Saturday, October 15, 2011

Knights Win, Technology Loses

When basketball teams take international tours, you can expect some technology shortcomings. The hardware and infrastructure in Mexico or Lichtenstein isn't as strong as the good ol' USA. But for Gannon's exhibition tour in Canada, I expected the access to technology to be at least as good as when Gannon travels to Lock Haven. (Actually, the Bald Eagles produce a live streaming video of their home games which is tremendous for diehards like us.)

I've been let down techwise for Gannon's second and third games of their north-of-the-border tour. Game #2 vs. the Hamilton Hoop-La All-Stars was downgraded to a scrimmage due to a clock malfunction. I've played in some dilapidated gymnasiums over the years (one was an unheated garage that was converted to a gymnasium) and they all had functioning clocks. For Gannon game #3 last night, a 78-56 thumping of Algoma University, there were no live stats. Heck, there weren't even dead stats. All that Algoma kept track of for the game was points scored. I felt like I was back coaching at Sacred Heart grade school where the only stats were kept in a green Mark V basketball scorebook.

All we know is that the leading scorers for Gannon were Shameel Carty (16 points) and Adam Blazek (10), and the only Knight not to score was redshirt junior Darrell Blanton. Blanton didn't play in the first exhibition either, so I'm not sure what his deal is. I'm curious to see if he'll make the scorebook for this afternoon's exhibition vs. the Ontario Revolution, who Baylor trounced by 35 points in an exhibition two months ago. Actually I'm curious to see if there will be a scorebook at all.

In other news, as Corey pointed out in the comments section in this post, the Knights retook their team picture without John Eisenman, who has apparently left the team. The photo shows that Gannon will have new uniforms this season. They're not a dramatic change from last year, but I think the arched block lettering with gold trim is an upgrade. The shorts appear to be identical.


  1. I was at the McMaster game and I recall Blanton had a passport issue and didn't make the trip.

  2. A couple of other points this was McMasters 3rd game. They will be playing PS-Erie and Allegheny
    College later this yr, Nov I think

  3. Fanman: Thanks for the info on Blanton, and major kudos to you for making the trip!

  4. GU Fanman:

    What were your observations of the team?