Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Former Knight in FIBA World Championships

I'm sure that not every Gannon Hoops fan is following the FIBA World Basketball Championships taking place now in Turkey, but after reading this post you might follow the tourney a little closer. And I'm not talking about Team USA. Former Gannon player Zaid Al-Khas is a member of the Jordanian national team and receives quite a bit of playing time. Through three games, Al-Khas has played 66 minutes, scoring 16 points and grabbing 17 rebounds.

Since his days in a Gannon uniform, Al-Khas has been playing professionally in Jordan and doing well. Heck, the guy has his own Wikipedia page and is a hit on YouTube. Al-Khas was one of the most underrated Golden Knights of all-time. He was big, strong, wide, had good hands, a soft touch, and rebounded like a bull. Yet when GU fans talk about the best big men in recent Gannon history, they talk about Josh Morgan, Geoff Husted, and Kyle Goldcamp but rarely is Al-Khas in the conversation. Good to see him fulfilling his dream as a pro basketball player and representing his country in a prestigious tournament.


  1. Jim, great catch. In fact, I was going through some old video tapes and came upon Gannon vs. Ashland at the Audi. Moyer with some outrageously long threes, Tony Lyons being Tony Lyons, and two tremendous dunks by Zaid off fast breaks. Cool that he's doing well, and I hope we get a chance to see his team during the FIBA championships.

    On a side note, this past weekend was the Barclays on the PGA tour. Some of the announcers were pronouncing it "Bar-Claze", when the correct pronunciation is like Charles. Reminded me of your pronunciation of "Find-Lay"; still a fond memory of great daze gone by.

  2. Always enjoyed watching Zaid, such a good all-around player.

    I noticed the story in the ETN this morning about Mercyhurst's recruiting class. I know that this is a Gannon blog, but I think we should all familiarize ourselves with the Lakers. Partly so we can know a bit more about who we are beating. Partly because if we don't, who will? Their one fan who stands and claps like an obnoxious seal?

    Here are the new Lakers: http://goerie.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100831/BASKETBALL03/308319942/-1/SPORTS

  3. I agree ... Zaid is probably one of the most underrated players at GU in the past couple of decades.

    The YouTube video if him is typical ... unspectacular, but effective.

    Glad to see that Zaid is doing very well.

  4. In Jordan's 88-79 loss tonight vs. Argentina, Al-Khas played 18 minutes, recording 5 rebounds and 0 points on 0-for-1 shooting. Not stellar, but then again he was playing against Luis Scola of the Houston Rockets.

  5. AS for the hurts... why polute our nice clean page with their "#$@^%@#$"

    As always they have a 'intimidating' recruiting announcement - DI transfers...a Cannuck...

    And while they will likely be a thorn in our side...they worry about 2 or 3 games a year....

    the reality is Mercyhurts is mercyhurts... and the spelling IS intentional!

  6. Some telling statistical nonsense....
    The Hurts 3 DI transfers...
    combined averages total out to...
    29 min per game, 4 rebounds, 3 points
    Our I DI transfer..
    27 min per game, 2 rebounds, 10 points

    meaningless I know but I was bored and curious...

  7. Final game vs. Germany: 12 points and 9 rebounds. Good stuff.

    Jim, I've talked to a number of GU fans and former players who found this information on the blog. Leaps and bounds!

  8. Boze: Thanks for the updated stats and kind words. I have to give credit to former GU standout Aaron Garrity for letting me know a couple months ago that Zaid was a big deal in his home country.

    BMOC: Interesting stats. When a guy's GPA is higher than his scoring average, that should cause you some pause.

    Golden: Do you think Zaid is the best player in Gannon history whose first name begins with Z? And is he also the best player in Gannon history with a hyphenated last name?

  9. The answer to your first question is a definitive yes, since Zaid is the only GU player whose first name begins with Z.

    Only three other letter-winners have a Z in their first name: Jazz Emling, Naz Servidio (both in the 1940s) and of course, Bronze Zimpson.

  10. The GU's BB page has the new players listed. No pics or info other than their vitals. Does have Alvin Tucker listed as well as a player fr. Ont. Small team. Coach Church is not listed??
    Only change I see with the returners is that Furno put on 15 pds in the off season, now 215. Still light in the trunk but more is always better for him.

  11. I did notice another thing Kyle Servance is not on the Roster. I think this was the one JIm R thought was the real sleeper in the group.

  12. I had heard that Servance wasn't here and that an unannouced kid from Canada WAS here. Never heard of either the Blanton kid or the Tucker kid (except on this blog, where Tucker was mentioned). Sounds like Coach is still scrambling, but I'm not sure we'll see anyone who Walks Like Jordan. I've also heard that some of these kids will redshirt, so we'll see.

    Saw Furno at the football game, and it does appear that he's a little broader, I thought more in the shoulders and back than anywhere else.

    The other thing that struck me from the roster is that pretty much every player (except for Steve and Eisenman, who need the additional inches) is listed an inch or two smaller than previous sources have listed them. This could be just realistic sizing, or it could be a plan to surprise opposition during games when the players turn out to actually be taller than listed (an old Marcel Arribi tactic).

    Regardless, this IS still a pretty small team.

  13. Found a lot on the Canadian from Brock U on google

  14. Gannon74 -- Didn't Dukiet do that? IIRC, Akol Tong was 7' 3" under Chapman, but shrank four inches to 6' 11" under the Duke.

  15. Yeah, that sounds familiar. I always assumed that Chapman loved to hype everything possible about his program, while Dukiet did choose to err on the low side.

  16. Blanton appears to have originally committed to Akron and was a prolific scorer in Juco

  17. hey
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