Monday, December 27, 2010

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

My family usually talks some Gannon hoops over Christmas dinner. But because the Knights have played only 5 games this year, we kind of ran out of things to talk about before the fruitcake was served. So my brother asked, "How's the Salem International women's team doing this year?" You might recall that Salem had lost 56 straight games -- most of them lopsided affairs -- before a season-ending win over Ohio Valley last year.

Did that positive momentum carry over into this season? Not exactly. Click here if you want to see the details of Salem's 2010-11 season. If you want to spare yourself that pain, just check out these lowlights:

* 0-13 overall. I don't have their league record because athletics at Salem are so putrid that the WVIAC kicked them out of the league this year.
* They're being outscored an average of 84-40. Their closest game was an 81-52 loss at Virginia State. Their ugliest game (that's saying a lot) was a 123-45 stinker at Davis & Elkins. D&E led 66-16 at the half.
* Our Fighting Tigers are pretty consistent shooting from the field. They hit 25% of their overall field goals at 24% of their threes. Keep chuckin' those treys, ladies!
* They're being outrebounded 51-32 on average. They've collected only 234 defensive rebounds while opponents have hauled in 279 offensive rebounds.
* Only 7 players are listed on the SIU stat sheet. If you look at the roster page and team photo, there are 12 players. I'm not sure what happened to the other five, but I'm sure none of them graduated. The roster is comprised of freshmen only.
* I wanted to read up on their head coach, but this is where the SIU website points me. That's appropriate.

We'll keep an eye on SIU for their remaining 12 games of the season. They've lost 69 of their last 70, but I have a gut feeling they'll turn things around soon. Or maybe that's just the fruitcake still digesting.


  1. Understand if going to the Porreco Cup you may want to take sun glasses.

  2. Did they finally get new lights installed????!!!!!

  3. as long as they're brighter!! The lighting was so poor the past few years we started bringing flashlights!

  4. I've heard that the new lighting is a lot brighter. I guess we'll see Wednesday evening.

    The funny thing is, they had updated the lighting about 10 years ago. If you thought the lighting was poor until this week, you should've seen it back about 20 years ago.

    C'mon, cc3. Flashlights?

  5. Ok we didn't bring flashlights because even that wouldn't have helped haha

    Had to make a stop at GU last night for work and saw lights from Cafe. Definitely look much brighter, now to see how they look from seats.