Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where Are They Now?

Want to know where some ex-Gannon players have gone? Me, too. Here's the latest, courtesy of a Friend of Gannon Hoops:

- George Johnson is at Division II power Augusta State. They have an exhibition game Thursday at the University of Georgia. Please -- no jokes about him quitting the team after they lose that game.

- Filmore "Mook" Bouldes transferred to GLVC member Missouri S&T. They've had 2 exhibition games so far, but Bouldes has yet to play in either.

- Daren Dexter is at Division III Greensboro College (N.C.). In their 103-60 exhibition game loss to DI Elon, Dexter was the leading scorer with 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals in 30 minutes of action.

- Jerell Sanders is in the GLIAC now, suiting up for Ferris State. Sanders started in the Bulldogs' 69-39 exhibition game victory over Aquinas, but he did not score in 20 minutes of play. I'm sure he and combustible assistant coach Ed Douma will get along famously. UPDATE #3: Sanders had 9 points and 10 rebounds off the bench in FSU's overtime loss at Indiana. No, not Indiana (Pa.) -- at freaking Indiana University in Bloomington. Sanders hit what would have been a game-winning shot as time expired in regulation, but it was ruled just after the horn.

UPDATE #1 (thanks to Coach Corey)
- Anthony Simmons has landed at NAIA Division I Xavier (La.). In first game against Webber International, Simmons started and was 6-for-8 from the field for 12 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 turnover in 22 minutes playing time. I think the biggest shock here is that there's a Webber International University and they have an athletic program.

UPDATE #2 (thanks to an anonymous emailer)
Larry Swann has landed at NAIA Division II Dakota Wesleyan University (S.D.) . Swann has started and hit double figures in each contest for the 4-0 Tigers. He hasn't exactly found his shooting stroke yet, hitting on only 12-of-36 field goals attempts including just 3-for-12 from three-point range. The coolest thing of all is that DWU's home arena is the Corn Palace.

If you know anything about Isaac Reid's basketball situation, please let me know.


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  2. According to facebook, Issac Reid is at University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) set to graduate in 2012, however, he is not listed on UTSA's roster. Also, he has nothing on his page really about basketball... so I'm guessing he's not active with the team...?!


  3. Agreed! At first I thought it said Webber State (which I've heard of), but then when I realized they won I looked again and saw it said Webber International University.

    I'm still digging Xavier's athletic campus name "THE BARN".

    So can we call the Mercyhurst Athletic Center "THE SHED" from now on? :)

  4. Webber Int'l U, NAIA, 900 students total, 401 atheletes listed

  5. New article on the team on GU web page. Pretty much the same info on the players as stated in the roster section though three players are mentioned to be red shirting.

    Also, anyone hear how the team did in their scrimmage against Lake Erie last night?

  6. Tucker, Blanton and Eisenman are expected to redshirt. To me, Blanton is kind of a surprise out of those 3 to be redshirting. Even with as many players as they have, he seemed he might be an immediate statement maker. However, Coach Reilly sees differently and he is the coach. Eiseman is somewhat of a surprise (being he's a walk-on). Seems like walk-ons typicallys are "on the team" and just don't play at all. Maybe they're thinking he may end up being top notch and receiving some kind of scholarships in the future...?!

  7. Blanton's redshirting, I've heard, may be related to off-court issues, namely classwork. They allegedly want to make sure he can handle school before adding the pressures of performing on the court. Haven't heard anything about Tucker, but they probably want Eisenman to get a little stronger physically. Also, it is a big jump from PIAA class AA to NCAA Division II.

    Haven't heard anything about the scrimmage. Lake Erie's website indicated that they have had several earlier scrimmages, including one on October 15 in Canada (they must be fast learners, seeing that was the first day of practice). So, even if GU just held their own, that's saying something, given that this was their first outing and the large number of new players that are getting used to playing together.

  8. Lake Erie has a McDowell kid on the team...?

    Jordan Baker 6-8 sophomore center. I've never even heard of the kid until just now when I saw their roster. Anyone know anything about him when he was at McDowell??

  9. Baker is now at Lake Erie and was pretty much at McDowell,the classic big man project.

    He does possess some skills worked hard at McDowell to get where he is now. At McDowell, most of the teams they played didn't have anyone slow enough for him to guard, as most teams around here didn't have much height. Given the choice to have him try to guard a 6'2" opposition center or sit him, his coach didn't play him much.

    He IS legitimately 6'8" and long, but he has never been able to develop enough speed and strength to become a force in the pivot. For his sake, I hope he does, but hard to say if it will ever happen.

  10. Thanks for the info gannon74. I was wondering why I had never heard of him prior to that!

  11. Thanks to a GU fan who emailed me this info:
    George Johnson starts and scores 11 points in his exhibition debut at Augusta State, an 85-48 loss at Georgia.


  12. Nothing too surprising with GJ's stats... just under 50% from the floor, 30+% from 3FG, couple of rebounds, tied for lead in steals and led with most turnovers. The kind of shocking stat is the 0-5 A/TO Ratio.. Not the 5, but the 0. He always made his few mistakes a game, but he normally averaged a good amount of assists as well.


    Xavier, LA vs. Western Kentucky (Exh. Game):
    LOSS 69 - 84
    Anthony Simmons 2-4, 6pts; 6 reb; 1 ast, 2 to, 4 fouls; started and played 17 mins

    Missouri S&T vs. Livin' The Dream (huh?!)
    WIN 110 - 65
    Filmore "Mook" Bouldes is currently sidelined with a severe ankle injury suffered in preseason

    Sanders and Dexter don't play again (officially) until the 16 & 15, respectively. Still nothing on Reid.

  13. Anyone hear how the men did in their scrimmage against Canisius Sat.? or against Lake Erie on Wednesday?

  14. I see in the two exhibition games that the women played that Shanna Thompson did not play. Does anyone know why this was?

  15. I don't know anything about how scrimmages went, but I was told by people who asked others (I'm assuming possibly Coach Reilly...?!) that the response was "It went as all scrimmages go". Also, if these are true scrimmages (which I'm assuming they are since they are hush-hush) they don't keep score normally. It's usually a watered down practice scrimmage except it's against an actual opponent. It's more coaching points than actual playing (Coaches can stop in the middle of the game to explain something, have teams reset and re do a play, etc). Now I do not for sure that this is what these scrimmages have been, but that'd be my guess if they are calling them scrimmages. In addition to that, I was talking to a friend's father and he said he heard they ended up not scrimmaging Canisius and they scrimmaged someone else in their place (he thought it was Behrend). Don't know if there's any truth to this, just sharing it.

    Bob - I didn't even realize that Thompson was still on the team! haha when i saw the box scores and saw she hadn't played I kept thinking she graduated last year. Hoping it's an injury (as compared to academic troubles) and that it's nothing serious at that.

    8 days until the Maroon & Gold Scrimmages!!!!

  16. Re: Thompson- I was told she had yet to complete some of her off-season requirements in the area of conditioning, so she isn't playing.

    Re: the men's scrimmages- they were said to have been better vs Canisius (and the DID play Canisius) than they were vs. Lake Erie (Lake Erie had already played a couple scrimmages, which can make a difference since GU hadn't played any prior). GU scrimmages Behrend this week sometime.

    In most scrimmages, the score is kept in each period, then zeroed out afterwards instead of acculumating over the entire scrimmage. Typically, in college, the teams play
    3 20 mnute periods during scrimmages. That gives the coaches a chance to see everyone on the roster in action.

    Re: the Women's exhibition games-Let's hope the massive number of turnovers that has plagued them (averaging 24 TO's per outing)is the result of the speed differential between a D1 and a D2 school, and not a major problem at the guard position.

  17. Well, at least they're improving then if they did better vs. Canisius. That's a good sign.

    And, just taking a guess, I'm going to say the TO's is because of the difference in D1 and D2 because a lot of them have been steals (Dayton had a ridiculous number of steals). Positive note though, if you look at box score and take away the TO's for GU Women.. they both could've been real good games. So if they can work on that, this could end up being a fun season.

  18. Been told Gannon outscored Lake Erie 2 of the 3
    20 min periods.

  19. If we all show up for the Behrend scrimmage Thursday, will coach R kick us out!?.. LOL. Im ready for the games to begin!

  20. Xavier vs. Carver; W 83 - 64
    Anthony Simmons (starter) 6-13 FG, 5-5 FT= 17PTs, 11 rebs, 1 TO, 1 block in 18 minutes

    Dakota Wesleyan vs. SW Minn St; L 62-79
    Larry Swann (starter) 5-10 FG, 2-3 3FG, 2-2 FT for 14 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 turnover in 23 minutes

    Jim - forgot someone in your "where are they now" bit... Andrew Sweny and Jonathan Jones.. DUH!!!

  21. Any word on the Behrend scrim last night?

  22. not exact but outscored PSB by:
    4, 7, 4 ("won" all 3 games)

  23. Also word is that behrend scrimmaged edinboro last week and beat them all 3 "games". The 1st they won by double digits.

  24. Are we excited about 'beating' behrend

  25. For what we experienced last year, I'd be excited to beat the hilbert womens team haha

  26. I wouldn't worry about who "won" and who "lost" a scrimmage. Coaches are just tinkering with lineups and schemes instead of matchups and winning. They sometimes run the same play 5 times in a row or keep a lineup in that isn't working just to make sure they get 10 possessions. Pretty much everything that happens prior to the regular season is inconsequential.