Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gannon to Wright: Cleve, Don't Leave!

Just wanted to make sure that everyone heard the great news today that Gannon extended Cleve Wright's contract through 2012-2013. My only criticism of this is that GU didn't extend it through the 2112-2113 season when Wright will be 145 years old. Does anybody have anything negative to say about this guy? (I'm asking that rhetorically. I'm really not looking for dirt on him.) Kudos the the Gannon administration for making this move.


  1. What a class act! He wins, he's stable, he's got stable players and in turn they graduate and lead productive lives. Way to go GU on making a GREAT decision. I'd let my daughter play for him if she was good enough to play in college at the D2 level. No quesion!

  2. Class act - Great Guy

    but a couple of quesitons...

    Is it a one or two yr extension?
    Not to be a pessimist BUT it does seem an
    odd length
    Seem like a nugget for recruiting but not a
    long term commitment by one of the two

  3. Ditto above. Really agreat guy. Glad we were able to keep him after being named D2 COY.

  4. from what i can see, this is a 1 year extension. he was extended until 2011-2012 last july.

    i'm agreeing with everyone else. i truly think gu has one of the best, and certainly one of the classiest coaches in the psac, if not all of d2.

  5. Seems even more odd if it was just extended in July and then extended again now...

    Is GU afraid of a long term commitment to him... or is he keeping his options open?

  6. I have no inside source to back this up but from what I've heard from the majority is that he isn't looking long-term. I don't really think it's a matter of keeping options open, it sounds it's more he knows that Erie isn't where he wants to settle for life. Also it doesn't sound like it's a "eries a bad place" thing either. I believe they are from Texas and want to move back there at some point. So it sounds to me it's more of a home town advantage thing. Even if he was offered a HS job back home, he may go.

    Again just speculation and rumors nothing solid. But hey, on paper, GU women have him for 3 more years. Let's see if they can make history again.


  7. You know Gannon women's basketball has arrived when wild, unsubstantiated rumors about the coach leaving are discussed in the off-season the day after he signs a contract extension.

  8. these are rumors that have been going around for years...

    No one said he was leaving; just possible reasons whey GU hasn't signed him to some multi-year deal through 2050-2051.

    And GU Women's basketball arrived back in the days of Jen Gwin, Monica Bortz, Kristin Roseberry, Sandy (Zirkle) Trocki, Jacki Windon, Kim Bates, Christina Jackson, Sara Kitchen, Casey England, etc. It's now more of a settlement in Erie, PA.

    In regards to women's team... anyone know what happened to early recruit Jenny Papich (believe she was from Pittsburgh? highly recruited player..) They have a "rough draft" roster for 10-11 season posted for Women's, but she's not even listed on the incoming sheet.

  9. Jim, it's simple, people care about winners, and ignore the losers...

  10. I have no info to back this up, but I don't think that too many D-2 coaches have long-term agreements. Are we supposed to be worried that Cleve didn't sign a Coach K-like lifetime contract?

    GU may be too cheap to commit a boatload of $$, or Cleve could understandably be keeping his options open. Who really knows?

  11. Jim -- Don't mean to highjack this discussion, but I was curious as to what the Lock Haven men's basketball coach's contract status is to get some kind of comparison with Cleve's contract status. I got this:


    I guess that coach Wilson's contract isn't being renewed and he says that the AD favors the womens sports and hates men. Anyone else see this?

  12. Jim - great comment last night!...

    i suggest 'we' watch the speculation and look for facts and not fiction...

    i took a moment to review Coach Wright's Bio last night and saw NOTHING about Texas roots, etc...just mid-west coaching stops...

  13. So,
    with a recruitiung class that...
    has a transfer - OMG
    only one forward - Can u believe?
    and apparently 4 guards.. (total, 3:1)

    Are we going to challenge Cleve scouting recruiting, logic?

  14. a kid by the name of alvin tucker has enrolled in one of my classes at gu and when the traditional "tell us about yourself" thing went around, he said he is from maryland and came to gu from a school in florida. he came bc reilly brought him here. i did google him (naturally)and he played for florida tech the last two years.....really really late signer??

  15. Florda Tech has an updated roster...for 2010-2011

    No mention as too Alvin Tucker leaving, but he is gone from their roster:
    2009 - 2010
    25 min, 8.6 pts, 5.6 reb: 38 asst, 57 TO, 32 steals;
    played in all 27 games, started 3