Monday, October 10, 2011

Does _____ Have An Attrition Problem?

I'm guessing you filled in the blank in the headline above with "Gannon" since the Knights' roster changes have been much discussed on Gannon Hoops. But check out this article from CBS Sports with the headline "Does Gonzaga Have An Attrition Problem?" And the first line of the article says, "Really, the headline could replace 'Gonzaga' with 'college basketball' and be a fair and timely blog post."

The article goes on to detail that in today's world it seems that every college with a demanding head coach has more roster turnover than days gone by. Here are some excerpts from the article you might find interesting:

* There seems to be a disturbing trend within the (Gonzaga) program. Too many players aren't staying four years, and this isn't an NBA-tinged issue. There are defects -- transfers -- who have perhaps undone a bit of the rosiness that so many saw Gonzaga for in the past 12 years.

* Coach Mark Few maintained earlier this summer that the attrition is common to all programs nowadays, and that a get-it-fast mentality in sports explains much of it. "I think it happens pretty much in every program," he told The Seattle Times. "It's certainly happened in ours. In all the years I've been here, I don't think there have been very many when we didn't have a player or two that wasn't playing as much as they wanted to. Sometimes, it's hard to convince everybody that by the time they're a junior or senior, they've got a real shot to be a contributor. I really don't think this generation does that. If it isn't working, they switch AAU teams. If it isn't working, they might switch high schools."

* And a lot of players don't fit in Few's scheme. They don't know that until they experience it. Few and his coaches may not realize it, either. In the WCC, Gonzaga has the flexibility to experiment with different types of players and take chances on guys, even with the risk of transfer, because they still run game on the rest of the conference. Gonzaga's won the WCC regular-season title every since since 1998 except once (2000). When Demetri Goodson, who transferred last year to play football at Baylor, was asked by the Seattle Times if he and Few got along, he responded, "Nah, not really. He treated it like a business. He's an excellent coach. It's just the way he coaches wasn't for me, I don't think."

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  1. Sure, Gannon is not the only place with attrition issues. However, if you follow the link to the Sports Illustrated study, 24.8% of the top recruits transfer at some point in their careers. Gannon has seen around 60-70% turnover in its players the last few years. Why is the Gannon rate so much higher than the national rate?

    I had to shake my head when I read the press release describing how many close games Gannon lost down the stretch last season. When Reilly only plays 6 or 7 guys in the second half of the games and rides the same guys for nearly the whole game, they are getting tired and making mistakes in crucial times. Defense and rebounding are very important but so is keeping the guys' legs fresh. Until that happens, don't expect any different results.