Sunday, January 9, 2011

Righting The Ship

Whew, am I ecstatic Gannon won at Shippensburg today, 85-72, snapping an 8-game road losing streak which included a 3-game skein this year. I was beginning to worry that Canadian Clinton Springer-Williams, the only non-American on the GU roster, had developed xenodochiophobia (fear of foreign hotels) which had mutated into a domestic, contagious strain and infected all his teammates.

The Knights got well in a big way against the Raiders, racing out to a 22-point first-half lead and cruising from there. This game is a perfect example of why I don't bet on sporting events. Today, GU buries 7 of its first 9 three-point attempts. Just yesterday, Gannon went 0-for-4 on threes at Cheyney on their way to a 19-point drubbing that wasn't even that close. Meanwhile on Saturday, Shippensburg was handling previously unbeaten Clarion, 69-63. If you had to select a point spread before the Gannon/Ship game, no way would it have been Gannon +13. I can't begin to explain how such a turnaround for both teams could happen in a scant 24 hours. Did the Ship players celebrate their win too hard Saturday night? Was Gannon simply "due" for a breakout road game? Was there a new gameplan for either team? Was it just matchups?

You can imagine the Ship coaches talked before the game about Gannon's long distance ineptitude at Cheyney. And you can also bet that 15 minutes into the game today, after 7 treys had rained down on them, they were slamming their clipboards in frustration and asking, "Why us?"

I can't explain what happened, but I'm glad it did. Heading to IUP Wednesday with a 9-game road losing streak and 0-4 mark this year wouldn't be the right mindset for the Knights. Maybe they'll focus more that IUP won its home crossover games by narrow margins to ordinary teams this weekend -- 74-68 vs. Kutztown and 78-72 vs. East Stroudsburg -- and feel that the Crimson Hawks could be vulnerable at home, despite winning 28 straight at Memorial Fieldhouse. Or maybe it's a sign that IUP should win by 50. Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. Nice win today ... Don't be fooled by Ship's 53% from the field ... They shot 40% in the first half when the game was decided and must have played well in garbage time.

    And since we love a good blowout, I feel obligated to post a score from Gannon's next opponent that the @PSACSports Twitter feed clarified with (not a misprint). Women's basketball -- at IUP 86, East Stroudsburg 18. Poor ESU point guard Andrea Veres ... 0 points, three rebounds, 1 assist and 14 turnovers. More?

    Both Gannon teams need to be ready, or we'll be talking about a sweep.

  2. The Gannon Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Knights. lol....gotta luv em.:-)

  3. Tough crowd here ... Gannon loses and the posts come flying in. Gannon wins and all we get is one lonely sarcastic comment.

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  5. Wasn't meant to be sarcastic. Just a comedic effort to say that you never know which team is going to show up.
    Which I guess you'll have with a young team with a new system.
    I really like this team. I think they can be something special when Furno, Agee and Battle are JR's and Sr's if they can add the right pieces to compilment them.

  6. Give us something to have true confidence and we shall be all that you want us to be...

    However, a fan is after all nothing but a fanatic, would you have us all blind followers?

    Would you prefer us as Christian Knights were lead to the Crusades to get them out of Europe and stop wreaking havoc there? or modern fundamentalists - chirstian, jewish or islamic, blindly following the tenets of their faith with no analysis?

    We are fans - we want what is best for the program, for the university and for those who choose to represent it (and therefore us).

    However, I must say the uncertainty of the last two years, coming after the two previous outstanding seasons, leads to a melancholy state of mind.

    You want good thoughts after the Ship game?
    well the yoyo of the last two years has created a certain amount of pessimism...

    Be careful quoting stats - they are not really appreciated

  7. IUP will live broadcast (weather permitting) W & M games. GO to IUP site
    look for view game

  8. Click on multi-media then Penn Atlantic
    scroll down to PSAC
    enter zip code to log in
    that's it
    click on game
    I'm on it nw

  9. Fanman: Great info. Thanks very much. I'll tune in tonight.