Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couldn't have said it better myself

Excerpt from Gannon74's comments below: "You simply cannot allow the opposition NINETEEN offensive rebounds and turn the ball over 19 times yourself and expect to win. Simple as that. That's giving them 38 additional opportunities to score without getting a chance yourself. Even the best defensive team can't overcome that." Add to that the Knights' inability to get open looks in their half court game -- GU doesn't have anyone who consistently dribbles by his defender AND the Knights don't set very effective screens -- and you lose to the so-so Scots by 9. The only bright spot last night was the lights at Edinboro. I had to check myself for sunburn after the game.

Not to write off Saturday at #8 IUP (but I advise you to not bet money on the Knights), next week will be make-or-break for GU's playoff chances. They really need to get that #3 spot in the West if they hope to win a playoff game at reeling Clarion. Or else it's back to IUP to play clearly the best team in the PSAC.

Side note: Thanks to Rick "Stats" Klapthor for the heads up that the Hilbert women's basketball team was in town last night and moved to a sensational 0-24 on the season after an 87-23 loss at Behrend. My favorite stat from Hilbert's woeful season is that they recently lost a home to Medialle 86-17 ... on Student Appreciation Night. They might as well have just told the students to transfer elsewhere. Immediately. For more on Hilbert's season, click here.


  1. What can you say after a day like this...

    I just don't know

  2. Hope everyone had a safe trip home ... I-79 was a sheet of ice.

    The Edinboro men showed me why they've had so many close losses. They play very poorly with the lead They rushed so many shots while ahead late in the game. Knight made the clinching three, but it was short with 25 seconds on the shot clock. A miss would have given GU the ball down four. Don't have the stats, but GU had to have been badly outrebounded.

    The 27-0 women's team had perhaps their most impressive win of the season. Dressing only seven players, then Freeman goes down, then two players have four fouls through most of the second half. Then they go on the clinching run in the last three minutes. Edinboro looked like the tired team. GU won on determination and desire. Tiffany Crocker had eight points, seven rebounds, and nine assists in 40 minutes of relentless pressure. Gotta love it. Hopefully Freeman's OK and will be able to play against a tough IUP team.

  3. BMOC I agree. The boys were back and forth the whole time. I did not find either Boro team impressive both on and off the court. I'll admit I was loud tonight. Louder and probably a bit more rude toward the refs and the opposing team than I'd like to be (Jim, I apologize for our obnoxious-ness behind you!!) but the fact that as I was walking out, the Boro bench offered some sarcastic wishes for my trip home, that's FABULOUS sportsmanship. You only play as tough as your competition, so I guess we're only as kind as our competition?

    Golden- I agree that our girls were pretty impressive tonight. That was a hard played game, with only 6 available for the second half. I don't know if Vargas has ever seen so much playing time in a single game. I also talked to Freeman after the game & she should be ready to go for IUP.

  4. You simply cannot allow the opposition NINETEEN offensive rebounds and turn the ball over 19 times yourself and expect to win. Simple as that. That's giving them 38 additional opportunities to score without getting a chance yourself. Even the best defensive team can't overcome that.

    Sure, the officials were again below average, particularly in the first half (1 team foul on EUP in the half? ONE? With their aggressiveness on defense? REALLY? C'mon. And the half ended with the EUP coach complaining to the officials. What could he possbily be uipset at them about?). However, their performance had little to do with why GU lost. This one was self-inflicted.

    EUP didn't play particularly well, either. making only 4 of 17 2 point FG attempts in the second half. They shot 35% overall from the field for the game,, but 42% from 3 point range (6-13 in the second half). Twice, in the second half, up only 4 with GU charging, one of their players took a long 3 pointer less than 10 seconds into the shot clock. Terrible shot selection. Unfortunately for GU, both of them went in. No, this was more of a GU loss than an EUP win.

    For whatever reason, GU's bigs couldn't seem to catch the ball off the defensive board, allowing EUP numerous second and third chances. Several of the turnovers were even more inexplicable than usual. Not that he's the only culprit (as a team, there are still way too many stupid/careless passes), but I think that playing Scandrett at the 3 is offsetting whatever minimal improvement that the rest of the team is making in the TO category. Nothing against Alfonso: He is busting his butt, doing whatever the coaches are asking of him (something players who have departed wouldn't do), but the simple truth is that he is playing out of position, and playing him there is hurting the team on offense because he doesn't handle or pass the ball as well as most small forwards.

    Comes down to the Mercyhurst game. No one expects much at IUP, but if GU can knock off the Hurst and Lock Haven at home, they'll probably make the playoffs and gather even more valuable experience in looking to the future.

  5. Jim, thanks for reminding me about the lights @ McComb. I was wondering why my eyes hurt this morning, now I remember why.

    Seriously, though, the lights are a tremendous improvement from the cavern-like illumination that has been the trademark of McComb for around 40 years. Couldn't believe the improvement.

    If I travel down there for any high school playoff games, I'll have to remember my sunglasses.

  6. ESPN did a segment on this the other day:

    Bryant University men are somethin like 0-27 as well. And have a nice streak dating back to next season. They were averaging 65 people a game. They came up with a marketing idea... Free admission and everyone gets a ticket. At halftime a ticket is drawn and the winner gets $500. If Bryant wins the game, the ticket winner gets a chance at $1000 by making a free throw.

    Result: since they started this, attendance is up to an average of *drum roll* 97 people a game. They've not won a game still. And they're now a few thousand plus in the hole.

  7. Good luck to the Gannon girls on Saturday when they potentially play for the #1 spot in the nation. Hope none of them let that get in their head and affect their focus vs. IUP (or in any game).

    Anyone know how long they'll be "shorthanded" for? I've heard anything from just the Boro game all the way up to rest of regular season.

  8. Good question on the "shorthandedness". Kinda odd that so many players are "suspended" at the same time. What the heck happened that so many of them strayed outside Coach Wright's guidelines? Kinda surprised that so little has been said about this, not even a mention in the newspaper.

    Between this situation and the Freeeman injury (if she has concussion-like symptoms, I doubt that they'll let her play), the Lady Knights could be in for trouble in a tough road game Saturday. #1 would be outstanding. Let's hope they can keep holding it together.

  9. I know the reason for the suspensions, but I will not share personal details about it on here. However, I will at least say I am proud of Coach Wright/Gannon for sticking to their policies. On the verge of a huge season, they could have "overlooked" this and made it a "strike one". Some of them made some mistakes and they're suffering the consequences. Hope they learn from it.

    Regardless though, best of luck to them on Saturday.

  10. CC3- I agree with you. I know the reasons as well, and I was highly surprised that coach risked the season by benching so many players, especially Thompson and McCoy. But I was really happy to see him holding them to this high standard. From what I've heard, they should be okay for Saturday.

  11. Not important to hear the details. My question was more rhetorical.

    In simple terms, how could so many players be so stupid as to violate team rules at arguably the most important time in the program's history and Coach Wright's tenure when such actions have never been taken before?

    Seems odd that, after so many years of pretty much perfect behavior that never before required extreme measures like suspending roughly half the team, something like this could happen now. Is the season's success changing the players and their commitment? Watching them on the court, you wouldn't think that, but obviously, SOMETHING changed. This is a really bad time for their attitude to change. Let's hope that isn't the case.

  12. It's not an attitude change or a change on the players parts at all.

    The only change is that for, what probably is the first time in a long time, the players' actions got back to the coach. Where in the past the coach never knew.

    Plus look at the ages of those suspended. 2 freshmen, a sophomore and.... Thompson is a soph or jr? But regardless, immaturity. They'll learn. We move on.

  13. In the "Game Highlight" section regarding GU vs IP it stated:
    "The regular season concludes Saturday, February 27 against Lock Haven at the Hammermill Center. Game time is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. It will be Senior Night as Gannon honors (Tyler Batts, Robert Buckner, Mark Demski, Preston Harris and Alfonso Scandrett) five student-athletes who will be playing in the last regular-season home game of their career."

    Preston's last game? I thought Preston had another year?

  14. Preston does have another year of eligibility...

    Maybe he decided to go the same route as Demski and just get it finished this year?

  15. Oh, and just incase anyone was curious about Hilbert girls team or Bryant guys team... Bryant has now surpassed Hilbert girls and have a 1-26 record (snapping a 41 game losing streak).

  16. Just was reading the pre-game program for GU-IUP and realized Dan still has "#1 James Bryant" as a top player off the bench, but Steve isn't on the list at all (Bryant, Swann, Crouch, Furno).

    My guess: After the multiple roster changes, Dan probably gave up and just left it as is.