to use (i.e. - colored, black, African American, etc) fill it in the blanks... It does come off as very disrespectful and offensive to hear THAT word anywhere, however, for one ________________ man to say it to another __________________ man is not offensive to them. While (again insert word of your choice i.e.- white, caucaasian, etc) you dont hear a _____________________ man say to another __________________ man "What's up my ___________________?", it is different for the other.

      Just part of society.

  6. Lifer, I can understand you finding the word "nigger" used in a song offensive. But the song also contains the word "ambition" 19 times. I'd be willing to bet that Mr. Newby is better defined by the number of times "ambition" is used. And I would welcome him using that word around the Hammermill Center.

    P.S. Jim, your story of battling and beating cancer shows great strength. Your admittance to having ANY song by the Fat Boys as a favorite shows great cajones.

    1. Well played Boze! I hope nobody looks in the Gannon media guides from the 1988-1992 seasons to see who I listed as my favorite player. Here's a hint: I loved how he came out of nowhere and hustled every possession.

  7. Sorry Lifer, all the Frank Sinatra tunes were already used. LOL And I took all the Dean Martins.
    (I'm just trying to be funny not disrespectful)

  8. Whoa! Listening to some of you is like reading Mr. Boffo's "people unclear of the concept." Isn't Gannon a well-respected Catholic institution that supports good character and strong moral values? Do you think that use of the "N" word, in any way, shape or form -- even in a song while getting "psyched up" -- falls in line with that? I don't think that Gannon's values have changed recently, nor do I think they will change with the arrival of Mr. Jabs what's his name. You are only supporting him because he's a good basketball player -- would you be so supportive of a student or fan saying that word? If you doubt me, maybe you should ask Dr. Taylor or the board of trustees or the bishop how they feel about the use of that word at Gannon, or what they think of somebody who will soon be representing the university promoting themselves on the internet, for the entire world to see, through music that uses that word. And I sincerely doubt if coach Reilly would allow it in locker room music or during warmups -- if so, I would question his character too. Call me "Frank Sinatra" all you want, but "character" is important at Gannon, and even more-so among student athletes representing the university. Even in your "culture gap" society that word and "character" do not go hand in hand.

    Okay, I've had my say, and so have all of you, so let's get back to basketball. And let's let Mr. Jabs show us about his character when he plays for the Golden Knights. If it turns out to be positive -- which I really hope it does -- then he should be a great addition. If not -- well, then we'll have another problem.

    1. Lifer - we all agree with your take that that song isn't our #1 choice on our CD list, BUT just because that song uses the N word... does that mean that Mr. Newby is going to come to Gannon and say it in every sentence? Or at all? It's a song; not a lifestyle.

  9. Welcome to Gannon Jabs! I am happy you have chosen Coach Reilly and Gannon. Looking forward to your presence on the floor.

  10. Wait. The rest of us are "unclear on the concept?" Mr. "Outraged because a black kid listens to a song that includes the N-word" is calling everyone else out of touch? Unbelievable. Welcome back to the present, Lifer. How was 1968?

    Of course, GU should not and would not allow that type of language in an official capacity, but the school polices what it can control. It is not going to go around reviewing every athlete's website, twitter site, facebook page, etc. for acceptable content. It's impossible to accomplish, even IF they have the right to do so, which they probably don't.

    Lifer-it's 2012. Catch up!

    Now, back to basketball.

  11. fyi, G-lifer. I was exactly clear as to what you were saying..."people unclear of the concept"

    It seems that you want the last word and that you are the one "unclear of what we are saying"

    And of course Gannon would never play an official song with that word.

    They do however play a song by a convicted child molester--Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll. your standards we should we all question the character of GU because of this???

    Welcome to the insular world of GU Jabs!

  12. Let's stop jabbing at each other and go back to talking Gannon Hoops, or else the newbie players will expect to see us wrestling each other in the stands during games. (Puns intended.)

  13. Hey, I'm getting ready to wrestle.
    I've lost 24lbs since Nov.
    Ha ha

  14. Good luck to former GU assistant Matt Stearsman who during the off season moved back south to be closer to family. He is now an assistant coach for the Young Harris College women's basketball team, members of the Division II Peach Belt Conference. Matt's wife Jennifer is an Associate A.D. at Young Harris. Good luck to Coach Stearsman on his new endeavors!

    Stearsman named assistant coach for Mountain Lions

    YOUNG HARRIS, Ga. – Young Harris College women's basketball coach Brenda Paul announced the addition of Matt Stearsman as an assistant coach on her staff.

    "Matt is a passionate, enthusiastic young coach with the knowledge and leadership skills to be a terrific head coach," said Paul. "Matt has experienced success at every program he has helped to develop which is a testament to his coaching and recruiting skills as well as his ability to motivate players."

    Stearsman joins the Mountain Lions after spending the past two seasons as a member of the Gannon University men's basketball staff. He arrived in Erie, Pa., prior to the 2010-11 campaign after serving as the associate head coach at St. Catharine College the previous two seasons. In 2009-10, he helped produce the best turnaround in the country as St. Catharine posted a 21-11 record. Five of those victories came against top 25 teams. The 21 overall wins came one year after the program won only five games in 2008-09. Patriot players earned all-conference honors five times during his two seasons on the staff.

    Prior to his stint at St. Catharine, Stearsman was an assistant coach for one season (2007-08) at Georgia Southwestern State University and two seasons (2005-07) at Oklahoma City University. He helped Oklahoma City produce a 64-10 record during that two-year span. The Stars advanced to back-to-back NAIA national championship games, winning the national title at 2007. The program finished No. 1 in the final 2007 national rankings and No. 7 in the final 2006 poll. At Oklahoma City, he was able to tutor NAIA All-America third-team members Nick Covington (2007) and Dawud Drew (2006).

    Stearsman began his collegiate coaching career as a student assistant at NCAA Division II power Kentucky Wesleyan College from 2002-05. In 2003, the Panthers finished as the NCAA Division II national runner-up.

    Before coaching at Kentucky Wesleyan, Stearsman was an assistant at Hopkins County Central High School. Stearsman was a two-sport student-athlete at Hopkins County Central, being a three-year starter at first base in baseball and lettering once in basketball. A Mortons Gap, Ky., native, Stearsman is a 2001 graduate of Hopkins County Central and a 2006 graduate of Oklahoma City with a bachelor's degree in English.

    Stearsman and his wife Jennifer have a son, Brice (2).

  15. We are having a big todo about what some one listens too when the program has a lot more problems then that. Just look at the Porecco Cup field and see what we draw to our tournament. I know people will say it is a different time but I will also say where is a schools incentive to come. It use to be a real feather in your cap to come to Gannon and beat Gannon in their tourney now it like no big deal. Gannon Who.

  16. Can we wait until at least mid-season to start tearing into each other? On a side note, hopefully we got more players coming in...or else there won't be much depth to the roster

  17. Bob, while I feel your pain, and I won't QUITE go to the "different time" explanation, it is more difficult than ever to attract teams like GU used to. Let's see....
    1. Tough to get GLIAC teams; too many burned bridges
    2. Who else has TWO tournaments?
    3. More two-conference agreements (like PSAC-WVIAC) take up possible intriguing matchups.
    4. GU does not place the same emphasis on men's basketball that it did when there weren't any other programs in the athletic department to give a yip about; and yet there still seems to be an "open-the-doors-and-people-will-show-up" attitude that does nothing to try to publicize and promote the games to fans of all kinds.

    There's the crowd that still crows about leading the PSAC in attendance, we draw waaaaay more than MU or EUP, yadda, yadda, yadda. The fact is, with new arenas at Cal and IUP and a continued mediocre product, the crowds will continue to dwindle. Winning would cure the problem in the short term, but a renewed effort on behalf of the university to promote the product is the real issue.

  18. Boze, I could not agree more. The Observor made a statement awhile ago and said the University is not directing any effort in athletics. I am begining to believe that is what is happening. They are talking about improving athletic facilities but I think that is just word service to keep people like you and I quiet. The changes they are talking about are just cosmetic because what we currently have is joke. There was talk of expanding the PSAC with two more schools and some of the AD's were worried about private schools dominating with their vast resources. I thing we are showing them that is not a real concern. I think our overall standings for all sports in the PSAC this past year was around eleventh out of sixteen teams not very impressive.

  19. Wow and we are still 70+ days away from the start of the season. Great fans. No pressure new guys on the team but Jabs if you don't perform well in your first will be the music you listen too, R. Wilson if you don't play well right away after sitting out a year you are overrated, Adam if you have more turnovers coach hasn't taught you anything...blah blah blah I can see it now. The school wants to support athletic teams with fans such as this? I sure the hell wouldn't. Can we at least give this team a CHANCE?????? I would assume this forum is exactly why Coach Reilly keeps his recruit info quiet. Who wants to sign a recruit and have him see this crap. Ridiculous.

  20. FFROO Love the sarcasm...

    I especially appreciate the commentary on the music... I think we however do indeed need to do something about this Devil music and what it is doing to our children. The rather openly suggestive lyrics and the gyrating hips of the hipster it will be the end of society as we know it. This White kid from memphis singing this "ne---" music is destroying the youth of today. OOhhh so I time warped back 60 odd years...
    I am sorry i am an old white guy, I don't like - and give my kids, nieces and nephews a hard tiem about it - but we Are a catholic institution...Try this one.....
    Judge not lest ye be judged.....
    Oh wrong message again...

    As for the program I have said it before it is what it is because of the money it has...

    But I do take exception to the idea that the Porreco cup and gary miller classic and why people came:
    They came for the money! It was a expense free trip, against quality opposistion and many people hard schedule slots to fill.
    now with the limits on games, the decrease in value of out of region competition, and the avai;ablity of money from other sources... scrimmaging a D-I team etc why bother.

  21. Whoa there, ffroo.

    First of all, I don't think that GU players are spending their free time hanging on every comment that is made in this forum. Even if they did, I'm sure that they consider the source-a bunch of (sorry, but I'm including myself here) much older fans/alumni who might be a little out of touch and are attempting an electronic discussion about what they feel is wrong with their favorite University's basketball program, not someone who is critcizing them. Earlier posts on here clearly indicate that many of us are not up on the realities facing today's athlete's situation, so I don't think any recruits are put off by anything they might see here. Kids today aren't that concerned with what a bunch of old-timers think, believe me. I wouldn't either, if I were them.

    Secondly, Bob/Boze are not talking about what you're talking about. They are talking about the degree of emphasis, or lack thereof, that the University is placing on athletics in general and the basketball program in particular. There have been reports of reduced budgets, hiring limitations, etc, and the lack of major updates to athletic facilities is apparent to all.

    Meanwhile, new dorms are popping up around campus, facilities like the former Antlers are being completely transformed, the former GTE building totally renovated. Oh, and the Hammermill Center had the basketball floor cleaned and the bleacher floor painted. See the point?

    I don't think it was my post (thanks anyway, Bob)that originally reported rumors of a Administration-ordered de-emphasis on athletics at GU, but I certainly have heard of it and mentioned it here. If you take a few minutes to think about it and look around a little, I think it's obvous that is the case. It could at least partially explain why the basketball program doesn't appear to be progressing (limits on spending for coach's salaries?, cutback on equipment provided for athletes) and why the caliber of competition on events like the Porreco Cup (could guarantees for visiting teams be down?-that'll limit who is willing to come play here)isn't what it once was.

    Incidentally, Coach Reilly keeps info on his recruits close to the vest because of the way he is bringing in these kids. He's never sure that all of them will actually show up and/or be admitted to the school until classes start. Recrutiting players isn't what it once was, either. It's not like 20 years ago when decisions on where to go to school were made in May. Kids are considering their options right up to the last minute these days.

    Long story (sorry this is so long)short-I wouldn't worry that much about the short term issues that something a player would read on this forum would create, but I am worried (and you should be too if you're a GU fan of ANY sport)about the long term ramifications of the University's decisions regarding athletic facilities and sports programs.

  22. Observor I think we finally agree. I was just tired of the lack of support, there is hardly any comments written in favor of anything on this team. I would have to laugh the minute our team does really well...what then? Everyone back on the band wagon??? I'm excited for this season so although midst some frustration on this blog I am gonna stay positive.

  23. ffroo, agree totally regarding excitement for this season. And the aforementioned bandwagon? Even the faculty section would be overflowing!

    I'm not going to make any negative comments regarding individual players this season. Anyone else wanna jump on THAT bandwagon?

  24. Even though there is little recognition for academic achievement for men's basketball on this blog, congratulation to the 78 GU student-athletes named to the Division II Athletics Directors Association Academic Achievement Award. Pertinent to this blog, Tanner was the sole men's basketball player named. I'm betting several others on the team have the potential to be named to this award next year. If true that the administration is reducing the promotion of the athletic facilities and sport programs, the academic excellence of Gannon(IMO) has stayed true to the Gannon's tradition of providing an excellent educational experience.

  25. Wow ... I haven't checked this thing in a few weeks and the board has degenerated into a music review.

    If you don't like it then let's add a requirement that their favorite singer has to be either Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift and see how it works out.

    Don't like my idea? Then the requirement is that their favorite singer must be the same as the GU fan base. We'll then be recruiting a bunch of Glenn Miller or Lawrence Welk fans.

  26. So Roddy any other word on recruits? I heard mention of another DI transfer, from Akron? (Don't know name) That would be two DI transfers that Reilly brought in this year if true and some with size. Interested to find out more for sure!

  27. A few items --

    * Golden89: I'll donate my Lawrence Welk albums to Gannon before we tip-off in November.

    * ffroo; I haven't heard anything else about new recruits. I figure we'll see something official soon because school began today at GU.

    * As you probably know already, the PSAC has expanded to 18 teams by adding Seton Hill and UPJ. Here are some related articles --
    Local comments from GoErie:
    Official release from the PSAC:
    Formation of a new conference, mostly from the shambles of the WVIAC:

    There are some rumors the basketball part of the PSAC would be divided into three 6-team divisions. I see 5 teams in the Northwest that fit together -- Gannon, Mercyhurst, Edinboro, Slippery Rock and Clarion. I see 6 teams in the South Central that fit together -- IUP, Cal, Lock Haven, Seton Hill, UPJ, and Shippensburg. In the Far East there's Bloom, Kutztown, West Chester, Stroud, Millersville, and Cheyney. So, I guess that leaves Mansfield, 3.5 hours away from Erie in the North Central part of the state, as the 6th to fit in the Northwest.

    * Some questions/comments from that Mountain East article, the last link from above:
    1. WVIAC castoffs Davis & Elkins and Ohio Valley will join the Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC). Current members include three schools from Ohio (Cedarville, Central State, and Ursuline), two from Kentucky (Georgetown and Kentucky Wesleyan) and one from Tennessee (Trevecca Nazarene).
    2. I'm not sure what will happen with Bluefield State, late of the GLIAC and not mentioned as a G-MAC member. I'm guessing they'll stay in the region but I'm not sure if they have a home.
    3. One school in the new Mountain East is The University of Virginia's College at Wise, currently an NAIA member. Never heard of 'em. Ever. According to the school: "UVa-Wise has been accepted into the NCAA membership process and will compete within NCAA Division II in 2013 while pursuing full membership."

    * Talking with Jim LeCorchick the other day, he mentioned that Matt Miller, who torched Gannon last year on his way to earning Porreco Cup Outstanding Player honors, has transferred from Seton Hill. What shocked me was that he stepped up to the Division I level. I thought he'd go to a more reputable DII school, but by jumping up a level he'll have to sit out a year.

  28. The Gannon Athletics Website (Mens Basketball) has announced the program's 2012 recruiting class.