Monday, March 22, 2010

NCAA Elite 8: Gannon 70, Tusculum 66

Final Four Mania*! Not since the days of Tom Chapman has a Gannon hoops team reached this pinnacle of NCAA play. Not only is the win the biggest of the year, but to pass a test like this -- close game, pressure game, hot team, not shooting lights out, neutral floor -- is just what the Knights needed.

(Note: Final Four Mania should not be confused with Furno Mania.)


  1. Once again, the mission is simple.

    Survive and advance.

    That is all.

  2. For anyone who wants to see the game, they will be doing the broadcast in the Yehl Room at the Waldron Center. Gametime is at 7:pm and they are encouraging people to get there around 6:30. All games that are played in Missouri by the Lady Knights will be shown in the Yehl Room. Also the games will all be on Jet 1400. Go Knights!

  3. So this is kind of humorous... But my boss is big into horse racing and the one site he belongs to lists odds, lines, etc for other things as well.

    And guess what just happens to be on there? Yup! NCAA Division 2 Mens and Womens Basketball Elite 8.

    Gannon Lady Knights 1.5 point favorite
    Indiana (PA) Crimson Hawks 10.5 point favorite

  4. Congrats to Coach Wright on being named Womens Basketball Division 2 Coach of the Year!!

  5. congrats to kristina freeman for making the all-american first team & brittany tabron for getting an honorable mention.

    the fan bus has arrived in st. joe, ready and pumped to cheer loudly tonight!

  6. Big exhale. What a win. Survive and advance.

    Funniest comment from Mrs. Golden89 -- "C'mon ... we don't want to lose to a team that sounds like a disease."

  7. Now that I'm breathing again...What a way to pull out the W. The Women obviously didn't have their best night, but in the end the better team won. Tusculum wasn't bad; that #3 shot it from absurdly far out and that center Heintz was hard to box out. But I think the closeness of the game was dictated by our ladies having an off night. I can't see Tabron having a low FG % like that again or Nolan struggling for as much of the game as she did. Is it just me or was the internet announcer in love with Jasmine Gunn. must have said her name 400 times in the broadcast.
    It could be an old GLIAC matchup in the Final Four against Michigan Tech, which would be an interesting twist of fate.
    37-0, pretty sweet.

  8. Gannon vs. Emporia State at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

    Emporia's best player is Cassandra Boston, another first-team all-Americal player. They like to score and average nine three-pointers made per game. We'll have our hands full, but everyone has their hands full at this level. It'll take a great effort.

  9. By the way ... The Emporia State Hornets are from the MIAA, the same conference of the Mules of Central Missouri. We'll try to get revenge on the MIAA.

  10. I thought that the Lady Knights showed all the signs of having played so many games in a row (8 games, I think)in the same gym, their home gym, at that. They probably haven't played in a gym that size since November, so you could see how they'd miss so many easy shots that they normally make, and shoot so poorly from distance. Throw in the pressure of playing in the Elite 8, mix in an athletic opponent with the tallest, widest player I've ever seen in a women's game, and you have the recipe for a bad game, and that is what happened.

    GU did do a good job of controlling the pace of the game, and having Gunn get in foul trouble helped keep the game close in the first half (while GU was struggling)and limit the foul trouble that popped up in the second half trying to guard Gunn.

    The ladies better get their act together for Wednesday, because Emporia is talented, tall, and play hard on defense(they made Tech work hard for their points). Additionally, it's almost a home game for them, given the proximity of their school to St. Joseph.

    Let's hope GU got their bad game out of the way tonight and Emporia has theirs on Wednesday.


    Fort Lewis leads Franklin Pierce 40-29 at halftime.

    On a men's note... IUP beat Valdosta State 80-64 and St. Joe's cinderella run ended with a blowout loss to Cal-Poly Pomona (69-48).