Friday, February 26, 2010

Gannon's playoff path: Beat LH

As you'll see in the info below, the playoff picture in the PSAC West can get pretty complicated for Gannon, Mercyhurst, and California. But if Gannon simply beats Lock Haven Saturday, they're in. And c'mon -- if you can't beat stinking Lock Haven at home with a postseason berth on the line, you don't deserve to make the playoffs.

For all three teams, Saturday is basically a play-in game. If you win, you're in. Here are the details (courtesy of Dan Teliski):

PSAC Tie-breakers
1. Head-to-head (tied teams’ record against each other)
2. Record vs. conference division teams above you and progressing down until tie is broken or reaches seventh place. NOTE: Higher ties MUST be broken first when determining seeding.
3. Number of Wins against NCAA Division II opponents at or over .500
4. Winning Percentage against NCAA Division II opponents under .500
5. Coin Toss
6. *If you lose at home to Lock Haven, you are not only automatically eliminated from the playoffs, you have to write a formal apology to your season ticket holders. (Editor's Note: I added this for fun. This isn't actually in the PSAC rules. But it should be.)

If Gannon defeats Lock Haven and Mercyhurst defeats California (Pa.)
… then Mercyhurst is 3rd and Gannon is 4th. Mercyhurst and Gannon tie for third place, but Mercyhurst wins 2nd tiebreaker based on its sweep of 5th-place California (Pa.).

If Gannon defeats Lock Haven and California (Pa.) defeats Mercyhurst
… then Gannon is 3rd and California (Pa.) is 4th. California (Pa.) and Mercyhurst would tie for fourth, but California (Pa.) wins 2nd tiebreaker based on its sweep of Slippery Rock regardless of whether Slippery Rock finishes alone in 6th or tied for 6th.

If Lock Haven defeats Gannon and Mercyhurst defeats California (Pa.)
… then Mercyhurst is 3rd and Gannon is 4th straight up. There are no ties.

If Lock Haven defeats Gannon and California (Pa.) defeats Mercyhurst
... there is a three-way tie for third place between Gannon, Mercyhurst and California (Pa.).

If this scenario happens, all three teams split with each other, were swept by Indiana (Pa.) and split with Clarion. Everyone’s record versus the rest of the division would be ...

California (Pa.): 1-1 vs. Edinboro / 2-0 vs. Slippery Rock / 1-1 vs. Lock Haven
Gannon: 1-1 vs. Edinboro / 2-0 vs. Slippery Rock / 1-1 vs. Lock Haven
Mercyhurst: 1-1 vs. Edinboro / 1-1 vs. Slippery Rock / 2-0 vs. Lock Haven

(A) In scenario A, if Slippery Rock finishes alone in 6th or in a tie with Edinboro for 6th, Mercyhurst is eliminated because Gannon and California (Pa.) swept Slippery Rock while Mercyhurst split with the Rock. Then the process starts over for seeding (3rd / 4th). At this point, Gannon and California (Pa.) would have the exact same results against West opponents. It moves on to the next tiebreaker which is number of wins vs. DII opponents at or over .500 (through Saturday). In that tiebreaker, California (Pa.) has 7 and Gannon has 6. So, California (Pa.) is the 3rd seed and Gannon is the 4th seed.

(B) In scenario B, if Edinboro finishes alone in 6th and Slippery Rock / Lock Haven tie for 7th (meaning Edinboro wins and Slippery Rock loses), it would go to the next tiebreaker because all three teams were 1-1 vs. Edinboro and 3-1 vs. the seventh place “team” of Slippery Rock/Lock Haven. The next tiebreaker is number of wins vs. DII opponents at or over .500 (through Saturday). In the tiebreaker, California (Pa.) and Mercyhurst have 7. Gannon has 6. Gannon would be eliminated.

(C) In scenario C, if there is a three way tie for 6th place (meaning Slippery Rock and Edinboro lose) – results are the same as scenario B because all three teams in contention would be 4-2 vs. the 6th place “team” of Edinboro/Slippery Rock/Lock Haven. The next tiebreaker is number of wins vs. DII opponents at or over .500 (through Saturday). In the tiebreaker, California (Pa.) and Mercyhurst have 7. Gannon has 6. Gannon would be eliminated.

Again, Gannon can make it really simple by beating Lock Haven. Let's start the chant now: "Beat LH! Beat LH! Beat LH!"


  1. can't we just take the L and start to look forward to next year?
    I am ready for the end, It's like giving an addict just a little taste... it just prolongs the agony...

  2. I say winning would be better. Every bit of playoff experience, even if it is brief, helps for subsequent years.


  3. BMOC as much as I can agree I'm somewhat ready for this to be over... I would not hope for a loss to one of the only teams we're actually expected to beat. Really surprised you posted that (I mean I know many are thinking it...)

    But I agree with Gannon74... even if they get pummelled the first game of PSACs, it's still a playoff game that the young ones get under their belt (especially playing on the road at IUP or Clarion).


  4. I get where you are coming from BMOC, it has been a tumultuous season. But the way I look at it is that once the season is over, that means we don't have any Gannon basketball again until Thanksgiving. That's 8.5 months away. We have to appreciate every game we get to watch at the 'Mill; it goes too fast as it is.

    However, I agree with Jim, if Gannon can't beat LH we simply don't deserve to be in the playoffs and I won't worry about all the possible playoff permutations.

    Glad to see that Steve is starting at PG. There was talk about whether or not it matter since he ended up playing more than Mook. But if you have your best guy out there to run the show from the first seconds, you have a better shot at a hot start. That's what happened Wednesday night.

  5. Is Steve starting again tonight? I had heard Mook was hurt Wednesday, but would be back in the lineup tonight. I don't care either way, because we know Steve is going to get the bulk anyways... but I agree Steve was an impact on Wednesday with the start.

  6. HELPP!! haha

    Despite being at senior night(s) for the past million years at the 'Mill... I can't remember... Do they do the girls and guys honors BEFORE the men's game? Or do they do the girls before their game and guys before their game?

    I am planning on going for most of the girls' game, however, if they do it before, then I'll want to get there even earlier.

    Thanks for anyone who can help (I should know this though!!! haha)

  7. Mercyhurst beat Cal by 14, so they are the #3 seed in the West and Gannon is #4. On Tuesday, the Knights will play at IUP and the Lakers will travel to Clarion. Also, Kutztown held off Bloom to secure the #4 spot in the East.

  8. number #4 to hurts?

    Shame shame .... oh the humanity

  9. Yes 4th behind hurst. We did lose to Urbana by 30 twice. Be surprised were in it at all.

  10. So we didn't beat Lock Haven... We just managed to not play as bad as them.

    Definitely not how I wanted to see us play going into IUP.

  11. I have got an Erie feeling, IUP is primed for a GU upset...

    Furno will dominate McClain and then it is on!

  12. Shocked to hear coach R on the post radio interview say for GU to defeat IUP, Furno had to have a great game. I would have thought Travis or Geo, would have to have a big game and/or having fewer TO's would be necessary to win ... but the game riding on Tanner? May be coach was thinking as BMOC - if Tanner can hold down McClain, may give us a shot. Tanner will have to play better than he played tonight ... well ... okay, all the starters and subs are going to have to play their best game Tuesday to win at IUP.

  13. I knew I liked Reils....
    And no I didn't listen to the postgame...

  14. Nice win for the men. Glad to see Demski with the exclamation point.

    Let's step back to November ... who would have though that we'd be here? Glad to be in the PSAC playoffs. Who knows? GU played IUP very tough for three of four halves. If they can shoot the three like in the first half, there's a shot.

    Now to the women. THIRTY AND OH. The perfect regular season is a reality! Whatever happens in the postseason (and let's hope it's a long postseason), this is an incredible accomplishment. Congrats to Cleve and especially the seniors. I like how Cleve took out the seniors as a team. It's always a different player stepping up and tonight it was Tabron with 16 points and 17 rebounds.

  15. I wasn't thrilled with the timing of Batts' appearance, however, he stepped up to the plate and really played well in his final home showing. That was nice to see.

    I was so happy to see Demski get the basket to cap his career. At first I wasn't really a Demski fan, but last year he made me a believer. His energy, enthusiasm, and intensity off the bench eas a big factor in the Elite 8 run. And then for him to try as hard as he did to play this season (for this team) goes beyond words to show what kind of player/person he is.

    After watching Harris on the bench, I was hoping he'd remain on the bench. He never clapped or cheered; never shook hands or gave high fives. During several timeouts he didn't even leave his seat near the end of the bench. I was hoping Coach would see his "I don't care attitude" and decide that he didn't care if he played or not. I'm sorry but I show no sympathy towards players who openly show frustration about their playing time, issues, etc. Just not what I expect from a Gannon basketball player.

    It was also very nice to see Scandrett have a solid game (2? 3? 3-pointers) and it was great to see Buckner back on the bench and cheering for his team. Talk about one of the most disappointing situations ever! Kid had great potential, and was great when he was healthy, and it was just sad how it had to end (ditto with Demski).

    It was nice to hear Coach "knock" Tanner "down to reality" in the postgame show. Furno was by no means the reason for the collapse, however, Coach is 100% correct. If Furno plays like he did today, we don't stand a chance. Not that he didn't play well, he just didn't play smart at times. If he can defensively hold Akida, we can collectively keep with IUPs offense, and our offense plays like they did in the first 5 minutes of the game.. We have a chance. But all stars are going to have to align for the upset.

    Cool fact- Gannon girls were just mentioned on ESPN. They showed the UCONN girls highlights and then talked about the different streaks they're chasing. Then the announcer said "UCONNs winning streak is tops in the country over Division II Gannon University women from Erie, Pennsylvania, who just wrapped up a perfect 30-0 season today."

    So cool!!