Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Knight: Kelvin Agee G 6-3 Fr.

There was a brief mention about this in the Erie paper this morning, and here's the complete article from the Niagara (N.Y.) Gazette. High-scoring guard Kelvin Agee is transferring to Gannon from St. Bonaventure. I'll try to gather more details on him in the near future. I hope he works as hard as GU's last "A.G." -- Aaron Garrity.

Kelvin Agee transfering from Bona to Gannon

By Jonah Bronstein, Niagara Gazette

NIAGARA FALLS — Sitting on the sidelines for a year gave Kelvin Agee some perspective on college basketball. Minutes mean more than divisions, the Niagara Falls native determined.

Agee, the 2009 Niagara Gazette Basketball Player of the Year, said Tuesday that he is transferring to Gannon University, a top-tier Division II program in Erie, Pa., after spending the past season as walk-on at St. Bonaventure.

“I’m ready to play,” said Agee, who averaged 22.8 points, 7.8 rebounds and 3.2 assists in his senior season, leading Niagara Falls High School to a 24-1 record and a trip Glens Falls and earning all-state recognition.

“I think this could be a lesson to a lot of the kids in Niagara Falls. Everybody thinks about going D-I, because you see Jonny (Flynn) and (Rob) Garrison going D-I. But I think I can set an example to everyone that D-II is still good. It’s a high level.”

Gannon, which was one of Agee’s most ardent suitors a year ago, offered the former Wolverine a full scholarship, something the Bonnies were unwilling to do at this point in his career.

Agee still has four years of eligibility remaining. He said he decided against transferring to low Division I school because he would have to sit out another year and only have three years of eligibility left. He also turned down offers from top junior college programs in Florida and Tennessee because he wanted to stay close to 1-year-old son Kayvon and the rest of his family.

A 6-foot-3 guard, Agee said he put on about 15 pounds of muscle over the past year, getting up to 184 pounds. Practicing against Division I players every day helped him refine his skills, and watching the games up close gave him a better understanding of how to play the game at the college level.
“I know a lot more of what to do and when to do it,” Agee said. “I feel more comfortable as a guard.”

Agee will be the second Niagara Falls native to go to Gannon, following Demondi Johnson, who played for the Golden Knights from 2002 through 2006. “I’m proud of Kelvin,” Johnson said. “I watched Kelvin grow up, watched him develop in high school and played pickup with him. I think his upside is tremendous. I told coach (John T.) Reilly that I think he can be an all-conference type of guy.”

Reilly took over the Gannon program when Johnson was a senior. “He likes tough guys, guys who work hard,” Johnson said. “If you can’t defend, you won’t play.”

Eight years ago, Johnson said he felt like there was a stigma attached to playing Division II basketball. “I didn’t know much about Division II. I didn’t know many players that went Division II,” Johnson said. “But once you get there, you realize Gannon is like a low-major Division I school. Division II ball is a very, very good brand of basketball.”

Agee is currently completing his second semester of course work at St. Bonaventure. He plans to come home to Niagara Falls for the summer, but plans to return to Olean on occasion to continue working with the Bonnies strength and conditioning coach and make a couple trips to Gannon to get acclimated to his new environment.


  1. A guard. Too bad not coming this summer to work with other players staying over. It would have help him assimilate w/ other players but he does have a child to be concerned with. I hear Coach R has signed second guard. Seems to support the idea that Larry and James are gone. Heard that Mook is visitings other schools w/ Simmons. I don't know if tagging along to keep Simmons company or looking for a new venue. I don't think Mook has asked for his release from the coach. Heard Furno injuried himself in a work out ... anyone know how serious? Can't lose him now since Simmons has left the building and big guys aren't easily acquired. I heard George hasn't been around, anyone know if this is true? Probably a bad rumor. Seems the better the player the more crap one hears and 99.9% is bogus. I hear nothing on Denard so I guess he's back. So, 5 (6 if Mook stays) return with most having a lot of playing time though also means 6-7 new players coming in. Let's hope they "get" the program, stay, and be contributers. By Agee's comments, seems he understand Riley's diatribe.

  2. Yah, going by his comments he seems like he's already "into" Coach Reilly's program, however, the big article they had about Bryant made it sound like he was all about Coach's program as well... have to wait and see

  3. I've heard that it's true that George hasn't been around. Maybe we shouldn't be so sure that he's returning.

  4. All these one-and-done players ... I now know what it must be like to be a Kentucky fan.

  5. I heard Furno's injury is an ankle sprain ... nothing that would put out for the season.

    Wg74- Wow - Geo! What is going on with him?

  6. Well, I see a lot of people have questions. We have answers! By 'WE' I mean those who were/are on the team. Let's start by saying that Mr. Riley's program is nothing exciting to be 'into'. As a player, it's nothing like how they say it is once you are finally a part of the program. We are not looked at as young men, more like basketball players that he can use to get something out of. Once a player realizes this, they want to leave, as so many have already done. Case in point, we began with 15 players this year, 12 quit!!! & those that are staying are doing so most likely because they have n other alternative. Trust me, things are not as sweet as they are made to seem to the public.

  7. Quit pretending, Billly. No one who has played for Coach Reilly would likely refer to him as "Mr. Riley" (sic). And no GU player, past or present, would be so stupid as to actually post on this site, even in the unlikely event that he follows the conversation here.

    Secondly, every college basketball player in every program is used as a basketball-playing piece in a puzzle. It's no different at GU than it is at any other school. Things in every walk of life are never as sweet as the people not intimately involved thinks. That includes professional athletes, too. It's a lot of work and a lot of pressure to get paid to produce as a professional athlete. The grass always SEEMS greener on the other side of the fence. Unfortunately, it really ISN'T greener. Welcome to life.

    Actually, Gannon started this past year with more than 15 players, and not all 12 that left quit. Several graduated (Scandrett, Demski, etc.)or ran out of eligibility (Batts). Several others weren't quite the player they were expected to be and/or were too lazy to put forth the effort required. Can't blame the coach for all of them.

    The GU men's basketball situation is explosive enough without you trying to fan the flames of discontent. It's people like you that are making it difficult to right the ship.

    If you're a fan, you don't want that. If you aren't, go away.

  8. Also, to support Gannon74's statement, I'd hope that any player (past or present) would know how to spell Coach REILLY's name correctly. Although, if players don't know how to spell it, that could also be a reason for people losing playing time and then quitting... new theory?! haha

  9. Also, Billlly, those are staying with the Gannon team... I guess they would have "no other alternative" then to be FORCED to have their academics paid for, play for a quality Division 2 basketball program, and a coach who has made a pretty respectable name for himself through his playing and coaching years (yes! even including this past year's debacle). But you're right... giving up all that because you don't "buy into" a program is definitely worth it...

  10. I don't know a thing 'bout what's goin on, in the inside. All I do know is I go nuts every point we score and bounce of the walls when we win both
    M & W teams.

  11. GU Fanman, AMEN!

  12. First of all Gannon74...... if im an 'X' player, why would the spelling of MR.RILEY'S name matter, and if you know who I was talking bout what does that have to do with anything we mentioned? Thirdly, thoughts of posting on this site would have never crossed our minds if we didnt see such stupidity coming from the likes of you and 'coachcorey3' (who swears hes a credible source of communication between players of team that i talk to everyday, who NEVER EVER SPOKE TO HIM!!)

    Back to what we were saying about MR.RILEY and his excuse for a program. That whole 'grass is greener' cliche seems like it fits well for this situation, especially for someone on the outside looking in. However were no fools and we know the difference between a situation where we feel like were being manipulated, and a situation where we just dont fit. This is just so happens to be one of those topics where your opinion (gannon74 and coachcorey3) doesnt matter because, not only does this blog pass false information back and fourth, but it doesn't gives any behind the scenes information on what MR.RILEY is really like.

    So going back to your most recent post, 'Gannon74', where you mentioned lazy players... where's your proof of that? You watch a game every couple days, come back to this blog and share RUMORS you've heard with other bloggers who dont know any of the facts either. I dont see how that puts any value in any of your statements.

    The GU basketball situation is explosive because the truth about MR.RILEY'S program is coming to light. Other programs call Gannon's Basketball a 'revolving door' where players leave as fast as they come, and those of us who actually were players for MR.RILEY thought the problems with the program were obvious but apparently they are not. That's what we're here for.

    Whether you believe it or not we're going set all your rumors, fabricated stories, and misconceptions straight.

  13. CoachCorey3 enough with the corny jokes people left the team for numerous reasons and all of them fall back to terrible coaching strategies, and disrespect. I find it kind of odd that Gannon's Men's BBall team has the highest rate of players who "give up" in the entire PSAC, and this is not the first year large numbers of players just "gave up"... Is it every single player who left that's the problem? Or is it absolutely impossible to think that the problems could be coming from somewhere else. I bet you didn't know that the coaching staff never announced to the players that Larry Swann was joining the team until the day he arrived ready to practice... How do you think that affects team chemistry??? The list goes on but that's just one light example.

    You dont know anything on any of the player's scholarship situations so im not even about to waste any more time on that statement after this sentence.

  14. Ok, the coaching staff didn't announce Swann's arrival. So what? Is there a rule in the NCAA book that says "If a player is transferring schools or joining an athletic team, the coach MUST inform all players ahead of time to seek their approval"? No, there's not. If the players didn't suspect it (whereas everyone else had a feeling Coach Reilly would be bringing it someone to try to ease the departures) then that's their problem.

    If the Gannon Men's team has such "terrible coaching strategies", how did they manage the two tremendous years before this past year? What suddenly made them change their "strategies"? If there was a history of stuff like this, then I'd be more apt to blame the coaching staff. However, there was only one other year this happened. That would be when we brought in Brandon Altman, Wil Johnson, Marcus Lemon, and such. They all left along with Josh Yanke and Ron Hollis. Yanke is the only one in that group that went to another D2 school and did anything. But would I have asked for him back rather than having any of Lindsey, Knight, Howard, Stosh, Scandrett, Demski, Goldcamp, Wilson? Not a chance!

    So my question is.. if those players (who made the tremendous two years possible) bought into the "terrible coaching strategies and disrespect".. what happened this year? The only thing that changed this year was... The Players!

  15. Also, if you're such a credible source "Billlly", why not reveal who you are so we all know that you're not just "another fan going to a game every two days and then spreading rumors".

  16. OK, now it's "we". So, now you're speaking for other players as well as yourself, Billly?

    The spelling of Coach Reilly's name and referring to him as "Mr." instead of "Coach" DOES matter because it signifies a lack of respect and a lack of class on your part. I've known many GU basketball players for almost 40 years, and I have not meant a single one that would be so disrespectful and so classless as to publicly refer to his head coach in such a manner and, furthermore, publicly criticize him in any forum, let alone a forum like this that is a place where fans of the team do nothing more than express their opinions. Most players are better than that. Apparently, either you aren't better than that, or you're not, nor have ever been, a player.

    One other point, you mentioned "were(sic) no fools". Well, from your post, it appears you're not much of a student of the English language, either. Most GU players are a little more skilled in their ability to communicate than you are. Another indicator for me.

    Incidentally, I know a little more about the team and what has happened than you might think. What I have posted here is the tip of the iceberg as far as what I know has gone on and is going on. For example, would you care to comment on the frequent occurrences of certain players intentionally trying to hurt teammates (by elbowing and punching them) in practice? Is that something you blame on the coach? Was that "terrible coaching strategy"? No, it was selfish players who are bad teammates and were too lazy to work hard enough to earn the right to play as much as they'd like who took their frustration out on their teammates (those who WERE working hard) instead of earning their playing time.

    I've been playing and watching basketball for a lot longer than you've been around and I even coached it before. I can spot a lazy player by watching how he warms up and plays. I can also tell by their attention to fundamentals in games. A player that doesn't play well fundamentally when he is capable of doing so is just being lazy. I'm not naming names, but I saw plenty of that this past season.

    I'm not trying to say that Coach Reilly is blameless in all this. I think a lot of the blame in the odyssey that was last season lies with his choices in recruiting the players that came to GU as part of last year's team. However, his fault, in my mind, was not with his evaluation of many of the players' ability, but rather with their character and work ethic. For the most part, it had NOTHING to do with his "coaching strategies". His choices in recruiting? Well...

    In closing, if you really were or are a GU player (and I think you're more likely the friend of one), I couldn't be more disappointed in you than seeing that you have so little class as to "throw the coach under the bus" in a forum like this instead of just leaving town quietly at the end of the semester, if things are so awful here.

  17. Ahhh ... back to the days of sniping at and attacking one another. It's been a few months since we had the pleasure of reading these types of posts. What fun this Internet thing can be. Billly can't prove one way or another who he is.

    Just like I can't prove that I'm really Mitchell Smith. And I can't prove that I'm not Mitchell Smith, either. But that Mr. Chapmann was a good coach.

    So, at the end of the day, we're basically sitting at our computers attacking total strangers.

  18. pretty much right on Golden89. But, please, give me my credit.. I at least didn't start it this time haha :)

  19. Billly, Corey, and Gannon74: Please stop the "sniping" as Golden89 accurately described. Any future posts of that nature will be deleted.

    Remember when I had to call for a cease fire back in December? If you don't, please read the post again.

    The basic rules are no name-calling, no arguing, no offensive sarcasm, etc. We'll analyze the team and have fun, but it will be good, clean fun. Gannon fans and I want this site to be an enjoyable read, and I'll go to great lengths to make sure we accomplish that.

    Thanks for your understanding, and thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  20. It's official, George Johnson is leaving Gannon and transferring to Augusta State, where he will play his senior year. Gannon granted him a release, so he'll be eligible to play this coming season. George will be leaving town on Thursday. Most of the others are leaving, also. As of now, there are just a couple of players returning.

  21. Well, George will be close to the Masters when they play next April. Maybe he can get the autogtraphs of a few golfers.

    That doesn't do us any good next winter. GU is in trouble. And that might mean trouble for Coach Reilly as a fourth losing season in six won't sit well with a lot of people, particularly people who are in position to make decisions on who coaches the team. So who's the leading candidate to coach in 2011-12?

  22. hi is it official? i checked both the gannon and augusta state site and nothing...

    not saying it isn't happening, but certainly, it is not official.

  23. I talked to George on Friday -- believe me, it's official. He's already enrolled at Augusta State, and is leaving Erie on Thursday, after his final class. Gannon has granted him his release, so he'll be eligible to play there this year. So, that's how it's "official." He told me about the others that are leaving, too, but I don't want to say any names, because I haven't heard it from them. If everything George says is true, there will only be a couple of players left.

  24. I've, unfortunately, heard also that George is officially leaving. I've not talked to him himself, but I've heard from several others that he's been granted release by Gannon.

    I don't see this being made into a huge announcement. Gannon, obviously, isn't going to highly publicize another departure (especially a key one like this). Also, I'd imagine it wouldn't even be "officially announced" until after George has completed his last final of this semester and is completely done with the semester.

    I've also heard, and again not from direct sources just "chit chat", that George's departure is going to lead to the departure of Travis Brannen. Anyone heard anything on this?

    Let's not "fire" Coach Reilly already. Is the outlook good? Definitely not. However, we have to keep in mind he's "turned it around" before by bringing in practically a whole new team. Yes, last year's attempt didn't work well, but let's not write off the 2010-2011 season when we're still technically in the 2009-2010 post-season.

  25. Agreed, Jim. After this, I will not address this issue again.

    However, I think you waited too long in coming down on this individual whose comments were and are very damaging to the Gannon Men's basketball program, and I find it unfair that in the same breath you chose to blame equally those of us who defended Coach Reilly individually and the program in general.

    I definitely did NOT do any name-calling, nor did I use sarcasm. If you feel that my comments were "sniping" or arguing, fine, that's your opinion but I read the comments of someone whose blatantly disrespectful and damaging posts (so much so that, in my opinion, they should have been removed long before any of us got a chance to reply) needed to be refuted, and that was my intent. To do so, I felt my comments appropriate. I apologize if you did not.

  26. Yeah, Geo has his release and his career is over at Gannon. Have not heard anything regarding Travis. So, current players participating in work-outs are Tanner, Travis, Steve, Denard, and Woody. Mook is gone too.

  27. Malcolm is still there? I had heard he was done after the season finished...?

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Billly: I deleted your last post because you're still crushing people. The basic rules include analyzing the team and having fun -- good, clean fun. Your post wasn't that. Feel free to express your opinion, but let's be kind to others. That includes not only fellow posters but the GU coaches, players, and opponents. Thanks.

    Gannon74: Just to clarify, I hadn't been on the site for a few days, and when I checked it out that's when I reacted. I really didn't expect there to be this much activity in late April/early May! Regrettably, if this doesn't improve, I may have to disable the commenting function.

  30. cc3 - Re:Woody. That's what I thought but he has been working out with what is left of the team, as I hear it to be.

  31. Well that's good then. I like the kid so I was bummed when I heard he was leaving.

    Through all this the person I'm most disappointed about that has left is Simmons. I thought that with Furno and Simmons returning it would give us a solid inside game for 3 years and we could build around that. Just means we have some more work to do.

    Also, what about Keim from McDowell that supposedly transferred to Gannon last year? Is he practicing with team?

  32. Not sure about Keim, either. After spending most of January with the team, he just sort of disappeared. Hope all is OK with him and his family.

    Jim, I wasn't trying to be critical of your administering, just commenting on the content of the comments in question. As far as turning off the commenting feature, IMO, that's not necessary based on the actions of only one person.

  33. I agree with Gannon -- these sort of comments are not a "common" thing on this site. I mean, it's not like every week or so you (Jim) have to say "Hey, watch what you say" or warn us, etc. This, I believe, is only the second occurrence. Yes, some things have become very rude in these occurrences, but when one person makes a comment it's only natural for a person to "fire back" if they feel differently or strongly.

    If this kind of thing becomes an every day event, then I'd say it may be time to block everyone. I don't see it coming to that though...

  34. Jim - Time to start a new thread.