Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gannon Team Photo

Thanks for the heads up from Gannon SSID Dan Teliski and GUBBFWLR that the team photo is now online at Here are the photo IDs:

Front row (L-R): Kelvin Agee (12), Kareem Brown (5), Anthony Clagett (10), Steve Piotrowicz (3), John Eisenman (4), Danard Crouch (20), and Ramon Smith (32). Back row: Alvin Tucker (15), Darrell Blanton (40), Stephen Battle (30), Travis Brannen (42), Tanner Furno (21), Dennis Rumph (2), Clinton Springer-Williams (1), and Malcom Woodbury (25).

Personal note: My daughter's favorite player is the guy whose uniform number matches her age. Past faves have been Joe Lindsey (3) and Piotrowicz (4). Congratulations Kareem Brown!


  1. why does it seem like they always wear road uni's for the pic? I can only remember a few times they wore the white... It may just be me, but I've always thought the home uni's look "nicer" than the road uni's. Sorry, just a random blat haha

    Official Practices begin in how long? A week? two weeks? Getting anxious and excited... shall we start doing the "record predictions" now for a Famous Jim Roddy Prize? haha

  2. Wasn't last year's photo taken in the home whites? Wait, I think I still have last year's poster somewhere. Yep, there it is.

    White home uniforms-and look how that turned out. This year, road maroon works for me.

  3. thank you for clarifying Gannon74

    They also wore white the year they went to Elite 8.

  4. Jim - Does your daughter's "favorite" selection mean that Brown is guaranteed to stay and produce? (as her first two favs have/did)

    Also, what will she does for the years her age ends in 6, 7, 8 or 9? Please tell me she won't resort to having a favorite NBA player!! :( haha

  5. Some neurotic observations:

    1. Looking at the team photo something bothered me but I couldn't tell what it was: then it struck me - they are spread out so far it seems as if they cannot stand one another.
    Now I realize they were likely posed in those spots, but it just gives me an unpeaceful, uneasy feeling, that i know way let me down...

    2. Secondly, Jim your hopes from the last post that we would only need to replace 3 next year just struck a neurotic cord with the picture... I am guessing 7-8 will be gone from that photo..

    I am leaving now for my psychiatrist; the season is still more than a month away and look at the fine mess you've gotten me into ollie!

  6. BMOC -- Good gravy ... you ARE neurotic. :)

    But you may be onto something. Note last year's women's BB team photo ... they are standing MUCH closer together.

    And the 2008-09 team also stood closer together:

    Perhaps if they took the picture with their arms around each other, they'd win the national championship. :)

    Oh on ... am I neurotic?

  7. One other question ... Dennis Rumph is number 2. Can't say that I remember a player wearing #2 in recent history. Who was the last player to wear the deuce?

  8. I could be wrong, but I don't remember ANY player ever wearing #2, In fact, James Bryant was the first GU player I can ever recall wearing #1 just last year.

    There was a time that basketball players weren't allowed to wear #1 or #2, for reasons I don't know. May have had something to do with referee's signals to the scoring table. That ended about 5-10 years ago.

  9. I am with gannon74... I don't remember ANYONE ever wearing #2 and I can't remember #1 being worn for the longest time. (I was going to say ever, but my buddy said he thought there was a kid about 4-5 years ago that wore #1.. I'm not sure, kind of sounds familiar, but no idea really).

    Random... Wasn't Joe Lindsey the first player to wear #3 since Moyer graduated? And has anyone worn #23 since Troy Nesmith?

    What I want to know is when is someone going to break the trend and bust out the #0 jersey?

  10. Looking back at last years team poster Isaac Reid was wearing #2. Hopefully Dennis Rumph works out better than that did.

  11. JRD: You are correct. Isaac Reid wore 2 for 1 game before becoming a 0.

  12. I didn't think you could count Reid's cameo. If you want to be that particular, I think Andrew Sweny actually wore #2 for the one game he played in, too.

  13. Gannon74: Well played! You are correct - Sweny played in 2 games with uniform #2.

    While we're talking uniform numbers, who is the last Gannon player to wear #13? It's a retired jersey ... but the person who it's retired for isn't the last player to wear it. If you get this correct, I'll give you 2 tickets to the Feb. 23 Lourdes College at Urbana game (unless it's already a sellout).