Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Knights Announce 2010-11 Schedule

Gannon unveiled the upcoming season's schedule today, and maybe the most compelling part of the announcement was the subhead of the press release: "Recruiting Class and Roster Changes Expected to be Announced Soon." I'm certainly looking forward to that information.

The 2010-11 schedule has very few head-turning announcements. Here are the highlights:
* Due to the NCAA's Smart Balance initiative, the Division II regular season has been reduced to 26 games from 27.
* GU opens the season with the Gary Miller Classic Nov. 26-27. The Classic field includes Northern Michigan, Cedarville (Oh.), and Daemen. Just because you've never heard of Cedarville, don't laugh at them. They've had a respected NAIA program for decades.
* The Porreco Cup is set for Dec. 29-30 with Wayne State (Mich.), Seton Hill, and NCAA qualifier East Stroudsburg.
* The remaining independent schedule is two home-and-home series with NCAA qualifier Central State (Oh.) and Urbana.
* The Knights will see the rest of the PSAC East this year as Millersville and West Chester come to town. Gannon will face Shippensburg and Cheyney on the road.
* I'm always amused by the part of the press release that hypes the PSAC West and outlines that portion of the schedule. You know Gannon SID Dan Teliski is just dying to write one year, "If you don't know who's in the PSAC West, look it up you lazy lout."
* Did I call the NCAA "Life in the Balance" initiative "Smart Balance"? Smart Balance is a delicious buttery spread which is actually good for you. Life in the Balance is NCAA administrators fooling themselves that lopping one game off the schedule makes a real difference for athletes. My error.

You guys were pretty harsh when Gannon announced last year's schedule, most of us scoffing that the Knights had to lower themselves to play Urbana and Lake Erie ... who GU promptly finished 0-4 against. This schedule seems fine to me. There appear to be no dogs on it; everybody's a respectable basketball institution. Except for Lock Haven.

Speaking of Lock Haven, tonight I stumbled across this article from earlier this year about John Wilson, Jr., the Bald Eagles dreadful head coach. Apparently he's suing the school in part because he's been given "less than satisfactory performance ratings." In 11 years the guy is 55-209 and he's never had a winning season. If Lock Haven actually had any fans, they'd be well within their right to sue him.


  1. Right now, I'm just a tad below LOVING this schedule (read below to find out why I say this)...

    1) We open the season right with the Gary Miller Classic. Regardless of the strength of our team or the tourney field, a reknowned tournament like the Gary Miller Classic is a great way to open a new season.
    2) We don't play Urbana AND Lake Erie.
    3) We don't play a team THREE TIMES (Lake Erie).
    4) Central State is an "uncommon" opponenet, new face (regardless of their level of play).
    5) We don't have any Penn State or Allegheny subdivision teams.
    6) The tourneys are a mix of known and few unknown teams (Known - Northern Michigan, Daemen, Wayne State, Seton Hill, ESU; Unknown - Cedarville). And by being known teams, they aren't teams that we see all the time, year-round (i.e. - Edinboro), but for the most part they are teams we could see in NCAA postseason play (NMU, WSU, ESU, etc).
    7) We don't play the Laker Erie Lawsuits AT ALL!

    Now, this is the reason why I don't just flat out LOVE the schedule...
    1) We play Urbana 2x in a 2 week span. I'm still not a big fan of this scheduling blunder. In my opinion, you should never play an opponent twice within a month (unless it's like the first of the month and then 30th of the month). Exception to this is obviously postseason, when you are just happy to be playing ANY opponent still.

    But all in all.. I'd grade this schedule - B+ (last year's would've been a D at best)

    And, Jim, I as well am very anxiously looking forward to the announcement of "roster".

  2. I believe Central State's AD is NFL Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow.

  3. Odd story Tuesday from Fox/WJET. They announced that George Johnson is transferring to Augusta State. For regular followers of this site, that's not shocking news. But JET didn't name a source for this, and Gannon certainly hasn't released this information. You can read/see the report here: http://yourerie.com/fulltext/?nxd_id=120945

    JRD: You are correct about Winslow. Thanks for the tidbit. Here's his official bio:

    If you ask me, they should have used this photo for his bio instead of the formal pose:

  4. It was posted on the Augusta State site on the 15th. Maybe someone googled it yesterday like I did?

  5. Clown called him Jones for the story lead in, then seamlessly corrected himself in the middle of the video report

  6. Well one of his Boys from Wakefield was there at ASU so that explains part of it...

    But I have heard that his leaving was not unwanted... Riles gave him a second chance when he probably shouldn't, and the tight lipped team has only let it be known that a resign or be terminated...
    I suppose he never did really grow up, that he wasfine being the man / behind the scenes. But really didn't relish or want the leadership role that he was asked to accept. In fact he not only rejected it but left a train wreck in his wake as the season progressed.

  7. I was told basically the same thing, that the returning players were pretty fed up with Johnson's act. In fact, apparently, most of the players weren't all that happy about Johnson returning to the team after his November-December "vacation".

    Although his game-day contibutions were important in the limited success that last year's team experienced, his behavior at all other times (practice, for example) and his self-centered attitude may actually have done the team more harm than good in the long run.

  8. Johnson had wanted to transfer to Augusta State before last season (not sure why he didn't...?!) and then after he "left" he was contemplating doing it then. However, he found out if he didn't return to Gannon and/or if he transferred elsewhere at that point in time, he would lose a year of eligibility. I give the kid credit for coming back and playing as hard as he did for "not wanting to be there". I mean he almost single handedly led Gannon past National Finalist, IUP. Now his actions in practice I do not have any respect for, but his game mindset was extraordinary. I know I could not do that in a place I did not desire to be.

    I do feel, in the long run, this will be a good move for Gannon. Johnson could not handle being the "go-to guy". He liked it when he was the "5th player" of the starting 5, as compared to having to be THE player.

    I wish him and Augusta State nothing but the best.. and hey, this does open up another scholarship spot for Gannon!

  9. Well, Augusta State's golf team won the Division II national championship. Maybe George wants to get closer to a winning team.

    By the way, using World Cup terminology, we can say that George Johnson's game winning shot against Clarion was taken in "stoppage time."

  10. Nice schedule in many ways.

    One of the nice things about the schedule is that the crossover games are night contests rather than the dreadful afternoon games.

    It also looks like the GLIAC lightened up with the ban on scheduling Gannon. The women's team is playing in the Ferris State tournament as well.

    Mercyhurst has not yet announced its schedule. Someone make sure to post their independent schedule so that we can get a good chuckle.

  11. And the seven new recruits are:

    Kelvin Agee (Niagara Falls, N.Y./Niagara Falls High School)
    ~ 6-2, Guard, Redshirt Freshman

    Stephen Battle (Waldorf, Md./Thomas Stone High School)
    ~ 6-5, Forward, Freshman
    ~ Averaged 17.5 points, 11.5 rebounds, 3.2 blocks and three assists as a senior

    Kareem Brown (New London, Conn./New London High School)
    ~ 6-2, Guard, Senior
    ~ Transferred from NCAA Division I Coppin State
    ~ Led Coppin State last season in points per game (10.0) and three-pointers (57)

    Anthony Clagett (Washington D.C./Friendship Collegiate Academy)
    ~ 6-1, Guard, Junior
    ~ Transferred from Allen County (Kan.) Community College
    ~ Led Allen CC to a 17-13 record last season
    ~ Averaged 12.1 points, 4.5 assists, 3.2 rebounds and 1.5 steals last season

    Kyle Servance (Laurel, Md./Reservoir High School)
    ~ 6-0, Guard, Junior
    ~ Transferred from Howard (Md.) Community College
    ~ Ranked among the NJCAA Top 10 in assists and three-point percentage
    ~ Averaged 16.7 points, 6.9 assists, 2.8 rebounds and 1.3 steals last season
    ~ Made 50 three-pointers

    Ramon Smith (Dumfries, Va./Patterson High School
    ~ 6-3, Guard, Junior
    ~ Transferred from Frederick (Md.) Community College
    ~ Named to Region XX Division I All-Tournament team last season

    More bios on GU bb page.

  12. Opps forgot:

    Dennis Rumph (Lake Worth, Fla./Park Vista Community High School)
    ~ 6-6, Forward, Junior