Thursday, August 23, 2012

Knights Announce Recruiting Class

Gannon officially unveiled its recruiting class today. Details are available in this press release from the school. The only surprises were the departure of Bubby Johnson (though not a giant surprise after high school teammate Stephen Battle bolted) and the unveiling of Brandon Emmitt, a juco guard from Akron I hadn't heard of before.

Click on any of the names below (except for Emmitt, who I'll research later) for more information. Here is the official class:

* Algeron Torrence F, jr., 6-foot-6, 270
* Rogerio Livramento F, jr., 6-foot-6, 215
* Jabs Newby G, jr., 6-foot-2, 185
* Brandon Emmitt G, jr., 6-foot-0, 160

Gannon lists the official returnees as sr. Darrell Blanton, sr. Tanner Furno, sr. Oscar Macias, sr. Dmitry Martynenko, sr. Alvin Tucker, sr. T.J. Wilson, jr. Robert Wilson, and soph. Adam Blazek. With four junior recruits and zero freshman on the roster, it's pretty clear that Coach John Reilly is aiming to win this year. 


  1. Well barring anything crazy, we will have decent depth to start with. Torrence sounds like he has potential, I just hate the whole no freshman deal. Just a different beliefe on what is needed to build a team.

  2. It is really sad when 48 hours after Gannon announces four recruits and this blog only has one comment.

  3. My initial inkling is to agree, Bob.

    However, at least part of that is because our fearless leader, Sir James, has done such a good job of already exposing us to every new recruit (with the exception of Emmit, who seems to be a bit of an enigma)that we've already almost exhausted pre-season debate on these guys.

    It could also be because a lot of GU fans have adopted a "wait and see" approach to this coming season, because of how frequently we've anticipated good things only to have bad things happen.

    A GU fan that I know has been saying for around 5 years now- "I'll get interested when I see these guys on the court." It's a long time until November 18 (or whenever it is that the first game is scheduled), a lot of things can happen before then, and very few of them are good. We'll see.

  4. When we find out what kind of music Brandon Emmitt listens to, then the comments will start pouring in :)

    And thanks for the kind words Observer.

  5. You're still missing the point -- it isn't the "kind of music" in question, it's the use of the "N" word in that music -- and I question the character of a Gannon student athlete who is representing the school who would use that word to promote himself over the internet, and his lack of good judgment for doing that. That's all. And I'm surprised that you don't, too.

    1. Lifer - we all understand your point and we even agree, to some extent, with your point. You're missing our point. It's 2012 (and even for many years prior to this) THAT word, which to any (choose your preferred word) white person, caucasian, etc. is offensive. If we said that word to a (choose your preferred word) black, colored, biracial, mixed, etc person; it'd be offensive and we'd be the culprit. For a colored person to say it to another, it's fine. that's part of their life and their culture. No matter where you go. Yes, some colored people may find it offensive as well.. but many don't if it comes from another colored person.

      I apologize if anyone disagrees with terms I used... I never use the same terms for anything being I don't know what one person wants to referred to compared to another.. it varies. I know one thing.. I would never call anyone THAT word, but I do not find it offensive that Jabs was listening to a song that has that word in it... that's his culture, life, what he grew up with probably. I think everyone would be more offended with the other "bad" words in the song. But even at that, listen to the lyrics or read them. Ignore the "bad" words and it's a good story.

  6. As a longtime reader and fan but a first time poster, I am disturbed by the comments that lifer makes. I am not sure what your age is, but give me a break, we are going to judge a kid by the music he listens to? If you are older, which I'm sure you are like every other Gannon fan, you probably broke your kids rock n roll records in the 70's, hated disco in the 80's, and almost died as rap came to fruition in the 90's. I'm sure the beloved Glen Summors listened to music you didn't listen to on 8 track in your car. So please, do like so many other posters and don't come the Hammermill and support this team anymore. These players and coaches don't deserve the ridicule of fans like you and its a shame they have to get on here and read what you think about them and they haven't played a game or met you, but you already have your small mind made up. Fact is, I know Jabs Newby and he is one of the most respectful people I have met at Gannon.

  7. Gannonlifer

    I can't believe you're still harping on this.

    I think it is YOU that is missing the point. We get your point. You're very judgement on subjects that you know NOTHING about.

    Go back and read what EVERYONE else said about this dead issue in the last post.

    And man up and admit that you are WRONG, and your statement was really out of line. last thing, because you got me going, did you actually read the lyrics to the song that Jabs used? Maybe try to do that before casting stones...

  8. fauves, he is not wrong, or misguided, or behind the times. He is someone who objects to the use of the word "nigger" in a song that appeared on an internet offering by a new GU player. That said, along with all of the other posts regarding this subject, the offending word appears in a song that speaks of the positive effects of hard work and dedication.

    And Lifer, that is an attitude from a young man to be lauded. Jabs Newby will not be running through the halls of Old Main using the offending word. Nor will he be using it ad nauseum during interviews; in fact, he probably won't use it at all. Because Newby is driven by the message of the song in question (hard work and dedication), not by the offending word. So please keep rooting for the Knights, and please coming to the Audi and cheering. And please keep posting on this site, as you have added much over the months regarding GU hoops. And, finally, please give a young man who is motivated to succeed through hard work and dedication an opportunity. Sounds like he deserves it.

  9. And so....what do you think about the new recruits? Im happy.

  10. And now back to Basketball...Pleaseeeeeeeeee.
    Can't wait to see you play Jabs!!!

  11. Yes -- back to basketball please. I'll gather some data soon on Emmitt.

  12. Zimmer- Agreed with a lot of what you said, particularly the parts about some of us hating disco and rap. However, one clarification. Even us old-time GU fans are the ones who had their rock and roll records broken back in the day by OUR parents. Most of the people who hated rock and roll enough to be breaking records are, sadly, long gone.

    As I said before, I think judging Newby based on a word used in his choice of music, in this day and age, borders on the misguided, to say the least. Let's see how he acts/plays on the court. If he's a good teammate, respects his coaches, plays hard all the time, and represents GU in an appropriate manner, that will be enough for me and he can listen to whatever he wants. Just so I don't have to listen to it as well.(lol)