Monday, May 30, 2011

Just In Case You Forgot How Awesome Jerry Slocum Was

It's rare that a non-Gannon basketball story in May or June gets me geeked up, but I just found one. The website interviewed former GU coach and current Youngstown State basketball boss Jerry Slocum. Slocum was criticized in a March 2 Youngstown Vindicator article titled "Like It Or Not, Slocum Will Return," but this story is much more favorable.

Here are some Slocum quotes from the articles followed by links to them, which are broken down into a three-part series:

* "You can take your shots, and say the negative things that you want to say at me, but at least report the facts also. Report the facts, for example, the questions being asked at the press conferences are things like, 'Everyone thought you were going to get blown out by 20 tonight, are you happy that you didn’t get blown out?' or 'Do you feel that this was a wasted effort tonight?' Take your shots at me, that’s part of the job, but in the same breath, at least report the facts."

* "I have never, no matter how tough the losses have been, not answered a question put to me that was a well-phrased question. When you sit down in there and your heart is broken, you have never lost in your career, and now all of a sudden you are into your sixth year of misery because you can’t get this thing where you want it to be, it weighs on you every moment that you are awake, and you come so close ... and the first thing you get is a guy saying to you, 'Do you think tonight was a wasted effort.' I have never said, 'this is the end of the press conference,' but there is silence."

* "The reason why there is silence is because most of the people who criticize me do not have enough confidence that they can ask me a legitimate or intelligent basketball question. ... Some reporters just don’t get it. Their basketball IQ is not to the point where they can effectively ask a question. Whether or not they are good people is not for me to judge. I get paid to win basketball games, and I think we are on our way to doing that. Have some knowledge of what you are reporting on instead of asking some of the most ridiculous questions I have ever heard."

YSU Basketball Coach Jerry Slocum Interview, Part 1: Media Treatment

Jerry Slocum Interview, Part 2: 2011-12

Jerry Slocum Interview Part 3: How Winning Helps Recruiting

Thanks to Gannon Hoops follower JRD for the heads up on these articles.


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  2. So let it be written so let it be done..

    obviously someone has spent too many Easters watching the Ten Commandments

  3. As a die hard Gannon fan I am becoming concerned about Gannon's whole athletic program. We are going from the only show in town to the other school in town. Mercyhurst is having great success in their athletic programs. Granted they are is some sports Gannon does not have but the sports they are playing they are doing very well. Even look at the sports we share and they are fairing better then us. I hope with our new president that sports will be given resources to put us back as the only show in town.