Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Official: Agee Gone From Gannon

Kelvin Agee, a promising freshman who led Gannon in scoring this season, has been dismissed from the school. The rumor had been swirling for weeks and was confirmed in an email Gannon SID Dan Teliski sent to me today.

In the email, Teliski wrote, "Kelvin has been dismissed from the University due to violation of the school’s code of conduct policy. Unfortunately, I can't comment any further on Kelvin’s situation due to student-athlete's privacy issues, rules and regulations. But I can confirm Kelvin is no longer attending classes at Gannon."

What a shame. Scoring 358 points in 24 starts as a freshman, Agee was on pace to be among GU's all-time leading scorers and three-point shooters. He was named Most Outstanding Player of the Gary Miller Classic after leading the Knights to two wins that weekend. For the next three years, Agee and Stephen Battle would have been a formidable inside-outside combo that certainly would have led Gannon to many victories.

Instead, Agee -- if he's accepted by another college -- will be on his third school in three years, earning himself a less-than-stellar reputation. I don't know all the details behind his expulsion, but it's a real shame for everyone.


  1. Anything on GU recruits
    Brandon Belt and Anthony Wilson?

  2. Have to assume: Weed or Academic fraud/cheating

    - theft or any crime would have made the police blotter...

    Weed can be kept in house and is a university issue: See 1987 and Joe Cawley, and Andy Bedell

    And if it was acdemics, it would not be a code of conduct issue...
    unless it was theft from team.. that could be kept in house

  3. Jim, you are so right about the negative impact of a third school in 3 years scenario on Agee's reputation. It appears that he isn't the sharpest stick in the barrel. Kind of sad, really, given his family situation and all.

    If the kid did something significantly illegal as to get kicked out of school, at least the blame for his leaving the program can't be placed on Coach Reilly.

    Then again, I didn't think you could blame Reilly for Johnson leaving, either, because ol' George's attitude and non-game-related actions had apparently caused him to lose the respect of his teammates. IMO, that was "addition by subtraction" as Bob Dukiet once said.

    Unfortunately, it's time for the off-season soap opera to shift into high gear once again. (Sigh)

  4. You can speculate however you want about why Agee, Johnson and some of the others have left, but I have just one question -- and that is -- can anybody name even ONE player who has played a full four years under Reilly? Even ONE? That's because in the seven seasons that he's been head coach, there haven't been any. Here's Gannon's all-time roster, where you can see the years that every player has played: As you can see, there have been countless four-year players up until 2005, when Reilly took over, but not one since. So what does that say?

  5. For the record, Reilly has been the coach for six, not seven years.

    The lack of a 4-year player IS an amazing stat, and I'm not trying to mount a defense of Reilly, but...

    The simple fact of the matter is that he hasn't brought in that many freshmen. His attempt to do so in his second year failed so miserably that many impatient GU "fans" were ready to fire him for lack of victories.

    So, he went for the quick fix to quiet the critics, brought in a bunch of JC's and transfers, 2 great years of success followed, and nary a discouraging word was heard amongst the GU faithful.

    With a successful formula in place, the attempt to reload with JC's was watered down by the loss of his most successful recruiter. 2 mediocre years followed. And now, many fans are bemoaning the lack of 4 year players.

    Sure, when things aren't working, it's natural to say things should be done differently, but it's convenient hindsight to say he should've been using 4 year players. Reilly did what he had to do to keep his job, and no one complained until that formula quit working.

    In the last 2 years, he brought in several freshmen, and 3 of those players started this year. If Agee had behaved, we'd be looking at 4 returning starters next year. I'd say Reilly was on his way to establishing the program with at least SOME players who could be 4-year-men.

    I'm not saying Coach Reilly is without fault. However, when the JC/transfer method worked, no one complained that more 4 year players should've been brought in. Now that it's not working, it's hypocritical to point at that method of constructing the team as the problem. The problem is that the players he's recruited haven't been as good, no matter how many years they've been here.