Monday, April 4, 2011

Where's Herb? In The Basketball Hall Of Fame

Back in the 1980s, there were two guys named Herb that Erieites were very familiar with. Thank goodness this Herb had more staying power than this annoying Herb. I have no idea what Burger King's Herb is doing today, but I know where Herb Magee is. He's at the Final Four in Houston celebrating his induction into basketball's Hall of Fame.

There are a tons of articles online about Magee that you might find interesting:
* Philadelphia Inquirer
* Lehigh Valley Express-Times
* Comcast SportsNet Philly (with an incredibly awkward photo of Magee)
* Herb's Wikipedia page
* Did you know the Hammermill Center has its own Wikipedia page? Magee is mentioned there, too.
* The Audi has its own Facebook page, too. I bet Milt Simon never saw that coming.


  1. GU should knock out the north wall. There they could add student only section. A walkway tunnel behind and below the upper rows would ease access to the west side seating. Also restrooms can be added in the NW & NE corners.

    This can only help fans cheer or jeer there favorite team when making free throws.
    :) Ha Ha

  2. More seating is the least of the worries at this point.
    All twenty of those students could stand on the baseline.:-)

  3. I'm sure there are structural issues that might not allow GU to open up the Audi's north side. There would definitely be aesthetic issues from the exterior and the impact of such a move on the look of Old Main.

    Besides, Beerman is right. What does GU need more seats for students for? Very few attend games as it is, and many of those barely watch, leave early, and definitely aren't adding anything to the atmosphere. As Beerman said, there might be 20 students that are into it.

  4. Thought about the above points. My thinking is to get the the students more involved by getting them closer and the feeling they are part of the game. If I recall the north end driveway to Old Main is about 8-10' wide. Don't think you'd need more than about a 16' extension. The south end could also be used.
    The point is getting a little pep band and a spot where the kids can feel its theirs instead of being way up in the corner.
    As a last resort Beer in the 3rd stall of the men's room. ;)

  5. Any recruiting rumors out there?

  6. Heard Adam Blazek will be signing with GU.

  7. Well that should put us over the top

  8. Not sure what to make of the Blazek signing. With both point guards next year being seniors, we certainly need another PG to develop. He certainly has good bb skills but I'm just not sure he is of D2 caliber to compete in the PSAC....just my opinion. I am hoping one year of development behind two seniors will develop that physical & mental toughness needed in the PSAC. We'll see. I wish him success.

  9. Heard today that Blazek may redshirt, probably a good idea, given the number of guards of similar size and skills already in place.

    Really like Blazek's game. He can score from the outside and drive to the basket. He's strong and can play defense. Anticipates passes very well. Gets a lot fo deflections.

    IMO, however, he's more of a 2 than a PG. He handles it alright, but not great against pressure D. He is not as effective a passer as a PG should be. He's much better at scoring himself than creating for others.

    If he does redshirt, it will give Coach Reilly a chance to see what he can do and develop him for whatever position works best for him.