Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NCAA Women's 1st Round: Gannon 92, Fairmont State 65

By popular demand, I'm going to open discussions solely focused on the #1 Gannon women's basketball team during their NCAA run. To manage everyone's expectations, don't expect me to have much to say about this talented bunch. Most of you have seen more of the women's team this year than I have (we learned the hard way that our 4-year-old daughter does not tolerate basketball doubleheaders, and you can only give a kid so many M&Ms). I will say this emphatically, and I'm sure you'll all agree with me: We Believe In Cleve. Go Lady Knights!


  1. So why did they split the womens Atlantic regional but the mens atlantic is all at IUP? It's practically the same teams in both regionals, so the travel is more or less the same. I know last year the split the one so that not all 8 teams would have to go to Hawaii or wherever it was.

    Wonder if the NCAA will switch the Elite 8 aroun again to accomodate teams like they did to the mens last year? Real shady...

  2. congrats to cleve and his team as they pick up multiple post season accolades. psac west & atlantic regional coach of the year, psac player of the year for freeman, all psac first team for freeman & tabron, all psac second team for nolan and crocker, & all region first team for freeman and tabron! congrats also to tanner for being named psac freshman of the year (are we surprised?) and to george for being named to the all psac first team.

  3. Coachcory3: It may appear that the eight teams are at IUP but the men have been split between IUP and West Liberty who was ranked first in the region. From what I hear this was an idea that sounded good but in reality is not. Dan Teleski says this more than likely will not happen again.

  4. Oh ok, so then all regions are split? Yah, in the paper it listed the mens Atlantic regional and it just said "Saturday and Sunday at Indiana University".

    Yah, it's stupid!

  5. Heard LOTS of folks showed up at the Audi for tickets and were greeted by the Lady Knights and Coach Wright with coffee and donuts.

    He was a little leery at first, but the folks at Carneval told him they were being bombarded by phone calls. Said it was one of the coolest things he and his players had been a part of; everyone had stories about the season and were so appreciative of the efforts. Way cool!

    Kudos to Dan Teliski and his staff; the Atlantic Region portal is superb! Information on all 8 teams at the click of a mouse.

  6. boze- standing in line for tickets was a great thing. i got there at 7am and was greeted by 8-10 fans in line before me. i talked to a gentleman who told me about his mother who has been attending gu basketball games for at least the last 40 years-- he was in line to get her tickets lol. for a younger fan like myself, it was nice to hear the stories and excitement of years past. i'm glad cleve had the girls come in-- it was a great addition to the atmosphere.

  7. So how about only 2 GLIAC teams made it in the mens bracket? And only one will advance past the first round, and probably that one won't make it out of the second round!

    Findlay plays Grand Valley first round.. I'm not positive on how they did vs each other this year, but I'm sure they met in the GLIAC Playoffs at some point, so this is most likely 4th meeting. Then the winner will more likely than not play Kentucky Wesleyan. NICE!

  8. First I hope Cleve can make a good run...
    he should based on rankings...
    but secondly,

    Let's hope for 1 of two things for coach next year:
    That the underclassmen who really haven't(Aside from Julie and Shanna)played much - can step up..
    that next season he is not treated like coah riels was by many this year, questioning almost every decision..

    It is going to be tough replacing 5 players the caliber of our seniors... but ROCK GU!

  9. I feel we should not be looking past this season yet as that can build bad "karma" or whatever you want to call it.

    However, when the Gannon girls' season is over... then we can reflect and look towards next year.

    but for now...

    33-0 vs. FAIRMONT STATE, WE GO!

    (I LOVE the "to Missouri" sign at the games, however, at this point we need to take it ONE game at a time haha)

  10. Nice win for the Lady Knights ... I'll talk more about that later, but the big news for this blog's purposes is that today word was received today that Salem International dropped out of the WVIAC.

  11. There was also a sign at the women's game that says "Believe in Cleve."

    Great effort. I was talking to some Fairmont State folks after the game and they had nothing but praise for the team, the city, and the fan support.

  12. The big question on that, however, is...

    Did Salem International drop athletics? :-)

    just kidding!! (we'd had nothing to compare Gannon to when they have an off year)

    great win for the Lady Knights! Didn't get to see it
    and can't see tomorrows, but hoping for the win so I can watch them Monday night.

    34-0 to the Atlantic Regional Semis we go!!

    Go Knights!!!

  13. California won by 12. And Millersville leads West Liberty State by 3 at halftime. General McLane grad Tori Hansen (WLSU) has 4 points, 4 rebounds in limited first half action due to foul trouble and poor shooting.

  14. Gannon vs. Seton Hill
    California vs. Millersville

  15. Great game ... Gannon dominated the inside game. Tabron had 19 points, 15 rebounds and six assists. Crocker had 10 assists.

    GU just ran them out of the 'Mill in the last 10 minutes of the first half. Just too many weapons.

    GU - Seton Hill is the battle of Fr. Rubino's former employers. Fr. Rubino was at the second game sitting in the SH cheering section. Not sure who he'll be for on Saturday.

    Not sure which matchup was better. SHU can shoot the three, but Fayetteville could have presented matchup problems inside. Let's just play our game and we'll be fine. Saturday's game will be much closer than Friday's.