Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miscellaneous Knight Knotes

* If I could change one rule in college basketball, it would be that Gannon would be allowed to have a player on defense carry a straw broom and block every opponent's shot. If I could change two rules, I'd allow fans to throw toilet paper onto the court again. That was one of the reasons I loved going to Gannon games as a high schooler. Thanks to GU alum Marjorie Metts for the circa 1987 pic that originally appeared in the Gannon Knight student newspaper.

* Last weekend, I didn't travel to the Gannon at Clarion game, but I did battle through fog, cold, and several plane delays to watch the Vikings host the Cowboys in the NFC playoffs. (Kudos to the fine folks at APG Cash Drawer in Minneapolis for hosting me.) The game was awesome and it gave me a chance to compare the noise level at the Metrodome with the Hammermill Center. It's no contest; the Hammermill is WAY louder. I'm not saying the Metrodome was like a library, but it wasn't as bone rattling and ear shattering as the Audi was for the regional final against Kutztown last spring. No matter how loud it got at the Metrodome, I could always have a conversation with the person next to me. Could you have done that at the Hammermill during one of Gannon's scoring sprees against KU? Not without a megaphone.

* A few weeks ago, I posted a question on a Montana State message board looking for information on Larry Swann. (That's the school he transferred to Gannon from.) The posters didn't provide much, but maybe that's good news. I was worried they'd tell a story about him getting kicked out of school for sucker-punching a nun or something. Here's what the posters had to say --

CelticCat: JC transfer last year, redshirted. Never saw action. Was projected to be a solid backup to our guard rotation. Speculation as to why he was suspended, but no finite answer from what I understand. Brad Huse is a no-nonsense coach, and since our basketball teams have had off court issues in the past several years, if you mess up at all you are gone. If you want info on his basketball skills, I'm not the guy for that job, talk to mslacat. :) From what I understand he was a solid scorer in JC but had to work on his defense.

LTown Cat: From what I've heard that seems like a solid assesment. I would add that I believe he was projected to play last year but was a late redshirt decision becasue I heard he had trouble grasping Brad's schemes????

mslacat: Should be a very good player for your team, but will be behind the eight ball catching up with the other players. Saw some tape of him at a 6th man event before the season started and I think he could have contributed for the Cat's this year but from the bench as an offencive spark. Can score the ball. He is more of a shooting guard than a point guard but his point guard skills had improved a great deal since coming to MSU. I hope your team benefits from the time he spent with the Bobcats I know the Bobcat coaches really invested a lot of time and effert on him the past year and half.

CrazyCat: I think Swann will be a solid Division II scorer, but he'll probably be shaky the first few games -- nervous because Gannon is the school where legendary guard Jim Roddy played. Playing in Roddy's loooooong shadow will probably cause Larry to miss 23 of his first 25 shots before he settles down. Oh, and Larry does REALLY well against schools with silly names. Like Ball State, Bowling Green, and Slippery Rock.

* Finally, which of the above comments was a fake? If you need more than 2 seconds to figure it out, it should be illegal for you to operate a computer.


  1. jim, thanks for that laugh... also, i shared this with WERG's sports director, caitie, and we both agree-- bring back the toilet paper & send in the broom!!

  2. One more miscellaneous Knight Knote (via Stats Klapthor): On Jan. 31, the St. Peter's College men's basketball program will honor the memory of Bob Dukiet during their nationally televised game against Manhattan. St. Peter's will donate a portion of the proceeds from the game to Coaches vs. Cancer. The game will be broadcast live on ESPNU. Dukiet coached the Peacocks from 1979-86.

  3. How nice of St. Pete's. That's where the Duke started as the coaching boy wonder.

    Thanks for the post and pic.

    Is it a rule that the Montana State message board posters need to end in the name 'Cat'?

  4. Great Picture....BRING BACK THE TOILET PAPER!

  5. Interesting observation about the Hammermill being louder than the notoriously loud MetroDome. Being much more compact and having the block walls helps alot. And having rabid fans doesnt hurt.

    Too bad to read officially about Demski finally hanging it up. That can't be easy, but at least the final decision was made before he was left with a permanently debilatating injury.

    If GU upsets IUP tonight, I think someone should make a toilet paper run for the celebration...