Monday, September 12, 2011

Knights Finalize Recruiting Class

Just announced: here's the link to the second part of Gannon's recruiting class for this year.

* Dytanya "Bubby" Johnson (Waldorf, Md./Thomas Stone) 6-9, F, Soph.
* Shameel Carty (Queens, N.Y./Holy Cross) 6-4, G/F, Sr.
* Oscar Macias (Cicero, Ill./Morton) 6-3, G, Jr.
* Robert Wilson (Streetsboro, Ohio/Streetsboro) 6-3, F, Jr.

We've already published info on Bubby Johnson, though it looks like he grew two inches from his freshman to his sophomore season. I'll do some more digging on the rest of the recruits and share the info with you over the next few days.


  1. Wilson is a great steal from Urbana. Gives us some needed offensive punch. He was outstanding against us last year.

  2. Thoughts:
    -Good pickup in Wilson, and the other guys do look like they have some good offensive power, which is nice to see for once.
    -I doubt Bubby grew 2 inches, thats the old PR spin of making players taller than they really are.
    -I found it interesting that Shameel Carty left Clarion in his senior year, after sitting out a year. Google his name and find out why. Looks like he has a lot of "fight" in him. Glad to welcome him to GU....
    - Is the departure of Clinton Springer Williams from the team new, or did I miss that before? Hes not on the roster on the team website.
    - How many freshmen on the GU roster now? Oh yeah, one. That will build a long term, sustainable program. When you bring in 8 new guys a year, you'd think you would save at least 3 spots for guys that you could develop and keep around for a while. I know the commenters on here will say the same thing "no one will be patient with freshmen, etc," but thats really underestimating the basketball intelligence of the Gannon fans. Most intelligent fans recognize that you need a mix of homegrown talent with other skilled players, and if they see a clear plan to work young guys into the mix, they will give it a shot. Havent seen that at Gannon in years.
    - Instead, we are looking at a roster with 14 players, 9 of which are transfers who will be new this season. Seeing how Reilly plays only 7 or 8 guys down the stretch of the games, there are already 2 transfers who will not see significant minutes. Then consider that Piotrowicz, Furno and Battle will likely see a solid amount of playing time. That means there will be 4 or 5 transfers not seeing much playing time.
    Maybe one or two will be redshirted, but this is another recipe for disaster with so many unhappy players. No player transfers to a school in order to sit the bench; they rightfully expect to see solid minutes.
    What has happened for the past 2 years when the team was overloaded with transfers who sat the bench? The team chemistry took a nose dive and most left the school.
    Expecting anything different with this new batch is crazy.

  3. Does Wilson have to sit a year since transferring from DII to DII?

    Jeremy: Springer-Williams was posted earlier regarding his departure.

  4. if wilson does wouldnt carty have to as well?

  5. You do not have to sit out a year transferring to a DII school. As far as I know, that only applies DI. For example, Shelby Chaney didn't have to miss a year when he went from Gannon to Mercyhurst.

  6. My understanding is that you do not have to sit if your coach is willing to sign off on the transfer. If your coach you are currently playing for does not sign off then you have to sit. Rumor has it that the Urbana coach is not willing to sign off. John Reilly did sign off for Chaney to transfer.

  7. The "sit out a year" rule only applies when transferring from D1 to D1 and applies to all D1 sports (the only sport that has exceptions is D1 football).

    In D2 or D3, you must 1) currently be in good academic standing 2) have been in good academic standing if you stayed at previous school 3) have not transferred before and 4) have received a written release statement from previous school.

    The written release statement is NOT for the transfer; it is for the student to contact another school. (all of the above are from the NCAA guide for transferring I found on google)

    Wilson and Carty are both enrolled at Gannon, taking classes, and practicing with the team which means they have already received the written note from their respective previous schools about their release. (I saw a practice and both players were active and they would not be allowed if they had not received their written release note already).

  8. Wilson is eligible because Urbana is an Ohio-Independent team. According to the NCAA transfer rules, transfer rules DO NOT APPLY to students currently enrolled in non-conference affiliated schools wishing to go to conference affiliated schools.