Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Reading List

I've never exactly understood summer reading lists. If it's nice outside, I'm going to do some activity in the sunshine, not plop myself in a chair to read a book. I can do that anytime. But if you are one of those folks who insists upon summer reading, here's some material to help you out:

1. "Some coaches in the PSAC are worlds apart" Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
You've got to love when a newspaper article starts like this: "When Indiana University of Pennsylvania men's basketball coach Joe Lombardi steps on the court for his team's game against Mansfield next season, he will be making nearly $65,000 more than his counterpart, Rich Miller." I mean, how crummy does Rich Miller feel? And how geeked up will he be if Mansfield knocks off IUP next year? When the coaches would shake hands after the game, I'm sure Miller wouldn't say anything, but you know he'd be thinking it.

You also have to love this passage from the article: "Asked about the pay difference and about being the highest-paid coach ($136,837) in the league, (Cal football coach Joe) Luckhardt laughed and said, 'My wife's not disappointed.'" We're still talking about money, right coach?

2. "Fired Bethune-Cookman coach refused to aid in rape case involving son" Daytona Beach News Journal
While reading the Erie Times this morning, I saw in the transaction section that Bethune-Cookman fired its basketball coach yesterday. I thought to myself, "Why would a coach get fired 3-4 months after the season ended?" Well, you can read the headline, and if you want more details you can click on the story. It gave me some perspective that we shouldn't get too exorcised when Gannon's biggest problems are missing the playoffs and roster turnover.

3. "Univ. of New Orleans to introduce Mark Slessinger as men's basketball coach"
Who in Erie gives a rip about the University of New Orleans hiring a basketball coach? I don't either. But what's interesting about this is that New Orleans is the first school I can recall that's stepping down from Division I to compete on the Division II level. According to the UNO athletics Wikipedia page, lingering effects from Hurricane Katrina sparked the decision. Side note: the Wikipedia page lists the UNO school song as, "Let's Hear It For UNO." With them dropping a division, I wonder if they'll rewrite the lyrics that say, "Our Privateers will march on to fame."

4. "Terry Smith new Finlandia Men's Hoop Coach" Upper Michigan's Source
I'm not sure who else besides Steve Bohen (sorry, Steve -- that was the only photo of you I could find online) and me will read this article, but Terry Smith was a big deal in the GLIAC when he coached Grand Valley from 1997-2004. He left GVSU under unusual circumstances in May 2004 and then coached at Hart High School (Mich.) from 04-07. In 2005, he was named associate head coach at GLIAC rival Northern Michigan, but never followed through on that commitment for family reasons I believe. This guy is like the Larry Brown of small college basketball.

5. "5 Things You Need to Know About Matt Tobin Day" Hopatcong Patch
You need oxygen. You need water. You need food. You don't need to know anything about a day dedicated to an East Stroudsburg basketball recruit. But I do recommend you read this article also from the Hopatcong Patch titled "5 Things: Large Pizza, Extra Jesus." Tremendous. You can tell by the photo they're having a rollicking good time, and things are about to get completely out of control.

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  1. Nice picture! Harry and Paul still look the same.

    Terry Smith was possibly the most annoying coach in the GLIAC, yet he was a great bench coach. Always seemed to make the right decisions for his team. Seemed to think it was GVSU's sandbox and everyone else had to leave.

    I'll try to find a picture of you from grade school. Oh wait, you already have one in your profile.