Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Down, Four To Go

Gannon notched just its third victory in PSAC West play Saturday, an as-expected 20-point win at 19-loss Lock Haven, 88-68. Combine that with Clarion's pulsating win at Edinboro and PSAC-perfect Meryhurst knocking off Cal on the road, and the Knights are just one game out of a tie for the conference's final playoff spot. That prompted me to look at the schedules of the four teams fighting for that spot. Here we go:

Clarion (4-6): @ Lock Haven, vs. IUP, vs. Cal, @ Gannon
Cal (4-6): vs. Slippery Rock, vs. Gannon, @ Clarion, @ Lock Haven
Edinboro (4-6): @ IUP, vs. Lock Haven, vs. Mercyhurst, @ Slippery Rock
Gannon (3-7): @ Mercyhurst, @ Cal, vs. Slippery Rock, vs. Clarion

Clarion, Cal, and Edinboro each have Lock Haven left on the schedule, so you know they'll win at least one more game this season, getting them to 5 wins. Plus Cal and Clarion play each other, so one of them will get to 6. So, the Knights will need to win 3 of their last 4 to have a shot at the #4 seed in the West. If they beat Mercyhurst, Cal, and Clarion and then lose to Slippery Rock, they'll be 6-8 and likely hold the tiebreakers over Clarion (2-0 head-to-head) and Cal (GU 2-0 vs. #1 Mercyhurst). Edinboro will have to go winless against IUP, the Hurst, and the Rock for Gannon to move ahead of them. The Scots, 2-0 vs. Gannon, hold the tiebreaker over them. It's a longshot, but at least it's a shot.


  1. Nice win for the "Lady Knights".

  2. Jimmy l & Marnella BOORiing!! By the side remarks they can't wait to get out of there. The fill in Marnella hasn't even seen the ladies at all this yr. The only GU game he's seen is the other one he filled in for.
    Get rid of no knowledge sleepy.

  3. Yeah, LeCorchik is definitely not a play-by-play guy, but hey, at least we got to listen to the radio. I liked when Doug (last name?) used to do occasional road games with Sean or whomever the play by play guy was at the time. He would openly admit during the game that he didn't know why he was on the radio haha great radio voice though

    Finally, a COMPLETE game victory for the Knights! Great first half, great second half! Good job Coach Reilly and team!!

  4. Nice road trip for both teams.

    Fanman, I really don't get it. If the game weren't on, you'd complain. When you all watched a game on the internet last year from, I believe, LHU, the rants around the student announcers were torrential. Was the MC game available on the radio? Please just be happy that GU sees the value to the fans to have the games on the air. Or don't listen.

    Did it ever occur to you that the station tried to get others to fill in? Or that Jim Marnella has some other commitments that don't allow him to get to as many games as you would like him to? There isn't an annopuncer that EVERYBODY likes. That said, at least the game was available to you. As stated before, imagine the uproar if it wasn't on at all. Airing the games is not a right or privelege for fans, it's a welcomed bonus.

  5. Fanman, one more thing (yeah, this has really touched close to home). Leave Erie around 7:30AM, spend four hours driving there, five hours at the game site and another four hours home. It comes out to around $4.50 an hour, all so that you can listen to the game from the comfort of your home.

    Are the Gannon announcers the best? Nope, never have been; it's Erie, after all. But the service provided to the fans should far outweigh their shortcomings. Whew! Glad I was able to post this on another free-of-charge venture run solely for Gannon fans at great efforting by the host.

  6. Boze:

    I agree with you 100%! I love our Gannon announcers though. Not a huge fan of LeCorchik but he adds some needed humor sometimes and he does know his basketball, as well as Erie history.

    But I think Gannon has some of the best announcers I've ever heard that announce only for one team (I.e- not like Dick Vitale, Bill Rafferty etc). Most announcers who are "team announcers" are so blind and biased that unless you are a fan who thinks everything your team does is right it's no fun to listen to. But whether it be th tandem of you and Roddy or Sean and Jim; great announcing! Clearly rooting for Gannon, but unbiased in-game commentary. Throrough but to the point.

    If Gannon ever went away from radio broadcasts, I'd demand all my tuition money back! haha :-)

  7. Glad to hear both teams kicked some Haven behind today, listened to most of the women's game, they played damn well in the 2nd half, and had to miss the guys game, hopefully they can continue it for MErcyhurst on Wednesday!

  8. Boze
    My main complaint is with Marnella. He doesn't seem to have much knowledge of today's (modern) BB. I think Jimmy L and Sean A are a great team. I like them both. More often than not I'm listening to the game while I am attending home games at the mill. As far as the complaint about LH's radio team, I don't know. It was while I was attending theClarion game last yr listening to their student broadcasters on the CU radio station. They were so biased that I had to turn them off. I usually try to listen to the games on the local station when I attend away games.
    Of course I appreciate WJET's broacast of the games and they after all must be making money and there is a demand otherwise they just woudn't do it to be nice to the GU fans.
    When I lived in TX I used to listen to GU BB on the I-net WERG. GU's radio station.
    Jim Marnella is older than I am and I've been retired for several yrs and he admitted on the radio today that he hadn't seen the girls play once this yr. What really got me was that they were so bored that GU was winning by 20 that they were complaining about time outs. All he wanted to do was leave. I'm sure Jimmy L gets paid and rightfully he should and I suppose Marnella did too after all it is a commercial radio broadcast station.
    Just be happy GU has the games on the radio? is like saying be happy GU has a BB team. Of course I'm happy that the games are on the radio and that GU has a BB team, but I don't have to be happy with one announcer or I don't have to be elated with GU's BB record.
    This isn't my 1st time around the block. I worn out many a shoe by now.
    You have never read that I have criticized the team or the coaches.
    Oh! and along with "free of charge venture (or venue)" I do have freedom of speech.

  9. Fanman, mea culpa. You are correct.

  10. Wow...we actually are only 1 game back? Damn...and how about we just win out and hope for the best? lol...and we lost to Mercyhurst the 1st time, so at best we will be 1-1 against them

  11. Ev, was also surprised to see the one-game behind scenario. Who knew?

    On a much brighter announcing note, former Gannon great point guard Jackie Windon is doing color this afternoon on STO for MAC women's basketball. Cool.

  12. Going to the GU/MC game?
    Arrive early its their "Pink Zone" game.
    I already got my tkts.

  13. Can we have a tailgate for the game tomorrow? lol

  14. tailgating is probably a no-go... from what I've heard fun is not permitted to be had on or within 1000 feet for Mercyhurst's campus...


  15. Speaking of fun

    Pour one out to the Antler's

    For us old timers it is a place full of memories

  16. ROFL coachcorey. Damn. Oh well, they haven't banned people wearing facepaint yet have they? lol

  17. based on their alcohol statistics, Mercyhurst students are having alot more fun than Gannon students and they do have a tailgate, and there is alcohol at said tailgate.

  18. Lol...I would beg to differ based on what I see on campus at times, and let's hope to GOD there are no drunk Mercyhurst fans....

  19. You'd have to be drunk to be a mercyhurst fan though... :-)

  20. Mercyhurst, where their BAC is higher than their GPA :) Does that sound about right?