Saturday, June 23, 2012

Knights Release 2012-13 Schedule

I'll add more thoughts later, but I wanted to let everyone know ASAP that the 2012-13 Gannon schedule is now online. Interesting to see three tournaments:
* PSAC/WVIAC Challenge: Nov. 9-10 at Ohio Valley (Gannon vs. Glenville State followed by Gannon at Ohio Valley)
* Gary Miller Classic: Nov. 23-24 at Gannon (Virginia Union, Daemen, Roberts Wesleyan)
* Porreco Cup: Dec. 14-15 at Gannon (Bowie State, West Va. Wesleyan, Notre Dame Oh.)

One thing I like is seeing the PSAC tournament, the Atlantic Regional tournament, and the Division II Elite 8 listed on the Gannon schedule. I love establishing that's the expectation for the program. I think that sends a good message to the players and fans.

UPDATED 6/28/12: I knew if I waited long enough -- my time has been dominated by work, family time, EYSA soccer, and this fun project -- this article on the Gannon season would write itself. Gannon SSID (Super Sports Information Director) Dan Teliski emailed me some specifics on the schedule, the PSAC, and new players. Here's some of what Dan said:

* The Gannon schedule that's online as of today isn't finalized. Says Teliski, "That is a prelim schedule. As soon as all the contracts are back, we will make an official announcement."
* "The Porreco Cup will most likely be moved to December 14-15 this year because the NCAA mandatory dead period runs this year to the 29th I believe. I have to find the actual dates but I know it interferes with the Porreco Cup dates of 29th and 30th."
* "The opening two games would not be exhibitions. Teams are allowed to play 'regional challenges' once every four years that don’t count against the 26-game schedule. Results would count, but the games don’t count against your game number, like the Disney Classic that women play in from time to time."
* "The PSAC tournament was expanded at the Presidents’ Meeting last May. The top six teams in each division will now make the tournament with the first two getting first-round byes. Everyone is not getting into the tournament. Six will play at three and five plays at four on that Saturday. After that, it returns to the original format with the Quarterfinals on Tuesday and Final Four on Friday and Saturday. We were originally scheduled to host IUP on the final day of the regular season which was Saturday, March 2. However, when the tournament was expanded, the Presidents voted to use that Saturday for the tournament and move the final game of the season to December 8. That is why it looks a little out of place."
* "We will not be announcing recruits until school starts, as we did last year. With some transfers in the mix, we cannot announce until school starts since transfers don’t sign national letters of intent."

I hope we didn't cause Dan any grief by publicizing the GU schedule before it was ready. If we did, I hope it's erased by the fact that people are talking Gannon Hoops in 85-degree weather.

Check out the complete schedule at let me know your thoughts on the independent schedule, the Porreco Cup being moved up two weeks, and the 15-day layoff between semesters. Thanks to Walter Ego for the heads up on the GU schedule.

And Happy New Year!


  1. Random thoughts ... December 14-15 for the Porreco Cup? That's gonna seem really, really strange. They really didn't have much choice, however with the mandatory time off.

    Glad to be part of the last PSAC / WVIAC challenge. Also smart not to start the season with PSAC games.

    Only ONE Saturday night home game after January 5 and it's against crappy Lock Haven.

    IUP in December is a switch. That's going to be a HUGE women's game. May be a disadvantage for us to have it at home so early. Had to smash another conference game in there due to all 16 PSAC teams making the conference tourney this year. The regular season will now end on a Wednesday with the conference tourney starting on Saturday, March 2.

    And glad to see that the NCAA Elite Eight is March 27, 28, and 30 in Highland Heights Kentucky. Better make those hotel reservations. :-)

    Lineups for GM Classic and Por Cup are OK.

  2. wait what.? All PSAC teams are making the conference tourney this year? Huh?

  3. Interesting-

    That's 28 games. Is that first tourney an exhibition or did the NCAA allow 2 extra games this season?

    Have to agree that playing a key Division game vs IUP that early in the season could hurt the GU men, since they will be integrating several new faces into the lineup, as usual. Big disadvantage, IMO.

    Allowing all the PSAC teams into the tournament at season's end sounds like nothing more than a way that every school can say they qualified for post-season play. Doesn't reward the teams that play well all year. I'm not a fan. It's not difficult for the conference to do, however. All they had to do is add one game to go from 8 to 16.

    Looks to me like the Miller Classic field is more formidable than the Porreco Cup field. What? No Seton Hill? (lol)

  4. I hate the idea of every team making playoffs... What is the point of the regular season then? The last place team who is 0-26 plays the #1 team and it just happens to be their day because the #1 team is off and the last place team advances. To more than likely get murdered by their next opponent.

    Playoffs are for the TOP teams, which means you pick the TOP # of teams to go... taking every team means you are not designating TOP teams.

  5. Word is Jabs Newby from eastern Kentucky originally fron Brampton Ontario will be in a Gannon uniform this coming season. Hope we have better luck with this Canadian then those in the past.

  6. Well, Lock Haven can say that they made the PSAC Tourney now. I hate the playoff format for the PSAC. Too many teams that don't deserve to make the tourney now are in it. If you can't finish in the top 4 in the PSAC, it's the offseason for you. Plain and simple. That IUP game is going to be HUGE early in the season.

  7. this would be evidence to prove what Bob said is true...!/jabsnewby

  8. also, his facebook page says "lives in Erie, Pennsylvania"

  9. The "PC" PSAC wants to make sure every school gets their "Participation Throphy".

  10. Looking at the "layoff" in between semesters.. I actually like this better than the layoff from like end of November to Porreco Cup end of December.

    It's not really a huge layoff either when you think about it. 12/19 - 1/4. 15 days, yes, however, Christmas and New Years in there so us fans will have other things going on to keep us busy until they return. Plus I hope it will allow for the mens and womens teams to go home for the holidays!

  11. Here's a look at the D1 Xfer List
    as of April 24th


    Video highlights can be misleading (e.g. they don't show the kid committing 12 turnovers), but these highlights of Jabs Newby from EKU show he certainly can get to the rim -- and above it. I'll track down more info later. Thanks for uncovering this.

  13. Good recruit, let's just hope he can play defense. Highlight tape producer didn't provide any defensive plays, or very little anyway. Would be nice to see, a true point, Adam at 2, R.Wilson at 3 spot. Fast and fun to watch I bet. Im thinking this year is definitely going to be different.

    1. let's not go getting to excited or hyping them up on June 27. Many people have felt that "it's going to be a great season" in September and in January stating "same old thing".

      I am excited with the recruits and the players returning, but let's not set the bar too high for these kids just yet.

  14. I must have prescient re:jabs

  15. I agree with Corey about not calling this a great season five months before it starts, especially when there is no reason to think this season will be different. What's different so far? There's a name for doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    I also agree with Jim's comments about how video highlights can be misleading. Jabs Newby looks incredible on You Tube. I hope he IS incredible. But how does that video square with his stats? In his two year career at Eastern Kentucky he scored a total of 98 points. Last season as a sophomore he averaged 1.7 points per game, shot 30% from the field, 27% from three point range and 50% from the foul line. As a freshman he averaged 2.1 points per game. Maybe he'll be a scoring machine in the PSAC. Maybe.

    In the it's-a-small-world category, Newby put up a career high 7 points in Eastern Kentucky's win over Reilly's old NAIA school, Brescia, last December.

  16. Walter, nice post, as always!

    But...I was under the impression that you were not going to be around this upcoming season...

  17. Love it #453...I purposely wrote a positive post just to see the negativity. Go Gannon! Curious though who would be a good recruit for Walter? Doesn't seem like any recruit is good enough. Just glad we didn't have to scrap for recruits like up the hill due to problematic players that were "good" recruits.

  18. Oh, OK, we were way off. ONLY 12 of the 16 PSAC teams make the playoffs. The NHL just called-they think that's too many (lol).

    Seriously, though, adding 4 teams to the playoff picture is still too many. If my memory is good (shaky, I know), some.500 or barely-above-.500 teams make the playoffs regularly, and now there are sure to be some under-.500 teams that make it. I personally don't think that's right.

    There was nothing wrong with the format as it's been. Adding a game looks like a money grab by the conference and a way of keeping coaches/schools happy because they can add "Playoff Qualifier" to their resume/website profile. Still devalues the regular season games to some extent.

  19. i just re read your initial article and clicked on the "fun project" link..

    You have/had cancer? What was it? How are you now? is it gone?

    Sorry, you don't have to reply on a public post and if you don't answer at all that's okay, but you can e-mail me if you will disclose the answers.

    Regardless, amazing man! All the things you do and are involved with... and it seems you never missed a beat!

  20. Seriously can not wait to read the book Jim. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks VERY MUCH for the support and kind words! They mean a lot to me. Part of the reason I wrote the book was because of the positive response from fans of this blog. I figured if people like when I write 500 words maybe they'll like reading 36,000 of my words. We'll see if that theory holds true. :)

    Here's an excerpt from the book that will help explain my purpose for writing it and my health situation:

    "When I was a young manager, I thought I understood the importance of hiring top-notch people. Then, at age 32, I got cancer. Being forced to step away from my co-workers for an extended period of time (with one of the options being stepping away forever) made me realize that the people you hire truly make or break your business. In Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer, you’ll read short, easy-to-digest chapters filled with detailed examples and time-tested best practices that you can implement immediately at your organization.

    "I’ve been cancer-free since 2002. I try to not think much about cancer, and I won’t dwell on cancer throughout this book. But the lessons I learned when cancer knocked me down helped build me up as a hiring manager, and I apply those lessons aggressively every time we interview a potential employee."

    I haven't done any local promotion yet while some final details get worked out. For example, I've set up a Facebook page and I'm trying to build up "fans." If you want to become a fan, please go to

    I'll keep everyone posted as this project progresses. Thanks again for your support!

  22. Stearsman out, Schaetzle in. Gannon sent out this press release today about changes to the coaching staff. I had never heard of Reinhardt University until this release. It's an NAIA in Waleska, Georgia.

    ERIE, Pa. – Gannon head men's basketball coach John T. Reilly has announced the promotion of Thurman Schaetzle to the full-time coaching staff. Schaetzle replaces Matt Stearsman who resigned to accept a coaching position at Reinhardt (Ga.) University.

    Schaetzle begins his second season as a member of the Gannon coaching staff after serving as a voluntary coach during the 2011-12 campaign. He came to Gannon after spending the previous four years as a member of the cross-town rival Mercyhurst baseball team, where he served as the team captain and helped the Lakers win the 2011 Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Championship. The squad won PSAC Western Division titles twice during Schaetzle's playing days in 2009 and 2011. He was also a Mercyhurst scholar-athlete during his collegiate experience.

    The Erie, Pa., native worked the Hoop Group Elite Basketball Camp and the Hoop Group West Virginia Jam Fest during the summer of 2011. Schaetzle's basketball experience includes working the Villanova University Men's Basketball Camp (2010), being the video scout for the Mercyhurst Prep (Pa.) High School Boys Basketball Team (2010), helping set up and run the nationally-acclaimed McDonald's High School Basketball Classic (2007-08) and working the Penn State Behrend Basketball Camp (2007).

    “Thurman's tremendous work ethic and passion for the game makes him deserving of this position,” said Reilly. “He understands that coaching is a lifestyle and not a hobby. Thurman will be involved in all aspects of our program and we're excited to have him as part of the coaching staff and a member of the Gannon community.”

    Schaetzle was a two-sport athlete at Mercyhurst Prep (Pa.) High School, being a member of the school's basketball and baseball teams. He served as a team captain for both teams in 2007 and helped the basketball team win the District 10 championship in 2006. As a senior, he was awarded the Mercyhurst Prep Sister Maura Smith award. The honor is given to a student-athlete who possesses great character while displaying excellence in athletics, in the classroom and in sportsmanship.

    “I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity given to me by Coach Reilly and Gannon University,” said Schaetzle. “To be part of a strong basketball program and tradition such as Gannon will be a great experience.”

    Schaetzle, whose father Marty is the Mercyhurst University head football coach, graduated from Mercyhurst in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in History.

  23. In the what's new cat.
    PSAC to vote on expansion. Possibly adding Seton Hill (Greensburg Pa) and UPJ (Johnstown Pa)as full members less UPJ FB.
    LHU would move to East

    1. i got confused with your post... adding Seton Hill and UPJ as full members less UPJ FB... what does that mean? "less UPJ FB"?

  24. I assume that it means that UPJ will not play FB (football).

    Lock Haven moves to the east? Like the east needs to get any weaker ...

  25. UPJ does not have FB. They compete in 10 of the sports that GU does.

  26. ohhhh gotcha! sorry wasn't thinking along those lines, thanks for clarifying!

  27. If 2 more teams are added to the PSAC, that means that the league will again have to redo the basketball schedule. If teams are added as described above, that means there would be 9 teams in each division. 2 games with each division foe is 16 games, and one game with each team in the other division is 9 more games for a total of 25 league games. That leaves room on the schedule for just one independent game. Can't see anyone being happy with that. It would preclude any PSAC team from playing in a tournament. Another interesting complication, if true.

    In other news, I was told that Coach Reilly has added recently fired McDowell head coach Kraig Hetz to the GU staff as an assistant. Anyone else hear that? Thoughts?

  28. Hetz resigns as McDowell boys basketball coach
    BY MIKE COPPER, Erie Times-News


    McDowell boys basketball coach Kraig Hetz, who led the Trojans for their past six seasons, announced his resignation Thursday.

    Hetz confirmed his decision in an e-mail sent to the Erie Times-News. In it, he thanked all the assistant coaches he worked with over that span, which saw McDowell go 102-47 overall.

    "I would also like to thank all the players who played for me and put in such great dedication over the years," Hetz wrote. "I have been blessed to be able to work with so many great kids."

    Hetz, who also teaches at McDowell, couldn't be reached for further comment.

    As a 1984 Fairview graduate, and later at Thiel College, Hetz began his high school coaching career at Oswayo Valley in 1989. He led the Shinglehouse school for two seasons, and then moved to United in Indiana County.

    Stints at Hollidaysburg and Altoona followed before McDowell hired Hetz in 2006. Hetz led the Trojans to three PIAA playoff appearances and a District 10 Class AAAA title in 2008.

    The Trojans' 11-12 record this past season left his overall career mark at 376-205.

    "I was very proud of this group," Hetz said of the 2011-12 Trojans. "They had many obstacles to overcome, including no (starting) experience, injuries and a tough schedule."

    McDowell athletic director Brian Fuller thanked Hetz for his time on the sideline at Paul Goll Gymnasium.

    "He definitely had passion for the game and coaching the kids," Fuller said. "The (school) district just felt at this point it was time for a new coach and to go in a different direction."

    Fuller, who was attending a conference in the Harrisburg area Thursday, said he was unsure of a timetable for hiring Fuller's replacement. He did say that process would begin Monday.

  29. Not sure why the Copper article about Hetz was posted. Everyone who follows local hoops knows that he's been out since Spring.

    (An aside-Tough schedule? Really? All those teams from Canada really tested the Trojans this past season-LOL.)

    If the purpose was to theorize that Hetz "resigned" rather than being fired, I think that the AD's comments give that away. Fuller said "The (school) district just felt at this point it was time for a new coach and to go in a different direction."

    I think we can all fill in the blanks from there, can't we?

    So, the question is, what can a high school coach with a .640 career winning percentage who was asked to resign do to help GU's program? His teams are known to play a defensive style, but Coach Reilly pretty much has that covered. So, the question remains.

    He doesn't seem to be the type to console the players after they've gotten yelled at in practice. Based on what individuals formerly associated with McDowell's program tell me, it's certainly not for his sparkling personality.

    So, why? What does he add?

    Or is this a way for Hetz to avoid having a hole in his coaching resume, more of a favor to him from Reilly?

    1. I posted it because Corey asked why he was fired.

  30. Thanks Glyph. I didn't know he was fired and I follow HS hoops, but if it happened after the bball season then that'd be why I didn't know (I stop following HS hoops when HS hoops is over haha).

  31. Obviously observer you are one of the many Mcdowell groupies who "think" they should win a state championship every year because of the name "Mcdowell" and if you are not from Mcdowell where do you get your info from? You never played for Hetz so why are you criticising him? Oh wait... maybe your little billy played for him and got yelled at because he was a spoiled brat who "thought" he deserved playing time. Or you could be that "observer" who only feels like they know what they are talking abut when they respond to sites like this. Don't even start to tell me about his "yelling." He has been successful everywhere he has been...but he does not play favorites so the Mcdowell parents and staff get rid of him. I am glad...he deserves a district where values are taught in athletics...not just the "we are great and we should win every game" mentality. He is a great mentor and I hope you realize this since you don't know jack about him!