Friday, December 9, 2011

Darrell Blanton Needs A Nickname

Because of the quick turnaround -- Gannon tips off against Shippensburg in less than 16 hours from the moment I'm writing this -- I won't recap the Knights 91-60 shellacking of Cheyney tonight at the Hammermill Center. I'll address a more pressing issue: super junior Darrell Blanton needs a nickname.

Something good like John "Shanghai" Matthews or Gerald "Bad News" Walker. Maybe he could borrow a name from "Dr. Dunkenstein" Darryl Griffith or Herman "The Helicopter" Knowings. Blanton earned special distinction with his spectacularly consistent early season play, including tonight's 25-point, 6-rebound, 5-assist and 4-dunk domination of the Wolves.

I'd like to hear your suggestions for nicknames. Right now I'm thinking the Euclid Rocket or the Peach Street Pogo Stick. Feel free to post your thoughts below or email me at

(Photo courtesy Gannon University and Joe Mattis.)


  1. Knight of the Living Dunk
    Gannon's Cannon
    Peach Street Pandemonium Aerial Ballet
    Baby Glen

  2. Dunkin Darrell
    The Blanton Blaster
    Skywalker....oops someone tried that already LOL

  3. Da Badunkadunker
    Dunk U Very Much
    Slamtown PA

  4. Darrell "Bam Bam" Blanton, that way I can be in the stands waving my club around! Heck might as well go further and nickname his girlfriend "Pebbles".....LOL

  5. Right now I'm liking Knight of the Living Dunk, Dunkin' Darrell Blanton, and Baby Summors turing the Audi into the Hammermill.

  6. Movie Title:

    Blanton: The Dunk Knight

    (just incase you didn't get it.. it's based after
    Batman: the Dark Knight)