Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're Number ... 4?

The PSAC announced its preseason coaches poll today, with Gannon tabbed #4. What exactly does that mean? Absolutely nothing. Seriously. You're better off guessing what Cleve Wright's going to eat for lunch on Aug. 25 of next year. (My money's on Spaghettio's.)

Let's take a look at what the experts said about our Golden Knights last year. First, the Knights were among "others receiving votes" in the 2009-10 NABC preseason Top 25. Even more comical was the predicted finish of the PSAC West last year. The coaches forecasted: IUP (which was a no-brainer), Cal, Gannon, Slippery Rock, Mercyhurst, Edinboro, Clarion, and Lock Haven (an other no-brainer in part because their coach is a no-brainer). Cal and Slippery Rock didn't even make the playoffs while Clarion surged to second place.

Here's my predicted finish for how the West will be won this season. My methodology is simple: IUP is first, Lock Haven is last, and everyone else will be picked at random. Let's look after the season and see if my technique is more accurate than the PSAC coaches. I'm actually going to write names of the 6 remaining schools on scrap paper and pick them out of a Gannon hat. Here goes:
1. IUP
2. Cal
3. Mercyhurst
4. Edinboro
5. Clarion
6. Gannon
7. Slippery Rock
8. Lock Haven

So when Gannon comes in second, I'm sure someone will say, "Ha ha! You thought they were going to miss the playoffs!" I'll blame my hat.


  1. I'm hoping you'll "eat your hat" ha ha

  2. I'm surprised we aren't listed in last place. We are an unknown team with seven new players. No one knows how this team will play.

  3. I think it's in the name. USC and Michigan (up until they lost to Appalachian State) in College Football, Lakers in NBA, Patriots and Colts in NFL, etc. They are always "picked" in the pre-season to be at the top because of their name; regardless of how they did season before (some slight exceptions occur occasionally)

    But then again, look at last year! With the way it started, did anyone think we'd finish 4th?

    I say Gannon finishes no higher than 3rd and no worse than 6th

  4. Hey, an octupus can pick World Cup games correctly; why can't your hat pick the PSAC?

    But having Mercyhurst University (yes, they have applied for University status) in third is sacrilidge.

  5. RIP Paul the Octopus who died last week :( his 8-0 world cup will never be forgotten. ha

    To replace him, I think we should use Jim's daughter. Put the teams in a hat and have her count 1-8 and pick the names out.

    Jim - Can you do this? I'd really like to see what the little Roddy picks out! ha ha

    Side note - Good luck in your first game coaching today Jim!

  6. Jim- how'd the first soccer game go?