Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Loss Blues

I don't feel like I have the right to say much about Gannon's 79-70 loss at Urbana Saturday. First, I didn't see it and, second, I still feel like I barely know this Gannon team. The only obvious recommendation I can make is next time don't get down by 17 points in the first half on the road.

I'm disappointed that the Golden Knights lost their first of the season to the Blue Knights, but there seemed to be some bright spots:
* As Coach Reilly said in the postgame interview, this team proved they have guts by coming back on the road down by 17
* Good to see Kareem Brown pour in 21 points on 8-for-15 shooting, including 5-for-10 on threes
* Stephen Battle (8 points, 3 rebounds) and Kelvin Agee (15 points, 12 rebounds) continue to impress as freshmen

Urbana -- or UU as they call themselves occasionally -- comes to Erie on Dec. 18. I'll go out on a limb and say that Gannon's defense will be improved over the next couple weeks, and GU won't allow UU 79 points. I'll also predict that Urbana won't have a 24-3 edge in foul shooting as well.


  1. Well hell of a comeback attempt there in the 2nd half, just ran out of steam at the end. Just can't get down by 17 and expect to come back and win. Team showed some heart out there, that is at least a positive

  2. Why didn't steve play? Who ran the point? Crouch?

  3. Steve had the Flu.
    Against a 1-7 team they shouldn't have got in such a hole. I know they're a new together team, but they are not that young. Besides Urbana is barely out of the NAIA. Frankly, I expected a win here.

  4. I think we were all expecting the win here, but not having your team leader and point guard is definitely a blow (especially when the 3 guys sharing the minutes at the point combined for 10 of the teams 17 turnovers). Also, shooting 20 some percent or whatever the horrendous percentage was in the first half is hard to overcome especially when your defense is not up to par. Game's over, move on.. can't dwell on it; get ready for next game.

  5. We will see Urbana at the Hammermill on December 18th...hope for a better result.

  6. With the obvious exception of the horrible first half, I was very "content" with this game because
    1) we only lost by 9 (last year this was a 30 point loss)
    2) we fought the whole game, never gave up, made the comeback and just "wore out" (last year the game was over at half)
    3) We were missing our team leader and point guard and only lost by 9...
    4) we still have a winning record haha

  7. The Gannon Girls Team play their first home game on Thursday December 9th. (6pm).

  8. GU lost a game against a 1-7 team, who were playing their first home game. How could that happen? Well, an investigation of the old box score could point to part of the problem.

    GU shot 3 (that's t-h-r-e-e) free throws while UU shot 24. Total fouls were 18 on GU, 9 on UU. Now, normally, when you see those numbers, one of 2 things probably happened. First, of course, is that the Knights WERE playing on the road, and they got hosed by the refs. The second thing that may have happened is that GU didn't work the ball inside and get fouled in the process. Were they guilty of that? Let's take a closer look.

    Well, points in the paint were 44-24 in favor of Gannon. Hmmm.Their 2 primary inside players combined for 22 shots (one of which was a 3 pointer), and the 2 backups got 8 more 2 point shots betweeen them. So, on 29 2 point attempts, NONE of these players was fouled? UU's 3 listed forwards, who combined for 17 2 point attempts, shot 13 free throws. So, apparently GU fouled on so many of their defensive efforts and UU never fouled on 29 attempts? That seems unlikely. GU scored 7 more FG's than UU yet still lost. So much for Tom Chapman's old theory of getting the ball inside, getting to the FT line as a way to win games.

    Sure, GU missed having their PG on the court, shot miserably (and very early in the shot clock so frequently, it seemed) in the first half), and turned it over too much in their first road game of the year. But, after the game, I heard Coach Reilly complain about the officials for one of the few times I can remember. If the refs didn't cost GU the game, they sure didn't help.

  9. G74s post reaffirms my contentness with this game. I didn't get A chance to hear any of it but if the refs at all were to blame, then that's at least another somewhat positive notion that this game doesn't represent the end of the season. Well get 'em back at the Audi!

  10. Whatever,

    put the rose colored glasses away.

    it is either too early to really tell, we got beat by a bad team, or if we go through logarithmic extrapolation we could be close 2 beating UT...

  11. What makes them a 'bad' team? Their 2-7 record that comes after they played a brutal schedule? Unlike most teams, they didn't play a bunch of pushovers to open their season (and they did it all on the road). They only lost to Mercyhurst by 4 and mercyhurst is undefeated... We beat an NAIA Division 2 team by a handful of points after they lost to Findlay, and two high ranked NAIA teams by a handful of points, does that mean we are at the level of Findlay?

    Oh and my glasses are maroon colored, thank you very much!

  12. 1 - 7 speaks for itself,

    Coach, you sort of make my point, IT is really to early to tell

    We could be at the level of Findlay, or not.
    and the answers we thought we had after 2 games at home, may have been delusions brought on by our terrible thirst..

    We should all have a cold one or 3 sit back watch the steelers get pummeled and let the knights and riels figure out what kind of team we are going to be

  13. That's the point I was trying to make BMOC... Third game of the season doesn't really make a big factor. Not like we lost to the branches of Penn State like some of the other schools have struggled with.

    1-7 or 10-0... We lost by 9 missing our point guard but also shot a dreadful first half percentage. That doesn't tell us much besides the fact that it appears we don't really have a solid backup point guard. Let's see how tuesdays game goes before we bash them or hoist them.

  14. Central State does not have any juco's or cc's on their schedule.