Saturday, October 23, 2010

Le Troy Nesmith

One of my all-time favorite interview subjects -- no matter what school, sport, or gender -- was former Golden Knight All-American Troy Nesmith. I recall conducting a pre-season interview him and Steve Moyer together in the Gannon library. The always extremely confident Nesmith said something like, "I think we're the best backcourt in Division II basketball, and maybe one of the best in all of college basketball." Nesmith was skilled at shooting both the ball and his mouth off.

I was excited when I did a Google search tonight for "Troy Nesmith" and came across a video interview about his European professional basketball career. Watch and listen to it by clicking here. Does he seem different to you?

Here are a few other Nesmith-related stories. I love the English-translated headlines:
* Troy Nesmith, born leader
* Troy Nesmith returned to Alsace. This story makes no sense to me.
* The favorite Dessenheim. Not much value here, except a good picture of Nesmith rebounding.

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