Saturday, February 25, 2012

Game Over

Not making the PSAC playoffs for the second consecutive season is a bummer, but I was extra disappointed how the Knights looked tonight during their 65-50 loss at IUP. I guess I was expecting a superhuman, last hurrah effort, but GU appeared to be playing out the string. The Knights floundered on offense (38% FG, 2-for-10 on threes) and gave up several wide open shots to the Crimson Hawks.

Watching on the Crimson Hawk Sports Network -- which thought Gannon's nickname was the Golden Eagles and GU's point guard was Adam BLAH-zek -- was surreal, and not just because of the amateurish announcers. The Knights appeared to be a step or two slow all evening. Part of the strangeness to me was Alvin Tucker receiving so much playing time. Tucker played 25 total minutes vs. IUP including the first 16 of the second half. I'm something of an expert on the DNP-CD (Did Not Play - Coach's Decision) statistic, and Tucker has had 9 of those this season. I'm just curious what changed the final three games of the season for him to see so much action.

So you can stick a fork in the 2011-12 season, and you can put a fork in the road for the Gannon program. What's next for the Knights? Is next year the breakthrough season for this group? We know GU will lose two players from the 12-man roster (seniors Shameel Carty and Steve Piotrowicz), but who else won't be back? Over the past two seasons the Gannon program has experienced a 60% turnover rate in its underclassmen (according to my count, 15-of-25 non-seniors left the team before their eligibility expired), so you have to figure at least one player will bolt.

I'm depressed talking about next year already. My annual hope for March Madness is to watch the Knights make a run for the conference title and compete in the NCAA tournament. I don't want to be sitting in the stands at Mercyhurst's home playoff game wishing on a star that Gannon will be part of the big dance a year from now. When Gannon was eliminated from playoff contention last year I wrote a post titled "I've Got That Crummy Feeling Again." That article included this excerpt: "I'm sure everyone connected with the program -- players, coaches, administrators, and fans -- will wonder all off-season what could have been if ________ (fill in one play from any of Gannon's incredibly disappointing league losses). That's a pretty crummy feeling."

I'm learning the hard way it feels even crummier the second time around.


  1. Looks like Clarion has shown up to play. They lead SRU by 1 midway through the first half. Cal is trailing Edinboro by 4 at about the same juncture.

  2. This is quickly shaping up as not my day:
    Halftime: Edinboro 36, Cal 32
    Halftime: Slippery Rock 44, Clarion 32
    Final: Univ. of Detroit 76, Youngstown State 74

  3. Cal has grabbed a 50-47 lead with just over 12 minutes to play.

  4. 15:55 to play at Slippery Rock: SRU has taken total control, 56-35.

  5. The good news: Cal wins at Edinboro, 68-64.

    The disastrous news: Slippery Rock leads Clarion 83-62 with under 2 minutes to play.

  6. Don't forget a game delay for both games due to I-79 closure (massive pileup on 79 closed it in Crawford & Mercer counties). Girls game is supposed to be 15-20 min. delayed.

  7. Thanks for the update, Yup. I looked at the IUP live stats and it has Gannon women losing 70-45. Further investigation shows that it must be another game, but it made me do a double-take. Big game for the Lady Knights for regional rankings. Would love to hold onto number two.

  8. Tough loss for lady knights ESP considering they play them first round. Least it's at home.

  9. COACH COREY we seem to have different numbers when looking at Gannon player graduations and player turn over the last six years. I tried to stay away from players who walked on because they were not recruited to play basketball and were not on athletic scholarship so they had no incentive to stay on the team. I also did not include Tyler Batts who was recruited by the football program. You show a lot of players graduating who are not on the alumni listing and you missed one, Aurimas Truskauskas. I could only come up with eleven graduates as of February 2012. I am not saying the ones on your list are not going to graduate but until they do counting them is premature. When listing players who did not complete their athletic elgibility you left a couple out. When you factor in the following players and count only scholarship graduates you come up with a lot lower number than 72% graduation rate. You say why is it the coaches responsibility for the graduation rate? The coach is responsible to recruit players who show they have the ability to be a student as well as an athlete.

    Terrell Eargle
    Will Johnson
    Brandon Altmann
    Robert Boughton
    Daren Dexter
    Issac Reed
    Jerrell Sanders
    Romon Smith

    I know the following players were not John's players but the did leave.

    Ron Hollis
    Pat Washington
    Josh Yankee
    Shelby Chaney
    ( none were counted in graduation numbers)

    We have always been critical of Kentucky Wesleyan and their one and two year players and their revolving door turn over of players . We now are them except they were playing for national championships. As an alumni I am very concerned how our marquee program is being looked at by others. Just as a side note I could only find three players who left early during Jerry Slocum's time at Gannon. Another observation why Bobby Bossman ( a Gannon alumni who played his senior year for John)is very involved in the national prep school basketball scene, has sent four prep school players to PSAC teams and none to his alma mater?

    1. The earlier ones I wasn't counting as I was starting with the Lindsey Howard era. I forgot Reid and sanders etc because I was just going off the rosters and they weren't listed so yes that brings the # down. The walk ons who graduated and Batts you must count because regardless of who recruited them they stuck around for basketball.

      Did Terrell eargle ever actually play for Gannon?

      And Kentucky Wesleyan had the one and two year players but they were doing it illegally which is why everyone was mad.

      Additionally how many players of significance did Gannon actually lose? Chaney got worse as his career went on, Reid and sanders could've been good players but neither are doing anything amazing where they're at now, George Johnson was definitely a hit as was Agee (however with as poor of an attitude as he had I'll take the loss).

    2. Corey...we'll never know how many good players we lost because, by them leaving they never got to develop.

      A good program, not only recruits kids but develops them.

      If Matt Jones would have left after he was red shirted after his sophomore year, we all would have been like, not a huge loss...instead he was great as a junior and senior.

      Since Reilly never has had a 4 year player, his development skills are suspect.

    3. And of course Chaney got worse.

      A senior transfer learning a brand new system rarely gets better (compare Kareem Brown's and Shameel Carty's junior years to their senior years at GU).

      Plus Chaney wasn't playing next to Husted, another special "a" player that Slocum recruited who stayed for 4 years.

  10. Welp, it's over. It's been a memorable season in many ways. Jim -- Thanks for all that you've added to it and for doing this blog.

    Agreed about a fork in the road for the program. Where will the program go next year and forward? Most importantly, who will be in charge of the program?

    I'm not going to give an opinion, because one can argue it both ways. There are valid reasons for staying the course and valid reasons for making a change. Nobody who argues either way has an invalid argument. The only guarantees are: (1) the administration will make a difficult decision and (2) not everyone will be happy with the admininstration's decision.

    So those more opinionated than me -- argue your points. But stick to your arguments and respect those that disagree with you. Just because you think that the coach should be fired doesn't speak to the intelligence of the person who think that the coach should stay.

  11. One more thing ... maybe with the indifferent way that Gannon played, it was easy to mistake them with the Golden Eagles -- they basically played that way over the entire month.

  12. On the subject of Tucker, I, too have to wonder why he played so much tonight. At SR on Wednesday, he was at least having success on defense, and made a lot of hustle plays. He did none of that tonight, yet still played, I would guess, about half the game while Belt sat when Brandon might've helped a possible comeback with his long range shooting skills.

    Not to enter the reemerging debate regarding players leaving/graduating. However, players like Eargle, who, to my knowledge, never attended class at GU, Sanders, who never played a game for GU, and Reid, who played a single game before realizing that playing for Reilly was way too much work, really shouldn't count when they weren't here that long and obviously were not the kind of player/person that was expected. Additionally, IMO, a new coach can't really control it when a player that was left over from a previous coach's regime realizes that he doesn't fit into the new coach's program and leaves for what he feels is a better fit.

    As for tonight's game, I didn't see the same intensity that I saw on Wednesday. I saw a token effort, but with nothing to play for, human nature took over. Once the lead grew to over 12 points, it seemed to me that Coach Reilly was more concerned with getting everyone PT than making a comeback.

    As for Bossman, I doubt that his time at GU was the stuff that created a lot of fond memories for him. As he threw up one brick after another, the reaction of the GU fans went from unhappiness to disappointment to amusement to eventually, pity. I'd be surprised that he'd recommend GU to anyone, and I doubt that John Reilly had anything to do with it.

    I, too, watched the IUP network on the Internet, and the announcers started out OK (if you could ignore the "Flyin Uruguayan" references to one of the IUP players that they used way too often, that is), but got worse as the game wore on. They called GU the "Golden Eagles" at least 3 times, and apparently the play-by-play guy was elected president of the Ashton Smith/Julian Sanders fan club at halftime as he unabashedly screamed their names each time one of them made a jumper in the second half, even though they shot a combined 12-31 (a cool 38%) from the field. At least we got to watch the game for free.

  13. Well that was a disappointing trip to IUP to say the least. It seemed to me being by the bench, that the coaches almost didn't seem to care as much as usual. Team was not even close to sharp out there tonight, was a very bad way to end the season. Will be interested to see what happens with any type of coaching change

  14. Dan Teliski just emailed me this link of another incredible ending to a Division II game. Dan wrote:

    "Another D2 ending made ESPN’s top plays. This was from Friday and made ESPN’s No. 1 top play. Involving Cal Poly Pomona who we know from when we advanced to the Elite Eight in 2008-09."

  15. Charging GU students $11 to see a game in
    Podunk Crossing is bad. We went to the tkt window to buy a tkt and they charge us a $1 ordering Fee. What!... Plus $10 for a stundent
    ticket. Oh, for shame.
    Don't know if I ever want to return there it was not a pleasant experience.

  16. Let's all get our meat in the seat
    for GU ladies on Tues. The play-offs are here and Gannon goes against IUP. I expect a good game and a Victory then its on to knock off the boro. I'll by there all the way.

  17. You are correct Terrell Eargle never did suit up at Gannon but he was not the only one like that. My point is who is responsible for doing the evaluating of the athletic and academic abilities of these players? It is obvious by the turn over this is not being done in a very thorough manner. Someone said Bobby Bossman was not a great player but Gannon is his alma mater yet he is sending players to Clarion and Mercyhurst. Bobby has been named Director of Basketball/ Head Coach of Spire Institute and it would be nice to have him working with his alma mater. You may want to Google Spire Institute in case you have not heard of it. Kyle Goldcamp was mention as a recruit well this is not quite true. He was a gift from Pitt Johnstown. He wanted to go to IUP but his coach would not sign off because at the time IUP was in the same region at Pitt Johnstown and Gannon was in the Great Lakes region and that was the ONLY reason he ended up at Gannon. (This was according to John Reilly)If you want to see his impact the two seasons he played were (26-5 and 30-4). The five other seasons combined are 63-70 or 47% wins. The last time we had a coach with five years combined like this was Milt Simon 1956 thru 1961.

  18. Bob, you greatly over-simplified the reason Kyle Goldcamp came to Gannon.

  19. yeah.. especially because when Goldcamp transferred it was already known that Gannon was most likely moving to the PSAC the next year. So the coach wouldn't sign off on IUP, but he'd sign off on Gannon who he knew would be in a different region for just a year. That one year really make a difference in a decision? Me thinx not

  20. Bob's account may be the abridged version, but his account conveys exactly what happened. For all intents and purposes, Goldcamp was figuratively left on the GU doorstep.

    Mosley, Howard, Wilson, and Lindsey were brought in, Erie natives Stoczynski and Knight returned to town after unfavorable experiences elsewhere, and Goldcamp dropped in out of left field. As I said before, a most fortunate set of circumstances and coincidences led to the formation of that team. You could make the argument that there were 2 or 3 "A" players on that team, and certainly several "B+'s" as well.

    Unfortunately, GU has not been able to come close to duplicating that streak of luck/recruiting success. That's as much the reason the program has been so average the past few years as anything else. GU needs a stronger player or two each year than they've been getting, and the lack of a strong recruiter besides the head coach is a big factor.

  21. I respectfully disagree, Corey.

    I'd have to go back and research the timing to be sure, but my recollection is that it was NOT known that GU was moving into the PSAC and thus, the Atlantic Region at the time the UPJ coach signed off on Goldcamp's transfer.

  22. I don't know the exact quirk in the system that prevented Robert Wilson from suiting up this year, but, I do know this: He could possibly be one of the best players in the PSAC.

    I'm thinking him alone being out of the lineup is 4 or 5 wins....and, the way this past season transpired with all these close games, I'm being very conservative.

    He may easily turn out to be an impact player.

    Check his record.

    "...lack of a strong recruiter"....We'll see.

  23. "...lack of a strong recruiter"....We'll see.

    I think this statement was made concerning Reilly's 7 years (as a whole), not just his recruiting of Robert Wilson, who if as good as advertised, will be fantastic...

    The Observor, the story that you told about Goldcamp is the same one that I know. In fact, I believe Coach Reilly told this story on air one time...

  24. While I don't doubt that R. Wilson will be talented, how can you just create this "4-5 extra wins" stat? Would him in the lineup changed the fact that Reilly repeatedly had no play to run instead of forcing Blazek to get trapped 30 feet from the hoop as time ran out?

    LeCorchick made a very good point yesterday on his show that Gannon has lost 9 straight times to IUP, and GU has run the same offense and threw the same defense at IUP everytime. No changes in game plan and no changes in result.

    THATS why Reilly needs to go.

  25. R. Wilson doesn't need a play, he can take over a game single handedly and get it done. The kid has a very high basketball IQ from what I understand and an even bigger competitive drive. I would agree 4-5 extra wins is being conservative. This kid is a DI player, matched with Blazek pulls the defense out and Blanton is going to have a fun year, as fans I think we are in for a treat next year.

  26. Reilly has to switch it up. Gannon has been pressed year after year, and it has worked for the opposing team most of the time. It's happened over and over again because Reilly can't change the pressbraker. Same offense same defense, good coaches change things up and Reilly hasn't changed.

  27. Robert Wilson reality check. Urbana was 9-17 his last season there. If he really "can take over a game single handedly and get it done," why didn't he? A "DI player?" He averaged 15 points a game (took 100 shots more than the next highest shooter), and had 67 turnovers to 48 assists. He did lead the team in rebounding at 8.9 per game, very impressive for his size, and shot 88% from the foul line.

    Not knocking Wilson. Those are good numbers and he will be a welcome addition, for sure. Just saying, is it necessary to build him up to mythical status before he's even played a game here?

  28. @ffroo: When did R.Wilson become the next Chuck Norris? "R. Wilson doesn't need a play, he can take over a game single handedly and get it done." What's next: "R. Wilson doesn't do pushups, he pushes down the earth?"
    You make the statement assuring that he is the next Butch Warner, yet you follow that up in the next line by saying "The kid has a very high basketball IQ from what I understand." From what you understand?? So you've never seen him play yet assert that he can singlehandedly turn Gannon into a powerhouse??

    Does anyone else remember another recruit that had to redshirt for a time, that everyone believed would be the difference maker when he saw the floor finally? Or did everyone else forget James Bryant, the one time West Point recruit, the next greatest Gannon point guard? The kid who struggled at first then landed in Reilly's doghouse, never to emerge again before leaving town?

    Very interesting stats by Walter Ego and good point that he was doing this for an Urbana team that was 9-17. Im cheering for the kid but the idea that he's a ready made All-American seems like just propaganda by Reilly defenders.

  29. Agree that Wilson, though talented, will not single-handedly turn things around. He was capable of great things at Urbana, but was pretty inconsistent, and yes, they were 9-17.

    My understanding is Wilson couldn't play this year because his former coach at Urbana wouldn't sign off and allow him to play without sitting out a year(even though the coach DID sign off on a kid that wanted to transfer to Edinboro).

    Not to criticize anyone, but the pressbreaker has been one of the least of GU's problems under Reilly. Sure they committed an occasional TO under pressure, but they had a lot more problems with opponents' 3 point shooting and consistently producing enough points on offense.

    Agree that using the same tactics at both ends of the floor every time year after year makes GU very predictable and easier to prepare for.

    I've heard that there likely will be lineup and position changes next year. Obviously, R Wilson will be inserted into the lineup somewhere, and allegedly, Blazek will not be the pg next year, instead playing the 2 the majority of the time while a different pg is brought in.

    And, yes, sadly, I continue to hear rumors about several different players that are considering leaving the program, including some that will greatly upset the Reilly-haters on this blog.

    As for tonight's Women's game, the Lady Knights seemed out of sorts right from the start. Saw a lot of things that reminded me more of last year's team than this year's team: poor shot selection, difficulty running an offense that would consistently create good scoring opportunities, atrocious help defense, and failure to communicate on the court. Also couldn't figure out some of Coach Wright's strategies, including his situational substitutions and defensive strategies. For example, he threw a zone at IUP late in regulation with much success, then abandoned and never went back to it. They never looked comfortable, and this against a team that they earlier beaten by 31 points. Odd.

  30. All very good points, I agree to some extent. However, I will not bash a student athlete on here who has come to the Gannon program. I will support him just like all the other players on this team. Knowing that these players may be reading this forum. Oh and I have seen him play..against Gannon the last two years, Edinboro and one Mercyhurst game. The kid broke every press thrown at him by himself...excellent transition player. Urbana had 3 wins the year before Wilson. It takes a team to win basketball, my point is that with Wilson and the current players, we are going to be in great shape. Where would Gannon be right now with 6 extra wins??????? Keep on hating so called Gannon fans, I will be back next year to say a few things when this team comes together, but you fellas can continue your team/coach bashing as you would like because you will never be satisfied. If Reilly doesn't return then I hope they replace him with Jesus because I don't think any coach will be good enough for this forum. Im outta here. Thanks Jim for starting this blog but I don't involve myself in bashing student athletes in any shape or form.

  31. At least we're not Lock Haven......

  32. Relax ffroo. Nobody is bashing anybody. My intent was to modify the expectations that some are already placing on Robert Wilson. Even if Wilson comes in and averages 20 a game, that will not be enough to guarantee serious conference contention. Stronger defensive rebounding and an inside prescence to help Blanton would be just as important.

    Let's not put a ton of pressure on a kid who hasn't played a game for GU yet. I've been told that he is very good. Great. GU will need him, but let's not expect him to be Michael Jordan.

    By the way, what is this infatuation with press-breaking? That wasn't more than a very occasional problem for GU this season. If you've seen Wilson work against a press, it was probably vs GU, you would have seen him breaking a man-to-man press(since that is the only type Reilly uses), which any good ballhandler is adept at breaking by dribbling and protecting the ball. However, any limited problems GU have had under Reilly has been with zone presses, and no one player can consistently break a zone press by dribbling through it. The correct method is by passing the ball from teammate to teammate. C'mon, let's watch the game a little closer, shall we?

    Oh, and if you really are leaving this blog, Bye-Bye. Thanks for your input.

  33. Borrowing from Sports Illustrated's Peter King, here's a stat that maybe only I care about. Page views on Gannon Hoops reached an all-time high this month at 17,669 for February. All-time page views on Gannon Hoops recently topped the 150,000 mark. Thanks for your interest and participation!


  34. You are right that the press is not a major problem. I was thinking more of the fact that it does work on us and thrown off the offenses rhythm, and that teams continually press gu, and reilly hasn't seemed to do anything about it.

  35. Jim-there's nothing like a team that doesn't reach its goals and/or the standards their fans expect of them to drive blog traffic.

    I guess I must not have been paying enough attention this past season. I agree that there were moments when GU struggled to inbound the ball against pressure, but I can't recall all that many. Anytime an opponent presses, even when it is successfully broken, it throws off the offense's rhythm. Nothing can be done about that.

    Sure, GU could have done a better job with their inbounds plays at times, but I think that there are much bigger problems.

  36. Congratulations to Blanton - first team PSAC west and to Adam - second team PSAC west as well as the third consecutive freshman to be named PSAC west freshman of the year.

  37. Who got player of the year and who got coach of the year?

    Actually a little surprised Adam didnt get first team... I may be biased though.

  38. Corey...player of the year, Ashton Smith IUP.

    Coach of the Year, Joe Lombardi IUP.

    Blazek probably did not get first time because of the 2 senior guards at IUP who were both very deserving of 1st team...

    Hopefully his time will come...

  39. I've seen Wilson play (as a lot of us have), and, I've seen him practice more than a few times.

    I stand by my 4-5 win differential with him on board this the minimum. (Especially given the amount of close losses.)

    He is every bit as intense as Adam Blazek.


    Congrats to both Blazek and Blanton for their individual awards this season!!

  40. The PSAC finals will pit East Stroudsburg vs. West Chester. ESU burst Mercyhurst's bubble with a strong second half. WCU hit a 3 with 2 seconds left to cap a 20-8 game-ending run vs. IUP. Stroudsburg is the #4 seed from the East, WCU is the #3 seed.

  41. Wow ... Raise your hand if you had a West Chester / East Stroudsburg final at the start of the week. The winner will be the likely 8 seed barring upsets from the WVIAC or the CIAA.

    The women's final pits Bloomsburg at Edinboro. The Edinboro rout of West Chester is good for Gannon's hopes of an NCAA bid.

  42. More good news for the Lady Knights ... the two ranked teams in the CIAA (Shaw & JC Smith) made the CIAA finals. No WVIAC team was in the top eight, so the WVIAC winner is the likely eight seed. So the eight participants are: Boro, Bloom, IUP, Gannon, JCSU, Shaw, West Chester, and WVIAC winner. Gannon should be 5 or 6 seed.

  43. Go figure.......and to think a person or two wanted Joe Lombardi to come to Gannon. Wow!!!!

    I'd say at initial blush,very disappointing losses for both PSAC west teams.

    I feel for the 138 fans up on the hill as well.....oops, make that 140 since we will lose a couple when Coach Reilly and his staff return next year.

  44. #453 -- Lombardi's team 23-5, ranked 9th in the nation, regular season champs in the PSAC West, qualified for the PSAC tournament, will be selected to play in the NCAA tournament. Reilly's team 14-12, no national ranking, no championship (not even in the Gary Miller Classic or Porreco Cup), failed to make the PSAC tournament, season over. Yeah, I'll take Lombardi any day.

  45. matter how you spin it, a bad, bad loss for IUP last night. (Poor coaching??????)

    If I remember correctly, Findley got snubbed last year for the NCAA tournament, after a similiar bad early loss in their conference tournament.

    While I still believe IUP will get an NCAA bid, last night's loss will at least raise some eyebrows.

  46. #453......I am late to this blog so forgive me for not getting the drift of your recent posts. If you are trying to say Coach Lombardi and Reilly, it is not even close. I would suggest that you take a look at this link and see what you think:

    Concerning whether Reilly should be renewed, I have some personal opinions on that, but the only opinion that matters at this point is that of the Gannon adminstration. If I had to guess, I would say that Reilly will be back next year: not because he necessarily deserves but I just do not see the committment from the adminstration. Maybe I am wrong but it seems a .500 record will get you by when it used to be that the goal was a nationally ranked (and recognized) basketball program.

    This Gannon basketball junkie wonders what the overriding standard is at Gannon at this point in time.

  47. Why would Joe Lombardi even consider a job at GU?

    His next job will be at a DI school.

    It's funny how Gannon fans actually thought they would domimate the PSAC...

  48. The "drift" is this: He (Lombardi) has been wished on this site to be the next Gannon coach by a poster or two.

    MY "drift" is that this past season for Gannon has been one of truly unique and hopefully, a mix of one-time sequences of events which, to me, include some very bad luck.

    To me, Joe Lombardi (PSAC Coach of the Year) wouldn't have made one bit of a difference....if so, then what happened last night??

    Two 1st team All-PSAC west players and they score but 51 points?? Ranked #9 in the country??

    Held to the high standards that everyone holds our present coaching staff on this blog, lets apply them to the IUP coaching staff last night in one of their biggest games of the year.

    If we do that, maybe some of the luster of Joe Lombardi wears off just a bit.

    Long story short: I feel the program is very close to having a very strong year next year.

    Present coaching staff and underclassmen included.

  49. Hey, IUP grad. Since you're obviously new to this blog (I don't recall seeing your handle on here before), let me catch you up.
    No GU fan actually thought that Lombardi would consider moving to GU. Lombardi's record/results were being used to compare to Reilly's. That's all. There may have been some wishful thinking among the anti-Reilly crowd, but no one here is stupid enough to actually think Lombardi would move north.

    Additionally, very few (if any) GU fans thought GU would "dominate" the PSAC. Most had thought (hoped, actually) GU would be competitive enough to make the playoffs.

    I can understand that you're disappointed with your team's dismal performance on Friday (Really? Just 51 points against a team from the much softer East that went 19-9 and lost 8 conference games?) Doesn't sound like the Crimson Birds were very focused. Not the first time that's happened, is it? Based on last night's result, I wouldn't be feeling so smug about IUP's season to come on this blog and start ripping GU fans.

    So, now that you're caught up, find your way back to the IUP blogs and don't come back. Thanks for your input.

    1. Observer: Please be polite. Thank you.

  50. Observor......well said! You saved me alot of typing. I,too, never said anything about Lombardi coming to Gannon...I was only trying to point out what a great job he has done over the past several years.

  51. Jim-

    I thought that was as polite as it needed to be. I caught him/her up and said thanks.

    The poster was obviously not aware of what has gone on before he/she chose to horn in. An update was clearly in order.

    Believe me, people from one team who stick their nose in another team's blog (often called "trolls") are usually treated with a lot worse manners than that.

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  53. So only two PSAC teams made the men's NCAA Atlantic Regional bracket. East Stroudsburg only by virtue of winning the championship.

    Yet Gannon struggles to keep its head above water in what is clearly a weaker conference. Good work Reilly!

  54. Congrats to our Ladies. They will be playing
    J C Smith on Thursday

  55. Congratulations to Cleve Wright and his women on their well-deserved NCAA tourney bid. What does it tell you when the women consistently get NCAA bids while Reilly's teams can't even make the PSAC playoffs? By the way, where was Reilly at the women's PSAC tournament game at the Hammermill last week? Rather than being there rooting them on, he was nowhere to be seen. Good school spirit, coach.

  56. Congrats to Coach Wright and his team for making the tournament. Let's hope they play better than they did in the playoff game vs IUP. Weird vibe in that game. They seemed to be in some kind of unexplainable funk, much like all of last year.

    I was at the 'Mill, but I was told that Reilly, along with several of his returning players, was at Mercyhurst watching the SRU-MU Mens playoff game. Probably where they should have been.

    IMO, this isn't a big deal. I don't think either of the coaches is hanging around rooting for each other's teams all that much, if at all. I know the players don't. Obviously, they're in the same building for back-to-back games much of the time, but that doesn't mean they're into watching the games, rooting for each other.

    It's a non-issue, IMO. There are legitimate issues regarding retaining Reilly, but this isn't one of them.