Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Knight: Alvin Tucker G jr. 6-3

All of Gannon's new players will have to make adjustments this season, but Alvin Tucker may have it the worst. The last two seasons he's been at sunny Florida Tech in Melbourne, Fla., where he averaged 8.6 points and 5.6 rebounds (2nd best on the team). Tucker played in all 27 Panther games last year, starting 3, shooting 46% from the field including 22-of-58 (38%) from three-point range. He shot 80% from the free throw line and registered 32 steals, both second best on the team.

Tucker, who hails from Upper Marlboro, Md. -- where John Reilly has a slew of connections from when he grew up there -- played scholastically at Georgetown Prep. He averaged 16 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals as a senior for the Little Hoyas. (Side note #1: I don't know what a "Hoya" is, so I'm really confused about what a "Little Hoya" could be.) Tucker shot the ball well, hitting 78% on free throws and 48% on threes. He led Georgetown with 32 three-pointers in 25 games.

That data above is from the press release on his signing with Florida Tech two years ago. Here's some other info from that release you may find interesting:
* "Tucker was voted the number one most underrated player in the Interstate Athletic Conference. After suffering an injury his junior year, he started the 2007-08 in the shadows of two other players receiving Division I offers. Tucker, however, made an immediate impact on his team, posting double figures in nine of the team’s first 10 games. He eventually led the Little Hoyas to an IAC Tournament Championship and earned all-conference honors for his efforts on the court. He was additionally named to the Good Counsel Tip-Off Classic All-Tournament Team after leading his team to the championship game."
* Georgetown Prep coach Dwayne Bryant (Side note #2: Yes, he played at Georgetown in the late 80s.): "Alvin is a terrific kid who I think could be an instant contributor to Florida Tech as a freshman. Florida Tech is getting an excellent basketball player and an even better person."
* Tucker: "My dream is to use my athletic and intellectual talents to further my education and become a first generation college graduate in my family."

Here are a few more tidbits on Tucker:
* This article from the Washington Post talks about a big Little Hoya win and includes quotes from Tucker. (Side note #3: How cool would it be as a high school kid to wear those Georgetown uniforms?)
* I'm guessing this photo of Tucker won't be in the Gannon media guide.

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Final side note: Why does the guy in this video remind me of Mercyhurst coach Gary Manchel? Take 5 minutes today to watch this video. You'll thank yourself (and maybe me) after you do. I'd like to find out where this guy got his Master's in Communications.


  1. Re: Video - Could be a good anti-drug commerical.

    Re: Coach Church - I didn't think his omission from the BB roster was an over-sight.

    Re: Rap on all the new players, I'll wait and see how things shake out.

  2. Have heard from several sources (including an earlier entry on this blog)that Coach Church is gone after getting a better offer.

    The more I see and read about these new players that are all about the same size, have similar skill sets and apparently play the same position, the more I think there may be at least 2 redshirt candidates among them. Just thinkin' out loud.

  3. As to Church... I go every Sunday but to Coach..."Can't miss what you never had!"

    As for Clinton S-W, Alvin, etc... i like that of the guards coming in there seems to be a fair amount of experience at this level or above... and although I haven't seen all of thenm in person as of yet, Ido notice that seem to have a large build on the whole as compared to last years crop. which all seemed to be undersized, or lacking 'physicality' (I love that word).

    According to the roster we have some beefy wings (2/3 spots), hopefully the are not 'deceptively slow', like a knight from the past...Chapman could turn a clever phrase...

  4. Yep -- Church went to play for his former Ashland assistant coach Linc Darner at Florida Southern:

    That would be the same as me going to coach with John Reilly. If only he had an opening on his staff ...

  5. Yeesh ...

    I like how the guy in the video keeps screaming as he paces away from the podium, then has to quietly go back to the podium to find his place in his script. But the best part was how he mentioned one of his favorite quotes from Albert Einstein, one of the "greatest quotes in the history of the spoken word" and then screwed up the quote and has to correct himself. I was waiting for the part where says that he lives in a van down by the river.

    And as a follow-up, Alexander Zumbar won the nomination that night, not Davison.