Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reilly Officially Returns

I emailed Gannon SID Dan Teliski today to confirm last night's WJET-TV report that John Reilly has agreed to a contract extension at Gannon. Here is Teliski's reply: “Coach Reilly’s contract has been renewed and he will continue to be our head men’s basketball coach. Coach Reilly and the men’s basketball program has the University’s support and we are excited for the 2012-13 season. No details of the contract will be released.”

I haven't weighed in on the uncertainty surrounding Coach Reilly's job for a variety of reasons. First, I'm a self-admitted John Reilly apologist. He was a big influence on me during my college days, so I'm going to defend the guy 100 times before criticizing him. He possesses an second-to-none work ethic and drives his players to perform on the floor and in the classroom. He's a good man that I'd want my son or brother to play for. If a player has the right attitude, Riles will make them a better person ... which is more than I can say about a lot of other coaches who have a higher winning percentage. A lot of other coaches.

The primary reason I haven't commented is because of my background as a supervisor. Nobody, except the supervisor and the employee, truly knows the details of the employee's performance and the circumstances for their results. When you don't have the whole story, you can't make a determination whether the employee should be promoted, retained, reprimanded, or terminated.

None of us have the whole story on Reilly's situation. We only go to games, analyze the stat sheets, and the read the comments of an incredibly handsome Gannon blogger. We don't know what happens behind the scenes with recruiting, classwork, practice, preseason, study hall, facilities, scholarships, attitudes, etc. Some folks are comfortable expressing their opinion when they have a small fraction of the story. I'm not one of them, especially when we're talking about someone's livelihood.

Go Knights!


  1. There are plenty of other coaches who handle all the behind the scenes work (recruiting, classwork, practice, study hall, etc.) AND still coach winning teams. Reilly hasn't demonstrated an ability to guide a solid offense or draw up an effective game plan for 40 minutes. Maybe it's crazy to expect, but I believe those are important elements of coaching a basketball team as well.
    Jim, if a salesman at your company was good at everything but sales, would you give him 8 years to figure out how to sell?

  2. John Calipari - great win%, no championships (that I know of), always in the NCAA tournament, has one of the LOWEST graduation rates in D1 MBB, has recruited the most "1 and done" players of any coach in D1 MBB, has had allegations/investigations, etc at every school he's coached at and his team's cumulative GPA is 2.65.

    Is that what we want for our Gannon program? A team that has a great win%, a controversial coach, makes a run in the tourney every year but never wins it (this year may be the year, although I'm praying it's not), coach recruits 3-4 players every year that he knows will not be playing past that season and doesn't care what his athletes are doing outside of the arena. (Calipari was scrutinized earlier in season when his teams overall GPA was brought into a topic and he said "I'm not their professors, I can't control if they are paying attention... my job is to get them to win basketball games. Last time I checked, I'm doing that.".

    If that's what you guys wants for Gannon, then I may become a Hilbert College fan.

  3. Corey once again you go overboard. Kentucky basketball is BIG business and doesnot realy have anything to do with education of athletes. I would like to see Gannon on par with the likes of Bellarmine, Findlay and West Libery. Solid Division two programs who graduate players and have good success on the court. I find it hard to believe a school like West Liberty has any more to offer than Gannon. Looking at their attendance I know we have a bigger fan base then they do. Check their roster all the players come from an area less then 300 miles from Gannon.

  4. Well, sounds like we will lose a few fans next year.

    I sincerely believe the ingredients are in place for a super-successful season.


    I can't wait to "fast-foreward" a few years to read about the wreckage of what's left of the Kentucky basketball program after numerous NCAA sanctions.


    Great Kyle Goldcamp piece penned by Duane Rankin yesterday in Erie Times-News!

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  6. Gannon fans need to realize that the Administration priorities have changed. Reilly's budgets have been slashed - hence the issues with assistants, the locker room doesn't compare with top schools, the basketball offices Are woefull as well. There Is a real reason recruiting has fallen off. Additionally, the only time a coach recruited 4 year guys was Slocum - NOT dukiet or chapman - often misrepresented here.
    Gannon fans - I love my Alma mater - but the schools priorities have changed (why else would they extend?). They may realize that upgrades to facility do not match basic cost benefit analysis
    Coach is doing what can be done

  7. Quite a week, huh? This week saw the return of "Riles" and $4 a gallon gas. What's next? Disco?

    Jeremy is right. See above. I also believe BMOC is on to something. Priorities have changed, though let's at least give new president Keith Taylor props for actually watching the games from his plush seat (Dr. Garabaldi used to read the newspaper, presumably the Help Wanted section).

    Things here are different. What if we, all of us, have been completely wrong about what we think we've seen happening on Peach Street the past few years? What if everything is going exactly as the Gannon administration intended?

    What if it all started with Gannon joining the PSAC? And what if all the Gannon administration really wants is to just blend in with the rest of the PSAC? Be another lackluster school with a yawn of a sports program in a conference adrift in the backwaters of the NCAA. Maybe change the name to something generic, like Erie West Catholic North.

    If so, maybe you have your coaches recruit some decent but lackluster players. Good kids. Good students. Don't want no trouble. Not like the assistant football coaches. Give them a uniform and bus rides to the games, see the AD when the season's over. Did you win? Lose? Who cares. 14 wins? Sounds about right. Do it again. Fans? Really? They're so, I don't know, so 1980s. Who needs them. Besides, the ones you had, well, they're getting, well, you know, old. What if they start falling down the stairs? Dropping their Nachos in the aisles? Accusing the refs of a home job, at home?

    Maybe you find a hack coach to run a one-play offense and preach how defense is just a matter of heart and playing harder than the other guy, how coming up with loose balls and scabs on your elbows wins games. That kind of stuff. At least do it for the few who stay. Have him fulfill some Title XXX NCAA mission statement so you stay elibible for funding from whatever instituion/foundation/government entity is handing out checks. Hopefully you don't land a Joe Lombardi type who misunderstands and takes the job seriously. Then you gotta extend the season. More bus rides. More expenses. You think about how that team dinner in Kutztown could have paid for a new light fixture in the $17 million dorm on 4th St. Or is it 5th St? Or Peach? Or Sassafras? Heck, it's all those Streets, the thing is so big. You'll fold the cost into the next tuition increase. Or hit the phones. Gather up the student body to call the alumni and beg for contributions, settle for nothing under $500, each.

    Meanwhile, you bill yourself as an elite basketball program ("one of Division II's Best" to quote the Media Guide on the website) so as to impress Messrs Miller and Porecco, when in fact in 68 years of trying you've been to exactly one Final Four. One. What did Harry Nilsson call that? Oh, yeah, the lonliest number.

    You brag, with a straight face if possible, that the Hammermill is "packed to the rafters on most nights" (please see the Media Guide at the website again) when in reality on most nights you don't have enough fans to fill a Denny's Restaurant.

    And maybe you reward your bum coach, who is secretly just what you've been hoping for, with a contract extension because he has your program precisely where you want it. Not too good. Not too bad. You don't want to be known as Lock Haven West, do you? (That comes later.)

    I can't control what the Gannon administration wants to do with my alma mater's basketball program or who they want to keep on as coach of the previously Golden Knights. I can only control where I park my butt next season. And it won't be at the Hammermill. Riles is back. I'm not.

  8. Well, now that the news about Coach Reilly's extension has come out (after being rumored for a couple weeks), the time may be right to think with our heads instead of our hearts about why this was done.

    As I have said before, the administration was pretty much forced to retain him for at least a year when the football coach "resigned". Jumping through all the hoops that are required when hiring a coach in a highly visible sport at the DII level is so much work for not only the AD but the other members of the search committees (including faculty, adminstrators, etc) that it is highly undesirable, if not impossible to have to do the same thing for another highly visible sport, not to mention the girls golf coaching job, which is also now open.

    Then, as others have mentioned, with a high number of returning contributing players, perhaps dumping the coach now would not only ruin any chances of any success next year but also bring the Athletic Department under fire for unfairly dumping the coach just when the work he had done in building the team was possibly coming to fruition.

    Lastly, there's an old saying about someone in this exact situation-when whether keeping an employee or not is questionable. It's often said that you give the person in question just enough rope to hang himself. I think that is exactly what GU is doing here-giving Reilly the chance to perform. If he doesn't, the answer is clear, and the decision can be made quickly and without question after the last game next year.

    Having said all that, BMOC's comments above are thought-provoking. Makes you wonder if things have changed @ GU or not. Is the emphasis on the University's expansion and the non-athletic end of things robbing the Athletic programs of the funding necessary to compete? That locker room is pretty shoddy by today's standards.

    Walter, we'll miss you at the games, but, in this day and age, you have to look at the games as entertainment, not as life-or-death struggles where winning is essential. While I would like to see GU win the Division, heck, just make the playoffs, I thought that this team was an entertaining one that played pretty much every team close this past year. I know GU competing nationally is something we'd all like to see, I have to wonder if it's possible. Just too many things have to go right for that to happen. Not sure that even a younger version of say, Frank Martin, would have the ability to build a competing team here given the current situation.

  9. is what it is......Riles, PLEASE keep all your players from this years squad and add 1 GOOD big will have a very happy group of fans next year.

  10. So long, Walter.

    But, what does the PSAC have to do with it? Three short (or long, depending..) years ago, Gannon went to Elite 8 as a PSAC entrant. Didn't IUP go as a FINALIST the very next year??

    Indeed, things have changed. Penned here in this space before, I still believe some fans think Glen Summors is going to trot out onto the court.....with Tom Chapman directing things from the bench.

    I've observed the dozens of empty half-court seats at this year's NCAA D-1 round 1 and round 2 games......why should the Hammermill be any different??

    Yet, I believe things WILL be different with the upcoming season. This intact group learned a lot last season. Add perhaps one "big", Robert Wilson, and yes, just a smidge of some luck for a change, and, I envision a 20-21 win season for starters.

    Fans, (ex-Walter) will return as well!!!

    Go Knights!!!

  11. Eye-popping stat that someone brought to my attention the other day --

    Scoring margin (total points scored minus total points given up) / games played

    National champion Western Washington: 8.8
    PSAC non-playoff entrant Gannon: 7.9

    Out of 277 Division II teams, Gannon ranked 39th! (WWU was 32). Testament to the number of agonizing close losses this year.

    By the way, Lock Haven was number 276 (-19). Bluefield State was 277 (-24). West Liberty was #1 (+20)

  12. Walter you are either Exquisitely Sarcastic or Morbidly delusional...

    A hack coach with a one play offense and devotion to defense...

    Ar you talking about Coach K? Roy Williams? Dean Smith? Bobby Knight? Coach Carill?

    All ran a "one play offense", also commonly refered to as a motion or continuity offense...

    As for the Lomardi comparison/reference.... You couldn't get him or someone like him here;
    a. they are not devoted to the school
    b. They would look at the offices/lockerroom/lack of a weightroom - and say "commit X million to rennovation if you want me to work for you"

    And would they keep working at the school if the assistants had to take a pay cut after going to the Elite -8?

    The people who keep comparing GU to IUP - need to drive to Indiana, tour the Campus, check out the facillities and then come back to Erie and realize that just being Gannon is not enough anymore...If Boosters do not boost.... Stagnation = slow death

    Yes, the people who do our media guide have been guilty of false advertising - the page on the Hammermill being one of the hardest places to play.... was first published in the media guide @ 1983...

    But seeing it there does effect the way some of still look at the program though slightly off colored glasses.....

    Blaming the coach is easy...but lacks the long-term visions required to see the 'big' picture: Basketball is not the Revenue sport, football is, the move in level of football, the expansion of the athletic department and subsequent tightening of the athletic department budgets over the last 10- 15 years HAS created a cultural shift in the university.

    Teams bring in money through tuition which is greater than the scholarships spends more in scholarship then bring in tuition...

    Blame Riels if you will or must... but take a moment... be intellectually honest with yourself, and look at the big picture... your attitude will likely change...

    But for the guys... they work their buts off, THEY GOT better as the season progressed and close losses are horrbile for seasoned teams and a harbinger of good in young teams...

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls....
    The Sky is falling....
    It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.....

    Frankie sez... RELAX

  13. One thing is for sure -- Coach Reilly's return will certainly mean more activity on this blog.

    And every media guide plays up the program. I recall Mercyhurst's media guide several years ago talking about "The winning tradition of Mercyhurst basektball."

  14. That's the SID's job ...... Sell sell sell

  15. GU needs a Sports Mktg Director. Dan T as a SID has enough to keep him going. A SMD should be responsible for getting meat in the seat. He should be out there selling GU, teams, players, games, ads the University etc. We need a professional to get people in and revuenue growing.

  16. Again let's recognize that the biggest stage in college basketball, the NCAA tournament, had trouble filling literally dozens of courtside seats during round 1 and round 2 games.

    As for us, I think attendance will be fine, especially with potentially 2 1st team all-league players (Blazek/Wilson), and a 2nd teamer, (Blanton).

    Heck, I'm a homer: put all three on the first team, fine with me.

    I believe the buzz will be back!!!

  17. 2nd thought: The heck with All-league individual honors: How about 4 or 5 players who average anyhere from 9 to 15 points per game, all capable of 6-10 rebounds, and defend like crazy?

    I believe that is what is in store next season.

  18. And now the exodus resumes... rumor has it from a reliable source that Brandon Belt has left Gannon. He is heading east.

  19. Read this article... not a surprise if Belt did leave (although I don't think his time at Gannon would've proved him to be a D1 player). Sounds like another Agee... bigger than the team, bigger than the game.

    Prelude to reading article: “I didn’t want to go to Division II,” Belt said. Quote from him before he chose Baltimore Community College (he chose BCC over Gannon originally; surprised Gannon gave him a second look)

  20. I don't think that the NCAA had trouble filling seats -- many of the courtside seats are for fans of the teams. Since most of the games are double-headers, many of those fans stay for only one game. The games were sold out, but many fans don't stay for the entirety of both games, especially considering the fact that they're so darn long (longer media time outs, longer halftime, 30 minutes between games, etc.)

  21. Avg. Attendance MBB 2011-12 PSAC

    16. Shippensburg 321 (H: 210, A: 494)
    15. Lock Haven 341 (H: 168, A: 575, N: 92)
    14. Cheyney 383 (H: 402, A: 348, N: 453)
    3. California 712 (H: 857, A: 610, N: 106)
    2. IUP 971 (H: 1275, A: 600, N: 550)
    1. Gannon 1121 (H: 1282, A: 901)

    1. Ferris State 1168 (H: 718, A: 1585)
    2. GVSU 923 (H: 1222, A: 705, N: 280)
    3. Mich Tech 817 (H: 886, A: 781, N: 213)

    why are we talking about attendance?

    1. Because (1) some were there for the Ladies Program only and (2) because the 20 years prior to this regime the attendance much more ( I would bet 1800 to 2000 ).

    2. if they are there only for women's, they don't get counted towards men's attendance.

      1) Men's sales start getting counted after halftime of women's game
      2) Season Tickets don't get counted towards women's game unless they are presented before halftime of women's game.

  22. A slight correction MBK att 11/12
    #1) IUP ave h = 1435
    #2) Gannon ave h = 1282
    YR AVE H
    98/99 2063
    99/00 1840
    00/01 1823
    01/02 2124
    02/03 1845
    03/04 1837
    04/05 1574
    05/06 1184
    06/07 1220
    07/08 1575
    08/09 1754
    09/10 1035
    10/11 1091
    11/12 1282


      Not according to the PSAC site... not sure why they would be different...? (did IUP host tourney? If so, maybe they are counting those as home games whereas PSAC counts them as "neutral" because even though they host it's a tournament which means it's a neutral site).

      Also, average is up over 200+ from 09/10 season... don't see how that's a bad thing.

      Take into consideration as well... 1) Saturdays used to be night games, as compared to the now afternoons which everything that happens on a Saturday is in the afternoon, 2) we've been in a recession... season tix may be too expensive for those who used to have them, 3) people have children/grandchildren growing who are now of age to play their own sports.. what comes first, Gannon basketball or your family's events?, 4) Otters, BayHawks, Explosion, etc.

  23. Glad Coach Reilly is returning! Looking forward to next year for sure with this team. There is no more loyalty in athletes anymore...thus the poor display of the Lebron "decision". Those days are gone, kids come and go, most athletes are told by their parents they are the world's greatest player all their lives, most parents could care less about the academic program, "my kid should be the star" is all they care about. The athlete usually only cares about what the facility looks like, how fancy is the cafeteria, rec center and dorm room. Unfortunate circumstances of the times and I haven't even mentioned the economy!

  24. belt not a rumor, he's going closer to home... basketball playing status up in the air. He's on twitter (bdotbelt ... NOTE: if offended by language, don't look him up). Gist from his tweets is that being a college student athlete was more difficult than thought + not being home didn't help.

  25. Ffroo

    It goes both ways...there is very little loyalty shown to athletes anymore either...

    They are looked at and treated as a commodity.

  26. thefauves1

    How much more loyalty do you want?????? They are getting a $40,000 year paycheck to go to school. Free education, they should be thankful! Thank you for supporting my point.

  27. ffroo


    I have no idea how you took what I said as supporting your point.

    How does a 1 year term (contract) garner any loyalty?

    My point, copy and pasted from wiki:

    Criticism and Reforms

    In recent years, there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding athletic scholarship, particularly, the one-year term. Moreover, it is not just the athletes who are speaking out, though basketball icon, Oscar Robertson was recently critical, arguing that "Student-athletes are treated like gladiators – revered by fans and coveted by member institutions for their ability to produce revenue, but ultimately viewed as disposable commodities. They are given no ability to negotiate the contents of their scholarships, often punished severely for even the smallest NCAA violations, and discarded in the event they suffer any major injuries."[5] Despite the rules surrounding cancellation and reduction of aid, it has been argued that the one-year term allows for the potential abuse and exploitation of student-athletes. The most prevalent argument asserts that the one-year term enables coaches to manipulate players by threatening to not renew players' scholarships unless their athletic performance improves. Certainly, these types of pressures are overwhelming to student-athletes, who must also fulfill the academic expectations of their educational institution. In his piece, “Athletic Scholarships: An Imbalance of Power Between the University and the Student-Athlete” for the Ohio State Law Journal in 1992, Daniel Nestel provides a background for the way in which student-athletes are vulnerable to the bargaining power of universities in negotiating athletic scholarship agreements. In particular, he claims, “a one-year term potentially allows more pressure, both subtle and overt, to be exerted on student-athletes to improve athletic, rather than academic, performance to ensure renewal of scholarship benefits” and that “the one-year scholarship agreement is also subject to abuse by coaches, who might threaten nonrenewal of scholarship benefits if a student-athlete’s athletic performance does not improve“ [6] Moreover, a number of high-profile cases in which athletic scholarships have been either revoked or not renewed has placed scholarship rules under scrutiny. One case, in particular, that of Joseph Agnew, drew national attention. Agnew,a member of the football team at Rice University in Houston, was cut from the team after his sophomore season, only to learn a year later that his scholarship would be revoked as well. [3] [7] For Agnew, who had led his high school football team to consecutive state titles in 2004 and 2005, this was devastating.[7] As a consequence, Agnew filed a class-action antitrust suit in October 2010, in which he asked the federal court to abandon the one-year rule.[3] As this case gained national prominence, the Justice Department, under President Obama, announced its investigation into NCAA scholarship rules. [3]

  28. They are never given a chance to negotiate contents of their contracts? My word!! They shouldn't be allowed to. If you want to go to college to play a sport you should be told what you're getting how you're getting it and when. These kids are getting $40k+ a year. They're treated like commodities because they make themselves into it. They CHOOSE which school will give them money to essentially just go play for them. Then they get to choose to keep sucking up the schools money or take a multimillion dollar deal and leave the school that fought for them to go play as a literal commodity. They're commodities in training! And yes they should be punished if they do something stupid as to abuse their status as an athlete to get things for free or take sponsorships. They're getting a free education, that's enough!

    And if they get injured, yes they're tossed. They aren't getting paid to go their to get a 4.0 and I'd bet half of the big names in college aren't even in any range of a 3.0, let alone 4.0. So they lose their scholarship? Go to a community college or just a different college and... ready for this?... take out loans and apply for grants and scholarships like all non-athlete college students do. Or is that asking too much?

  29. Corey...ok

    My point was about loyalty.

    That's it.

    I don't believe scholarships garner "loyalty"

    They may ultimately lead to that (which is the ideal)

  30. Loyalty- Ohio University Coach leaves after an awesome season for Illinois, Previous Kent State coach who left for $$ TCU, comes back to Ohio U, for more $$$, promise of new lockerroom upgrade and a chartered flight to 5 of their games and improvements to arena. There is very little loyalty in basketball anymore on any level. Sign of the times.

    As for Wikipedia- seriously? Not even allowed to be used in college as a serious reference in even the smallest of research papers.

    Student-Athletes is what they are called. Student comes first, show up at practice, obey simple rules, and maintain a good gpa with all the extra help you need. Sounds a little like work eh?

    I suppose fauves that you support the NCAA forcing schools to provide a stipend so that these kids you call commodities can have a social life as well, which will "keep them from stealing, or swapping gear for tattoos" I certainly wish someone would have paid for my education and I only had to show up and play basketball.

    Contract negotiation? Give me a break, that would take away the AMATUERISM of the college sport and make it a NCAA violation.

    And the blog sucks me in again! Sigh.

  31. NCAA DI Transfer list: Note it is stated "First Edition" The NCAA guidelines on transferring in DI is much more strict than DII, I would love to see the list that makes up every coaches "exodus" Previous years list of transfers show several athletes leaving the same schools.

    FYI-Couldn't find a thing on Obama's investigation, quite frankly didn't know he had any authority on a self governing association. Please send us some info, please Wiki.

  32. I sure hope that my current seven and five year olds are treated like commodities by their college athletic programs when they get older.

    Then I'll buy a boat and call it "College Fund." :-)

  33. One thing that I will never understand is why coaches are so villified for accepting other positions. It's not like they can be promoted through their current university. Their only way to grow their careers is to move to different schools.

    In that case, most of our GU coaches have bailed on their current jobs (Reilly at Brescia, Slocum at Geneva, Chapman at Upsula, Fox at Mercyhurst I think). With that line of thinking, the only recent GU coach who didn't do the horrible act of leaving his current job was Dukiet, who was fired before coming to GU.

    1. I think it all depends on when they leave (the coach). If a coaches contract is up then I see no reason to be mad if he takes another schools job (upset maybe, but not mad). However if a coach leaves mid contract then I could see reasons to make them out to e horrible monsters. Sarcasm.

      Nick Saban. "I will not be at Alabama next year. I will not be the Alabama coach." then a matter of months later Ed the Alabama coach. That s the kind of stuff that sets fans off.

  34. They negotiate as anyone does..

    You interview for a job(s) based on their need they bring you in..

    If you are in high demand you have multiple offers and decide which best meets your career path. take a job for higher pay and don't produce...get fired...

    Remeber they are getting"paid" I left school with close to 50,000 in debt after my time at GU... I worked all summer every summer averaging 50 hours a week... because I had bills to pay.

    Athletes can work in the off season and in the meantime their expenses... sort of McDonald's and Beer are paid for...

    And my starting salary after graduation was less than the scholarship $ friends were getting when they played...

    do they like every other college student need more cash... sure but they get paid oto play,

    Choose the wrong job and they are dismissed, chose over their head, or don't work hard, and they are good as gone..

    call it a life lesson, PERIOD

  35. "Short of McDonalds and Beer"

  36. I hear what everyone is saying but if you have a manager that keeps hiring people who can't do the job maybe it is time to look at the manager.


    A few folks have commented on declining attendance. This article talks about attendance issues at the Division I level. Thanks to the Gannon Hoops follower who passed this along to me.

  38. I do not know how relieable of a source this may be, but i recently heard that stephen battle is also not returning. So let me get this straight; you bring riles back for another year, you lose your primary 3 ball shooter, and now your former freshman of the year stephen battle is gone too. WOW!! Excited for next year(sarcasm)

  39. I hope that is just a false rumor on Battle. If not, there are going to be some major problems next year.

  40. Is anyone surprised by this? I totally saw this coming, not Belt but definitely Battles. Freshman of the year yes, lost his starting position, injury didn't help, not a good year, other players starting to excel...athletes these days move on. Again...sign of the times and although I am bummed about this because I really liked him, our team will be just fine. I am sure we will be seeing many more posts on Reilly running them out. LOL

  41. Belt is gone, and I heard the same rumor about Battle -- also heard that if he leaves, one of his good friends on the team may go with him. Just a rumor I heard -- anybody else hear it?

    Same old, same old. Welcome to another year of Coach Reilly (groan).

  42. As Corey said above, Belt's Twitter feed includes data that says he's moving home. I haven't heard anything about Battle.

    The only Gannon rumor I'm aware of is they are considering Bobby Petrino for the vacant football coaching job. Petrino would also serve as a lecturer on ethics and has volunteered to assist with the volleyball team.

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    1. Terrible how you talk about players as if they were not giving their all....battle is a hell of a player, "he had no clue???" Are u serious? Apparently he had enough clue to step in and produce last year...his game has not change the team has! And if you knew battle, you would know he is as laid back as they come..lackluster? Give me a break......he will be a huge lost, because he is a team player, not someone after individual glory, TEAM PLAYERS is whats needed. Don't need to down play Battle. Need to bring in question on what Gannon needs, a REAL point guard that's gonna get his team in the game, point guard that's gonna reward those that runs the break, keep the squad hungry & happy. A lot of Attitudes can surface when non team ball and favoritism come into play! Who wants to play in that kind of environment? So maybe that will give you a little insight of your knock against battle. Get-A-True-point guard, and I know you will need more to change things, but this you can change within the team. Bet you will have some better attitudes. Starting to show.

    2. You want a point guard who's gonna avg 10+ assists per game but not be a scorer? Blazek was phenomenal last season. He was one of the leaders in assists in the PSAC and in scoring. He reminded me a lot of joe Lindsey. Obviously turnovers were higher than desire but he's got 3 years to go.

      So if I'm terrible for talking about a player, so are you.

  44. Jim - like the Petrino reference :)

    If Battle is gone, 1) is it a surprise? (did anyone see him last season? He looked like he either a) had no clue what he was doing or 2) didn't want to be there) 2) it won't be a huge loss. He was awesome his freshman year (but he kind of had to be since Agee was the only other player that could shoot the ball), last year he was as lackluster as you can get. You tell buy his poise (or lack thereof) on the bench and even in the game that his attitude wasn't probably the best. don't get me wrong, love the kid, but if he goes, he goes.

    also, for Belt, he's most likely not playing basketball regardless of what college he goes to. His one tweet says "being a college athlete isn't all it's cracked up to be".

  45. For your information the 2012/2013 PSAC basketball schedule is up on the PSAC web site.

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  47. Truth check -- Blazek led the PSAC in steals and was second in FT percentage but he was only 8th in the conference in assists, which puts him in the middle of the pack in a 16 team conference, not "one of the leaders." He was 15th in assist to turnover ratio. Blazek sure did have a phenomenal year but he is not a true point guard (and so what if he isn't -- it doesn't make him any less of a player).

  48. yeah, I didn't think he was too high up on the assists lead, but knew he wasn't too far down (def didn't know he was that low though...).

    I keep hearing people saying Blazek should be moved to shooting guard... really? You want a 5'11 shooting guard? And we've never bad big PGs, so you'd most likely have your 1 and 2 are under 6'. I'm not expecting a Pierre Howard, but SG needs to be at LEAST 6'. Defensively it makes for a horrible mismatch, especially in a man to man defense.

    Team was exciting, young and inexperienced and tremendously fun to watch. Despite the underachieving season (per expectations), don't mess with the one real bright spot there was... Blazek at the point.

    1. @ Corey, yes I would gladly except the Terrible Tag if I would've mention Blazeks name in my post. And I sure as heck never put down his achievements, but in response to your question, "You want a point guard who's gonna avg 10+ assists?" YUUUUPPPP, I sure would, and if he can score, that would be a great plus. If we are talking about Adam, SURE he can do that easy, once he gets out his comfort zone and expand his role, work on his game. Shoot the WHOLE team was a bright spot Corey, not just Adam. or did you really mean to say that Blazek was exciting & tremendously fun to watch instead of the team?
      I would like to thank Walter, for those eye opening stats. I will take his word they're correct, but honesty I hate looking at players as a Stat. stats to me are only for the Media, the bookies, and glory hounds.
      (course just my opinion)
      So if you want to use my post to bring up Blazeks its ok by me. I will agree with you Corey, moving Adam to the 2 will be a mismatch, but he is a competitor, and I have no doubt he couldn't do it. He is a Good player, but far from Phenomenal, once Gannon wins the Conference title, and if he has input in that, I will say he is a great player. A final 4 appearance led by Blazek would make him Phenomenal. So why just talk about Adam and the Point? My opinion is with just a tweak in his role, it could improve the TEAM, 10+ times over, than any other players because like you mentioned, he is a TRUE FRESHMAN.

  49. I hear John is on DeJuan McGaughy from Mercyhurst Northeast and he is a point guard in the six foot range.

  50. from what I saw, DeJuan is not a "true point guard" either though. He looks to shoot first, pass last. Blazek may be more of a shooter, but he at least "looks" to pass and then either dishes or shoots. I could see him coming as more of a 2 guard.

  51. I was under the impression Walter was moving on if Coach Reilly was back for next year.

  52. According to the M-NE website, McGaughy averaged 19.7 points and 5.1 assists per game and was named second team NJCAA All American. He's 6-1. Since he led the team in assists, I assume he was the point guard but I never saw him play. He also led the Saints in three pointers. M-NE was 17-14 last year and made it to the regional championship game before bowing out.

  53. #453 -- I'm following along so I won't be lost when it's safe to attend games again. Love Gannon basketball, not the coach. And I was under the impression that you were all excited about how great this team will be next year with all the players coming back. Now that Belt and Battle and who knows who else are adios, how's that working for you?

  54. an interesting article

    1. on that list... Coach Reilly should go after David Gebru 6'10 C sophomore from Western Illinois. it says he's like to go D2 and redshirt due to injury. He can redshirt next year and have 2 years left (after Furno, Martynenko etc) are gone.

      Just saying...

  55. Massive exodus... Nice post bbfan68. I will take losing a couple this way versus how the exodus happened up the hill.

  56. Interesting article...I thought this was particularly telling:

    "Kentucky's had a whopping 17 guys sign waivers to get away from the program since 2003."

    How many has Gannon had since Reilly took over?

  57. Saw McGaughy play when I happened upon their scrimmage with GU before this past season. He looked to be about 6'2", and he did play the point. He did look for his own shot a majority of times down the floor. However, that could be because he wasn't exactly surrounded by talent or size on the MNE team. The good news, however, is that he was nearly unstoppable, as he drained a large number of long and mid-range jumpers. At least 5 different Knights took turns trying to stop him, and all were unsuccessful until Blanton started covering him. Darrell's quickness and ability to elevate rapidly finally proved successful in bothering McGaughy's shot. It was only one 10 minute stretch, but he was impressive. If he averaged 5 assists during the season, at least we know that he will pass at least part of the time.

    I have always thought that Blazek wasn't a natural point guard to start with. However, he is successful guarding the opponent's PG, and I could see McGaughy being tall enough to cover the opponent's 2 guard. I think they could be successful together in the backcourt. Let's hope.

  58. Heard McGaughy is heading south to a low level D-I school.

  59. I have been, and continue to, look foreward to a fun, successful season next year!!

    Brandon Belt was a nice player, and better person, to watch last season. I wish him all the best.

    Ditto Battle, if true.