Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Kick In The Gut

I'm not going to say much about Gannon's 72-70 home loss Saturday to Cal. I will say that this one really hurts. I think I literally feel a pit in my stomach. Why?

* The Knights are now 1-3 in the PSAC West, good for 7th place. The only win in that streak is vs. hapless Lock Haven, and the first half of that game felt like a loss.
* This was a loss at home, which hurt doubly as bad because it's so tough to win on the road in this conference.
* GU has lost 4 of its last 6. The Knights are now 4-4 in January with games vs. first-place Mercyhurst and at dangerous Clarion next week. With the way the team's played as of late, splitting those games (resulting in 5-5 mark for the month) would be an accomplishment. Can you guess the January record of last year's mediocre Gannon team? 5-5. The way this year's team started, I can't fathom them being on the same level as last year's club.
* If Gannon loses its next two, they'll be 1-5 in the conference with 4 road games left to play.

All I did was share some facts with you about the state of the club and what could be looming on the horizon based on their recent results. Do you have a pit in your stomach now, too?


  1. Missed the game today ... tough loss for the men. We won a few of these tight ones this year. We now have no home wins and minus one loss. We need a road win just to get to .500 in the conference.

    And the women's team got drilled. And no Shanna again.

    After two incredibly special seasons ('09 for men and '10 for women), 2011 shapes up to be a year of mediocrity.

  2. I suppose after that trip home from peach st James is working feverishly to come up with the positive angle on this one...

    Jimbo - I think they just needed to run run Roddy one or Roddy two ...

    I am sitting back pondering what to say and how to say so as not to upset anyone...

    God bless and pray for the best...There is a thin Line beween Saturday night and Sunday morning...

  3. Didn't see game or have a chance to listen (hate these afternoon games.. work every weekend), but just from seeing box score and recap (which I know the box score doesn't tell all and I can't get a good idea from it)...

    Glad to see Brown come off the bench; however wish Furno wouldve stepped up more (did they day anything about why the switch was made? I mean just for the obvious reasons? Or because tanner is healthy? Or brown is hurt or something?)
    I was actually thinking maybe crouch would be good in this lineup? Add to the shooters and give some great help on the man defense.

    Both teams seemed to have played solid games; one team just had to win.

    Excited for mercyhurst.

  4. -Well, I liked the overall effort level a lot more than the Edinboro game, and turnovers were way down.

    -Wasn't sure what to make of the new lineup, with Furno replacing Brown. Was there a need to get more size on the floor? Was it just for Cal because of matchups or is it going to be an ongoing situation? Did it limit GU's quickness? Did that account for more 3-point opportunities for Cal? Did it limit GU's ability to spread the court on offense?

    -Cal shot the 3 extremely well, particularly in the first half (there's the help defense again) and did a good job of limiting GU's inside game (just 16 shots taken by GU's 3 bigs, even though all 3 of them started).

    -3 GU players played 37 minutes each-normally would like to see them max out around 30-32 minutes, as Cal did. Makes for tired legs, and has a cumulative impact as the season goes on.

    -Either way, the team has to get ready for Wednesday. Can't dwell on this very long. Forward is the only available direction.

  5. Cal did a great job running off screens for those wide open looks at 3's

  6. Cal's 6-9 and a long 6-7 post players made for a disadvantaged mismatch for Battle. Thus Furno's insertion. Battle playing the 3 spot didn't hurt his production.

    I'm not sure cal limited our bigs shooting when GU settled for outside shots. We are a guard based team.

    They did play two halves; both teams were evenly matched ... we came up short, though I hate losing and hate being in the bottom of the division ... next to LH ... augh!

  7. I think the silence after this one speaks volumes...

  8. That's because we're all getting ready for our personal Super Bowl ... the Mercyhurst game. The previous 15 games have been meaningless exhibitions leading up to the one that really counts. We're basically 0-0 to this point. Come sunrise Thursday, we'll either be the 1972 Dolphins or the 1976 Buccaneers. It's the only one that matters. If we win, we will celebrate as if we have just won the national championship.

    Actually, the recent run of poor performance is due to the fact that Coach Reilly and his staff have pretty much been zeroed in on the 'Hurst for the last three weeks. I'm sure that his future employment status is tied to this game alone.

    (OK ... I'm not entirely serious. But going into the MC game, Gannon has been the elite team and MC has been the mediocre-to-bad team. Let's approach the Mercyhurst game the way that Mercyhurst approaches the Gannon game. Let's derail their season. :-) )

  9. That's exactly the way I felt at the Gannon
    mercyhurts football game. That is the season everthing else is gravey.

  10. Is this really where we are...from a mentality point?

    Have we fallen that far?

    If that is where we are at - I don't think Reil's has a chance...

  11. Well I want Gannon to be an elite team all the time and play for conference championships and compete in the NCAA Tournament. I think we all do.

    But the reality is, that for the last 6 years, we have only done that twice (assuming this year continues the same)

    This is a very young team that has the opportunity to be very good if we don't see mass defections (actually if Agee, Battle and Furno stay), and we can add a couple of key pieces.

    Maybe the problem is now with our expectations??? Maybe they should be tempered to be more "Mercyhurst-esque"?

    With the way MC is playing this year, GU will have to be at their best to come up with a win on Wednesday.

    Go Knights!!!!

  12. Is it sad to say that as a student I am willing to give up 3 years on the back end of my life for GU to beat Mercyhurst tomorrow? Us student fans HATE Mercyhurst with a passion, here's to hoping the teams play up to their potential tomorrow

  13. That post was mostly sarcasm; I always have to somehow make fun of Mercyhurst going into the MC game. Should be extremely interesting on Wednesday. Hope we can derail Mercyhurst's season and start something good at the same time.

    Jim -- I hear that the pit wasn't the worst thing in your stomach ... glad to hear that you're feeling better. :-)

  14. Student fans? GU has student fans? I had no idea that was the case.

    Seriously, though. I know, ewensel, that there are a handful of students that loyally support the GU hoops teams with a lot of enthusiasm.

    However, IMO, the level of support from the student body as a whole is laughable. I know that there's a lot of other things going on, but if you watch Pitt or Duke or any number of other schools on TV, those students manage to free up their schedules. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I don't see any semblance of that at GU, and I think it's kind of pathetic, really.

  15. Looking for a reason? How 'bout the university has not made going to games an integral part of the university experience? WOEFUL!!!!

    I have a friend who's daughter attends Pitt. Very studious, not a sports fan at all. But after hearing classmates talk about how cool being part of the Zoo is, she decided to give it a try. She is now a card-carrying, face-painting member of the Zoo, has blossomed both academically and socially and "finally feels a sense of community" (her words).

    The Audi used to be a tangible home court adantage. It's up to the university to bring that back. Step One: remind the students that attendance is FREE!!! Ewensel knows this, Beth knows this, why don't others know this? Make it fun, design activities around it, give everyone a t-shirt, come up with a name..... Oh, did I mention: tell them it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Boze,

    Trust us (and by us I mean people like Beth, the Gannon GUTS organization) on this, we are TRYING to find ways to get people to show up to athletic events, and not just basketball, and to be honest as a whole most of our efforts have not be working too well. And I do believe that most students know that it is free. We have tried to drum up buzz for the game tonight, and for the upcoming home games as well. I just can't figure out why the students don't want to show up to support the teams.

  17. ew,
    I appreciate the effort. But the UNIVERSITY has failed to make ANY attempt to increase student involvement. The UNIVERSITY needs to make game attendance an event, the UNIVERSITY needs to encourage student involvement, the UNIVERSITY needs to think, forget about outside the box, just think, of ways to enhance the overall college experience by creating the "sense of community" aforementioned.

    Does Student Activities get involved, the Greek Council, the Alumni office, and so on and so on.

    Everyone on this blog likes to hearken back to the "good old days", be it Summors and Baker, Wade and Wright, Moyer and Lyons or Lindsey and Goldcamp. And I'm willing to bet that everyone on hear would count games at the Audi among their fondest memories of the GU experience. Why not now? Bueller, Bueller........

  18. Boze,

    I will reply to this before I get the facepaint on for tonight. lol...But I am not sure how much if any student activities/ the greek council, etc get involved in getting the students out for the games. Even at times when some students show up, they don't even watch the game, which kinda kills the purpose of going to the game in my viewpoint anyway.

  19. Boze, you know why not now. Erie fans are some of the most fair-weathered around. When you win, they come, when you lose, they don't. And truth be told, every other PSAC school would kill to have the fan support that we have. Go check out an Edinboro home game when they aren't playing Gannon or Mercyhurst.

    Comparisons to teams like Pitt and Duke are just plain misguided. Those are division I institutions with long histories of excellence.