Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PSAC Parity

What a wacky quarterfinal night in PSAC men's play. IUP was the only higher seed/home team to win tonight, and they had to survive a 4-point play in the closing moments to hold off Cal, 73-68. Here are the other results:
* #3W Slippery Rock 51, #2W Mercyhurst 45. The Lakers scored only 14 second half points.
* #4E Cheyney 77, #1E Mansfield 75. The Wolves scored the game's final 6 points, including a pair of free throws with :02 on the clock, to steal the win.
* #3E East Stroudsburg 83, #2E Kutztown 70

UPDATE - 3/4/11: It will be an all-PSAC West championship this year. Slippery Rock clipped Cheyney, 82-73, and IUP held off East Stroudsburg, 81-72. That puts Slippery Rock in decent shape to get an NCAA bid even if they don't beat IUP.

For more details, click here for the PSAC website.


  1. As long as Mercyhurst lost is all that matters! Are they still regionally ranked? Do they have a chance at NCAAs?

  2. I believe they were ranked 3rd in the last regional rankings.

    There chances depend on what the other teams below them do, but I don't see them dropping 6 slots.

    My prediction, they get in as a 6 seed and lose in the first round. Unfortunately for them, the Luis Leao (sp?) injury absolutely kills them...

  3. 513 fans at the Mercyhurst PSAC Playoff game.
    631 fans at the Edinboro PSAC Playoff game.
    Enough said.

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  5. Gotto love the Erie Times who has the PSAC men's finals at Slippery Rock. WRONG it is at IUP top seeded.

  6. Wow, the attendance for playoff games is pretty sad, even when GU had a down year we could still have more fans at a game on a bad day. Damn.

  7. Did anyone see the PSAC schedules for next season? Brutal all-around. Besides Gary Miller Classic (if they have it) GU doesn't have first home game until December 9!

    11.19 @ESU
    11.20 @Kutz
    12.03 @Millersville
    12.04 @West Chester
    12.09 ?or? 12.19 Cheyney
    12.10 ?or? 12.20 Shippensburg
    01.06 Bloomsburg
    01.07 Mansfield
    01.11 Edinboro
    01.14 @Cal
    01.18 @Hurst
    01.21 Clarion
    01.25 Rock
    01.28 @Lock Haven
    02.01 IUP
    02.04 Cal
    02.08 @Boro
    02.11 @Clarion
    02.15 Hurst (great game to play right after V-Day!)
    02.18 Lock Haven
    02.22 @Rock
    02.25 @IUP

    I'm not diggin' the whole crossover games are all on Sat-Sun, Fri-Sat.

  8. 1. Already missing GU. basketball!

    2. Above schedule = 22 games leaving 4 non-conference games available ... not many games to get ready for the season. At least we won't have a central state type of game in the later part of the schedule.

  9. Yeah, it only leaves room for Gary Miller Classic and Porreco Cup. Rumors are they are trying to keep those, however, one tournament might go. It'd be a sad thing.. and the blame is solely on NCAA for their stupid ruling.

    And the mandated 15 days off thing in December (another NCAA rule) is a joke. GU will either have off from 12/5 to 12/18 or else 12/11 until the Porreco Cup (if they have it).

  10. Solution = Move up to D1
    I do not think they have the same silly
    D2 restrictions.

  11. It is a seven day off period per NCAA web page:

    "The Balance package also will affect basketball with a one-game reduction for men and women. In addition, a seven-day dead period over the winter holidays gives student-athletes and staffs alike more down time."

    Even seven makes it tough to stay sharp. When our players came back they were worked twice as hard to get them ready for the up coming game ...not sure how the change has made a difference ... seemed it has increased the stress level. Coach R said as much ... that a seven day break only gave him two days to get ready for a game and was too much of a break. He didn't sound very happy. I suppose there are a few bad apple (coaches) that prompted the change and ruined it for everyone.

    GU fan - Just curious - do you know what it would take to move to DI?

    Not exactly sure of all the details on a move to D1. I'm sure there are a lot more knowledgeable people out there than I. GU would have to commit all sports to D1. There are a few exceptions such as MC's D1 hockey. There is no D2 hockey. A school could not just pick D1 in BB and D2 in FB. It has something to do with the am't of teams offering that sport. There is also 3-5 yr trial period before full acceptance to D1. I sometimes fantasize that GU would fit best in the Patriot League which I think would be best. GU would have to commit a few $ million to upgrade facilities and then increase its yearly budget maybe another million. They could suceed but a full time sports mktg director would be needed to help fill the mill and an upgraded FB stadium. Also tkt prices would have to increase. It could be done with a BB ave of 2000+ and a FB att ave at @3500.
    All possible.
    So unless there is a sugar daddy out there, ain't gonna happen.

  13. Gubb- yes sorry I meant today NCAA 7-day and that it would lead to a possible 15+ day downtime in terms of games.

  14. Too bad that the Slippery Rock coach might make the NCAA tournament.

    My best-case scenario is that IUP beats SRU and the Gannon loss will be the one that costs them the NCAA bid. If we can't make the big dance, let's hope that we runied someone else's chance!!

  15. Not so fast for Slippery Rock ... West Virginia State plays West Liberty. WV State is the #2 seed in the WVIAC, but not ranked in the March 2 rankings. WLU seems to be running out of steam on offense and at an empty Charleston Civic Center may be ripe for the taking.

    In the CIAA, Bowie State AND Winston-Salem State did not make the finals, meaning that #8 Shaw plays the winner of unranked Livingstone. This means that Livingstone could steal a bid and Shaw could go 2-1 in the week, possibly securing a bid as well. The best that SRU can hope for is the #8 team winning out.

    Not sure if the #10 ranked team in the Atlantic could make it to the NCAA with a loss. They'd better upset IUP to make it a sure thing.

    Of course, I'm hoping that Slippery Rock loses by 50.

  16. Wasn't Coach Reilly talking to LeCorchick on the radio about the possibility of additional games that could be played against non-regional opponents early in the year every other year (or something like that) that Edinboro took advantage of this past season and GU wasn't aware of in time to schedule? That could lead to a couple more early games for GU in 2011-12.